Special Election in Florida May Show Political Impact of Obamacare Rollout

Vacant House seat being filled


A special election for a vacant House seat in Florida is shaping up as an early bellwether race that may indicate how President Obama's health care law is going to affect the 2014 elections.

The death in November of Rep. C.W. "Bill" Young, R-Fla., opened up his St. Petersburg-based seat in a district where he would probably have been safely re-elected. The race to replace him is drawing national interest as a test battle for the party's warring messages over the Affordable Care Act.

Obama won 50% in the swing district in 2012 and 51% in 2008, placing the seat squarely in the tossup category where either party stands a chance to win. David Wasserman, a non-partisan elections analyst for The Cook Political Report, said the seat is close to a "dead even district" in terms of competitiveness, but he gives a narrow edge to Democrats because they have lined up behind a well-known candidate, while Republicans face a primary of relative unknowns.

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  1. Shit.

    1. “While Republicans will continue to push a damaging agenda of showdowns, shutdowns and repeals, Alex will offer a common-sense, problem-solving approach that brings people together.”


  2. Don’t worry, the Rebublicrats can be trusted to yammer all day about that them thar ILLEGAL humans who was born a few inches on the wrong side of the border, and BLOW IT to the Demoblicans who want to make ALL of our charity choices for us, in the name of “The Hive”? Even in an immigrant-rich state like Florida, you can TRUST the Republicrats to appeal to the Neanderthals and knuckle-draggers who says we who were born on the right side of the railroad tracks, deserve what we deserve, and the that them thar ILLEGALS?!?! Well, the Republicarats read SOMEWHERE in their Sacred and High and Holy Hill-Billy Scriptures, that God loves the LEGALS, and hates the ILLEGALS, so THERE!!!

    1. Aren’t Cubans anti-immigrant? Especially anti-Mexican? Not sure how the immigration issue hurts the GOP in FL.

    2. I’m always inclined to agree with a poster that throws in lots of CAPITALS, punctuation marks?!?! and epitaphs.

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  4. I think the impact of Obamacare on near term elections will prove to be overstated. The party behind it is just going to put more distance between themselves and the guy who’s name is attached to it.

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