MA's Health Connector, the Model for Healthcare.gov, Performs Even Worse Than the Federal Site

So...They'll have it fixed by when?


There's a health insurance website that performs worse than even the notoriously disastrous federal Obamacare site, a top software expert tells the Herald — it's Massachusetts' own $69 million Health Connector site, which is bogged down with unnecessarily large files, operates at slower speeds, and has other major flaws that are keeping Bay State users from getting the policies the law ?requires.

"It's even less optimized than the federal website. It was slow. It was clunky," said Bill Curtis, chief scientist for CAST Software, a nationally recognized expert who examined the site at the Herald's request along with his own technician.

"At one point, he couldn't get on. He got a maintenance in progress, and it wasn't clear what was happening."