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Washington Post Investigative Journalist Slams Washington Post Legend Bob Woodward Over Edward Snowden


Meow! ||| mank

In an interview this week, investigative journalism Hall of Famer and still-associate editor at the Washington Post Bob Woodward told Larry King that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden was nobody's hero, and anyway should have come to Woodward instead of the likes of Glenn Greenwald:

"I wish [Snowden] had come to me instead of others, particularly The Guardian," Woodward said in an interview on "Politicking with Larry King" that airs Thursday on Hulu. "I would have said to him 'let's not reveal who you are. Let's make you a protected source and give me time with this data and let's sort it out and present it in a coherent way.'"

If you were thinking to yourself, "Wait, didn't the Washington Post's Barton Gellman publish a lot of Snowden-sourced scoops?", or if you merely savor a little in-house journalistic fratricide, then you might enjoy Gellman's retort to The Huffington Post:

I for one believe Bobby Grich belongs in the Hall of Fame. |||

"The 'others' he dismissed include [The Washington Post's] Greg Miller, Julie Tate, Carol Leonnig, Ellen Nakashima, Craig Whitlock, Craig Timberg, Steven Rich and Ashkan Soltani—all of whom are building on the Snowden archive with me to land scoop after scoop," Gellman continued. "I won't get into why Snowden came to me or didn't come to Bob. But the idea of keeping Snowden anonymous, or of waiting for one 'coherent' story, suggests that Bob does not understand my source or the world he lived in."

A source on deep background indicated that an old man could be seen near an Arlington strip mall waving his fist and yelling at a cloud.

Some past Reason writings on Robert Redford's stunt double: "The Trouble with Bob Woodward," and "From Bob Woodward to Judith Miller."

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  1. What Snowden should’ve done was hired Hal Holbrook to play him in real life and to reveal the information to journalists.

    1. Instead of “Deep Throat,” Snowden goes by “Two Girls, One Cup.”

      1. I’d call him the Bombardier.

  2. Bob Woodward, like journalists everywhere, wants a home in the Hamptons. Why should Glenn Greenwald get it instead of him?

    It’s Snowden’s duty to report this sort of information through the proper institutional channels. Which is to say, people who can make money off of reporting it. American people. Specifically, people at the New York Times or the Washington Post.

    Dispensing information in a willy nilly way to non-americans, or, god-forbid websites, shows that he’s a narcissist, cause he didn’t let someone else profit from it.

    1. Dispensing information in a willy nilly way to non-americans, or, god-forbid websites, shows that he’s a narcissist, cause he didn’t let someone else profit from it.

      Glenn Greenwald is an American.

      1. Glenn Greenwald is an American.



      2. Oh, but the bastard writes for the Guardian, which means the money is going out of the country.

        See Snowden is a traitor by ‘Buy American’ logic.

        1. And he lives in BRAZIL!!11

  3. I didn’t realize Bob Woodward was such a self-aggrandizing little shit.

    1. Since the very beginning.

    2. It’s hard when your greatest accomplishments are long behind you.

      1. Yeah…he’ll never top being played by Dustin Hoffman.

        1. I kid….I kid!

    3. No offense, but where have you been? Even when I have agreed with Woodward like in the Obama flap recently he reeked of ‘look at me, I am the story!’

      1. I’ve never given him much thought or paid attention to him beyond knowing that one event he’s famous for.

        1. That is probably wise on your part.

  4. Has Woodward done anything else relevant besides the Watergate investigation?

    1. Wrote a bunch of books that regurgitate remembered conversations.

  5. “I would have said to him ‘let’s not reveal who you are. Let’s make you a protected source and give me time with this data and let’s sort it out and present it in a coherent way.'”

    Yeah, let a very vindictive White House and idiotic hawks in Congress set the narrative. Snowden did the best he could, getting out ahead of Obama with that interview.

  6. Why is Bob Woodward so much more ‘famous’ than Bernstein? They both did the big Watergate story, right? I rarely hear about Bernstein at all but Woodward has some Important Book coming out as frequently as John Sandford. Is it anti-Semitism or something?

    1. It’s quite simple. People generally liked Robert Redford more than Dustin Hoffman.

      1. and look how well that’s turned out. While he may be a liberal, Hoffman has largely kept his politics to himself. Redford, meanwhile, is one huge gasbag.

        1. He’s aging in a weird way, too. I just saw some preview of a movie he’s in, but I can’t remember what it was now.

  7. Snowden did enough homework to know that Bob Woodward is the enemy.

    1. Exactly. He would have had to be retarded to go to him.

  8. What, you got to feel sorry for Woodward. Where is he going to find another scandal in D.C. today to write about?

  9. Bob Woodward is the equivalent of a washed-up movie star; once famous, now mostly forgotten. He’d love a chance at the spotlight again.

    Rivers: Oh, and here’s washed-up actor, whatshisname, Harold Zoid. Are you presenting one of those tacky honorary awards, or just getting one?

    Zoid: I’m a seat-filler, Joan’s head. My only marketable skill is to occupy space.

    1. The Troy McClure of inside the beltway journalism.

      1. You may remember me from such investigative pieces as “Slow Down There Mr. Mondale” and “The President’s Tailor is Missing!”

  10. I kind of admire his shamelessness.

  11. I had a cat that would actually do that. An orange tabby aptly named Ginger.

    1. I’ve got a hat like that.

  12. OT; Active shooter at NC university in Durham?

    What the fuck? Are all the crazies emboldened by the celebrity of being a monster? Or is someone stoking the gun-control fire?

    Story I get; There is a shooter but no injuries. Cops giving no details.

    1. UPDATE; Man taken into custody, lockdown over. No reports of injuries.

      1. -No reports of injuries.

        Just when gun control proponents were starting to get excited!

      2. UPDATE TO UPDATE. Still on the off topic.

        Another school on lockdown in Florida? Gunman still on the loose? Two men shot near a school.

        Is every shooting now going to be a school shooting if there is a school within 5 miles even though no connection to the school?

        1. *puts on tinfoil hat*
          Jacobs Ladder shit man…they are turning loose conditioned crazies to cause death and destruction so they can justify clamping down on us all man.
          *removes tinfoil hat, fixed hair*

        2. Yes, and every shooting will require a complete lockdown of the vicinity. For your own safety, of course.

    2. Lemme guess, a gun-free zone?

  13. I actually like the way Greenwald is rolling the info out. Tell a little, make the government say “Well, that’s all true but we certainly don’t do X!” Then next week run your story about how they’ve been doing X the whole time. Repeat.

    1. It’s certainly been fun to watch. That people actually believe any talking point the government spits out anymore is beyond me.

    2. Yes, the slow trickle has flummoxed the incompetent fools in the government. It’s almost as if they’re complete idiots or something. I doubt they could even roll out a government health care website without some glitches.

      1. These have been good times for government. Good times.

    3. He learned that from Breitbart.

  14. For 30 years, Woodward convinced most people that Deep Throat was a liberal do-gooder instead of a Nixon henchman who didn’t get the accolades he thought he deserved.

    1. Really? I’ve always thought it was a Nixon insider. I mean, who else could it have been? And, of course, that’s who it was.

      1. Deep throat was some FBI asshole angry that he did not become director when Hoover went to the lingerie shop in the sky.

  15. Who cares about Snowden? What is important is the information he leaked. If Snowden were found to be a child molester, would that make the actions of the NSA any less objectionable?

    I wish Reason would stop trying to making the story about Snowden. All talking about Snowden or Greenwald does is allow the apologists for the NSA to change the subject.

    1. This is a fair point. The NSA is so far beyond anything remotely legal that all that matters are the facts of that abuse.

      1. Snowden probably is an asshole who should have never gotten a clearance. And to that I say for once a government fuckup worked to our advantage. Greenwald is a nasty leftist of the worst sort who would gladly support this if it were the right leftists listening. But again that doesn’t excuse the NSA. I don’t care about Greenwald or Snowden. I care about stopping the NSA.

        1. I don’t actually see anything assholish about Snowden’s behavior, personally.

          The arguments that he’s a bad guy seem to come down to:

          1. It’s not his business to decide whether Americans should be spied on, that’s OUR JOB!

          2. He didn’t give the story to ME!

          3. He thinks his principles are too important to be compromised! Narcissist!

          Other than that, what has he done to qualify as an asshole?

      2. This is an argument I failed to convince a nice law and order veteran of the other day.

        “If he had a beef he should have gone through the proper channels…no matter how bad it is.”

        I can’t deal with people like that anymore.

        1. You mean all the guys who went through proper channels and found themselves kicked out of the civil service and the subject of bogus Dept of Justice prosecutions?

          Those channels?

          1. It’s an impossible argument to make due to the examples of people being screwed when they did just that.

            I guess the Founders should’ve just filed a grievance with Parliament.

            1. fucking precisely

    2. Very good point.

      If trashing the messenger distracts from the message, so does defending the messenger. It’s all the same game.

    1. Attack the messenger is all they have. Don’t give them ammunition by acknowledging that anything about Snowden is relevant.

    2. Everyone has something that they would be embarrassed for the world to know. If the government has access to our entire life, it can then blackmail anyone who stands up to the powers that be or just release the information and humiliate them as a warning. Without privacy there is no free speech. I wish these idiots would realize that.

      1. Like John Roberts!

  16. “Let’s make you a protected source and give me time with this data and let’s sort it out and present it in a coherent way.”

    Hahaha. By “present it in a coherent way” what he actually means is “present it in a way that doesn’t do any harm to Obama or any politicians I like.”

    Or, more likely “present it in a coherent way” means “not present it at all because it will hurt Democrats and Progressives politically.”

  17. Who’s worse, Bob Woodward or Seymore Hersh?

    Fight! Fight!

  18. Woodward and Bernstein did a joint appearance at my shop last year. My colleagues didn’t slaver over them as much as I expected.

    1. Was it after Woodward started being critical of Obama? Because that may have had something to do with it…

  19. Shorter Woodward: “WHAH!!!!!! I’M A DRIED UP OLD HACK WHO’S NOT RELEVANT ANYMORE!!!!!1 WHAH!!!!!!!!”

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