US, Japan Criticize Chinese Air Defense Zone Over Disputed Islands



Both Japan and the U.S. have said that they will not recognize the new Chinese air defense zone that includes uninhabited islands claimed by both Japan and China.

From Voice of America:

Japan's defense chief said Tokyo is working closely with Washington following China's establishment of an air defense zone over disputed waters in the East China Sea.

The U.S. and Japan have vowed not to recognize the air defense identification zone, under which Beijing wants all civilian and military aircraft to identify themselves and obey its orders.

Earlier today, a Pentagon spokesman said that two B-52 bombers had flown over the disputed islands.

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    East Asians and their delightful quibbling over rocks.

    1. Those rocks control the rights to minteral wealth under the nearby seabed. Whoever owns them is entitled to the gas and oil by the current reading of international law.

      1. I’m aware. I taught English in Korea for a year, they indoctrinate their children heavily on the issue to the point where if someone brought it up in class the children would start screaming “Dokdo is Korea” in anguish as if someone had sliced out a bit of their liver without anesthesia.

        I know WHY they’re exercised about it, but the level of emotional investment from school children was unnerving.

        Also fun was screaming “DAE HAN MIN GUK” at a group of unruly kids and watching them become completely rapt and start clapping in the pattern shown in this video.

  2. Um…why, exactly is this any of our business?

    Anyone claiming US foreign policy doesn’t CAUSE conflict is deluded.


    1. What you said

    2. I know next to nothing about international law, but I think, in this case, picking a side is required. The Security Treaty Between the United States and Japan, Article I:

      Japan grants, and the United States of America accepts, the right, upon the coming into force of the Treaty of Peace and of this Treaty, to dispose United States land, air and sea forces in and about Japan. Such forces may be utilized to contribute to the maintenance of international peace and security in the Far East and to the security of Japan against armed attack from without, including assistance given at the express request of the Japanese Government to put down largescale internal riots and disturbances in Japan, caused through instigation or intervention by an outside power or powers.

      Is this treaty still in effect? Does the “may” in the last sentence mean we don’t have to do jack or shit? Does this finger look infected to you?

      1. Unless the treaty sunsets on it’s own, it’s still in effect.

        The ‘may’ provides wiggle room to be perfidious with regards to our obligations, though it was intended to expand the remit of the security forces.

        Yes, you may want to see a doctor about that.

      2. It says “right” not “obligation”, so it doesn’t seem to oblige the US to do anything. At least in the excerpted part you have there.

  3. Will be interesting to see how far Japan and the GREATLY FEARED COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF THE US will push this, when the Chinese (inevitably) tell us to fuck off.

    Cause the world generally trembles and complies with the actions of the the GREATLY FEARED COMMANDER IN CHIEF of the US military. Cause he’s all “decisive-y” and “long-game-thinker-y” and stuff about international affairs.


  4. We’re like that annoying “friend” that loudly proclaims their opinion on everything to you.

  5. Voice of America? Why in the world do we still have a taxpayer funded Voice of America? Is NPR not enough of a slap in the taxpayer’s face?

    1. Proletariat Radio is for domestic propaganda. VOA is for foreign propaganda, which would be illegal domestically.

  6. Great – a pushy and grabby China, a stirring toward rearming Japan and a coinfuzzled US CinC. Bleargh. Three way loss.

  7. Let’s see. Picking a side guarantees pissing off a trading partner…

    Good idea!

    1. There are two constants in U.S. foreign policy:

      1. If our status with an ally or trade partner is at stake, we will find a way to compromise it.

      2. If there is crazy in the world, we will enthusiastically stick our national dick in it and wiggle it vigorously.

  8. Japan is merely protecting Monster Island, fearing the Chinese will wake Godzirra!

    1. Would you want to face the wrath of Gojira? The clean-up bill alone is atrocious, not to mention the fatalities.

      1. the poo cleanup or the number or wrecked buildings??

        How do you think Japan managed to be so successful during the 80s? The answer is the stimulus created by the wholesale Goijira destruction.

    1. I don’t quite get the Macy’s parade one. Is there some proposal about installing large balloons in doctor’s offices or something?

  9. Let’s see how China likes those islands when the Kaiju start coming ashore.

    1. Do they know who “owns” the island, or are they like migratory birds and make for Japan regardless?

  10. I want to be competely uninvolved in this but there’s one caveat: is China claiming international waters? That’s our shipping and our business.

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