Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton Hoping For a "Woman President" in His Lifetime



Bill Clinton has said that he hopes there is a female president in his lifetime, but added that he has "no idea" if his wife is planning on running.

From Politico:

Former President Bill Clinton said Monday he would like to see a female president, but he has "no idea" if his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, will run in 2016.

"I hope we have a woman president in my lifetime, and I think it would be a good thing for the world as well as for America," Clinton said at a conference in China, according to Agence France-Presse.

Although Bill Clinton claims to have "no idea" about his wife's plans for 2016, Democratic strategists and donors are preparing for a what is widely considered as an inevitable Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.

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  1. Yes, yes, no idea at all. I’m so weary of Clintons, Bushes, and other re-runs.

    1. They aren’t reruns. They are remakes. Get it straight!

      1. Even worse.

        Besides, why not a more compelling rerun, like George Washington?

        1. I remember reading a historical article on Washington. Just prior to one battle, he presented his officers with his plan. Several of them objected, pointing out what they believed to be flaws. He came up with a new plan, they liked it, and they then proceeded to beat the British.

          Can you even imagine Obama reconsidering anything after getting feedback from those beneath him? I can see him leaving the room and giving an underling instructions that the objectionable person was to be fired. I can’t see him as having any real humility.

          1. I think you meant “fired upon“.

          2. I’ve met officers with Obama’s leadership style. In a real war, they tend to get killed by their own men, or the men just watch while he blunders into his own demise. “He told us he knew what he was doing when he drove into the mine field.”

        2. Because the perfect version has already been done. (Some language that might be NSFW)

  2. Bill’s looking for an opening as a White House intern.

  3. Fuck you Bill. How about a president that respects individual liberty and economic freedom, regardless of sex?

    1. Bill is all for fucking and regardless sex.

    2. It comes as no surprise to me that Bill Clinton is more interested in genitals than ideas.

      1. I think that should pretty well wrap up the discussion. Nicely done, Baked.

  4. “and I think it would be a good thing for the world as well as for America,”

    No, it won’t. Having a woman president for the sake of having a woman presiden tis a terrible idea. Just like having a black/ jewish/ hispanic/ white/ male/ catholic/ mormon /muslim/ asian/ transgendered president for the sake of having a black/ jewish/ hispanic/ white/ male/ catholic/ mormon/ muslim/ asian/ transgendered president is a stupid idea.

    but it’s no more stupid or terrible than electing someone because they’ll give you free shit that someone else has to pay for.

    1. Well, if we elected Hilary we would knock out first woman and lesbian in the same go.

      This is why my ideal candidate will be a blind albino with one arm.

      1. My ideal candidate is Bruce Campbell, with a forearm replaced by a chainsaw, and the chainsaw used to cut government down to the bone.

        1. “Good? Bad? I’m the candidate with the gun.”

        2. Gimme some sugar, baby!

    2. How about electing the first Libertarian President for the sake of having a Libertarian President? Bonus points if the President were also a member of any of the “identity” groups mentioned above.

  5. Do we really need to make this a repeat of 2008 when people who should’ve known better projected their hopes for racial harmony onto a mere mortal…except this time it’s about gender harmony?

    Okay, if a qualified female candidate runs, it would be pretty cool if she won, but let’s not use it as the sole selling-point for why she should be elected.

    1. Okay, if a qualified female candidate runs, it would be pretty cool if she won, but let’s not use it as the sole selling-point for why she should be elected.

      It shouldn’t be a selling point at all. Voting for someone because they look like you, or because it would be “cool” is a terrible reason to cast a vote and how we get Obamas and Clintons and not Coolidges or Clevelands.

      1. Yeah, but it’s going to be a selling-point, whether we like it or not. One of the people in 2008 or should’ve known better was Christopher Hitchens. I distinctly remember a television interview where he said that the two reasons he voted for Obama were 1) He thought he was a better anti-terrorism candidate than McCain (fair enough) and 2) He wanted to be on the “right side of history” when a black man was elected president.

        1. Yeah, I know it’s gonna be a selling point. I ran for office, and about 85% of the voters seem to pick a candidate based on at least one terribly superficial reason. I barely lost to an actual, obvious sociopath.

          The warning sign about what I was getting into came very early on, a woman who told me she “probably” would vote for me because she “always votes for the person with the most campaign signs up”.

    2. Hillary will do for gender harmony what Obama has done for race relations.

    3. Justice Janice Rogers Brown!

  6. Doesn’t the current president count?

    1. No no, Obama’s the first gay president. And he had to evolve into that. Evolve from what, I’m not sure. Maybe Bulbasaur or something.

      1. +1 Poke-ball

        Ok, I gotta admit I damn near spit rotisserie chicken all over my monitor at that one.

    2. First half-white president.

  7. Seriously, how about a president who isn’t a megalomaniacal* sociopath?

    Is that really too much to ask?

    *Fuck you, spellcheck.

    1. I thought it was a prerequisite for the job.

    2. Um… can you give us an example of a president that was not a megalomaniacal sociopath (or even a psychopath)?

      1. President Comacho.

    3. Yes, that is too much to ask. Running a campaign for president practically requires megalomaniacal tendencies. At least if the establishment types give you a hope of winning.

    4. Seriously, how about a president who isn’t a megalomaniacal* sociopath?

      You left out “mass murdering”. Can we maybe finally elect someone President who isn’t a more superficially charming but less likeable and less human version of Dexter?

      1. Hey, I’d be cool with Dexter as President as long as Hannah McKay were first lady. Or vice versa. If mass murderers are the best we can hope for, they should at least be attractive and at the top of their avocation.

    5. I cannot imagine a normal well-adjusted person running for the job at this point.

    6. “Seriously, how about a president who isn’t a megalomaniacal* sociopath?”

      Sadly probably.

      The ability to just not give a fuck about lying your ass off to peoples faces required to actually become President probably precludes everyone who isn’t a megalomaniacal sociopath

  8. That is just awful. Have we not learned from the current president that it’s a bad idea to vote for someone just so you end up on the “Right Side of History”?

    Towards the end of the Obama 08 campaign that’s what they were saying, “don’t be on the wrong side of history” as if you were obligated to vote for the black guy.

    1. I think I’m on the right side of history since I did NOT vote for him…or his predecessor.

      1. Yeah, I think that voting for a candidate who is unlikely to win is the best way to end up on the right side of history.

  9. During this morning’s thirty second dose of Morning Joke, Samantha Power informed me about the phone conversation between Hollande and President Duncecap over the weekend. Why should I pretend any “world leader” gives a fuck what that dummy thinks?

    Maybe we should try to find somebody who isn’t a complete moron, next time.

    1. Which dummy? Hollande or Obama?

  10. I’m hoping for an alt-text president sometime in my lifetime.

  11. I thought it was a prerequisite for the job.

    Well, you’ve got me there.

    “Awww, you crazy! There ain’t no Sanity Claus!”

  12. I’ll be here waiting for Shrike/Palin’s Buttwipe extolling of Bill’s administration and his [phony] budget surplus, as if any of it mattered when pondering on the nightmare that will be a Hillary government, with all of her cronies and courtesans substituting Barry’s cronies and courtesans.

  13. Obviously the libertarian party needs to run an asian woman just so these people will shut the fuck up already.

    1. A buddhist lesbian asian woman.

      1. you can be a nudist and you can be a buddhist. but a nudist buddhist is just too weird for the general electorate.

        1. If she wants to run around nude, I’m totally cool with that.

  14. Lindsey Lohan

    1. I will be her Secretary of Partying

  15. I really think Warren might act as a spoiler in the primary. Indian Liz is considered a true progressive and Hilary’s negatives are through the roof. Surely the third challenger wouldn’t be Biden, but stranger things have happened.

  16. Shorter Clinton: “Take my wife, please!”

    He just needs an excuse for a hamburger.

    1. Intercepted by warlords.

  17. Clintons are so full of shit. ‘ “no idea” about his wife’s plans for 2016’.

    Yeah, right.

    For these power-hungry psychopaths, seeking power is innate and guaranteed. Trying to play coy is horse shit. We need a woman president. Why? Oh, because, we do. We need an president. Why? Because it’d make me feel good. Not “we need a qualified president” or a “president who follows the constitution”. It’s always about some group identification. They don’t like sexism or racism, but gender and race is all they care about, think about and are obsessed by.l

    1. Needs MOAR POWER!

  18. I’m just hoping for a *good* president in my lifetime. Fuck identity politics.

    1. ^^^ This, 110%.

  19. Hillary would be about as old as Reagan was when inaugurated if she were elected in 2016, nearly 70. I’d think that alone would keep her from getting elected, but you never know. I guess senior citizens are an identity group too.

  20. Followup question(s) for Bill:

    “Even if it was a Republican President? Would you vote for a female Republican candidate over a male Democratic candidate?”

  21. Former President Bill Clinton said Monday he would like to see a female president,

    … naked.

  22. I would love a woman president if her name was Janice Rogers Brown.

    She would also be a first – the first *descendant of American slaves* to be President. Don’t we want to reach that landmark and erase our legacy of racism?

  23. Anyone else hate the construction of using “woman” as an adjective?

    1. Hate might be a bit strong, but it is kind of odd. You wouldn’t say that Obama is a “man president”. And if, say, someone Jewish were elected, you certainly wouldn’t say he or she was a “Jew president” in polite company.

    2. They certainly shouldn’t be used as an adjective when they should be in the kitchen making me a pot pie.

    3. Yes.

      “Hey, did you know Zero Dark Thirty was made by a woman director?”

      “Oh really, it wasn’t a man director?”

  24. This man is subtle.

  25. I’m hoping for a shemale president. She’ll probably run in 2016!

  26. OK, but when Bill Clinton says he “hopes to see a woman President” in his lifetime, we all know what that really means, right?

    1. Because it gives him the chance to be the first former president to have sex with the sitting president since Rutherford B. Hayes screwed Chester A Arthur?

  27. “Democratic strategists and donors are preparing for a what is widely considered as an inevitable Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.”

    You know who else’s campaign was considered inevitable?

    Adolph Hi… no, wait wrong meme.

    Hillary Clinton’s in 2008.

    Like most of the items on her resume, it is only there because of nepotism, and she completely botched the job once they handed it to her.

  28. Bill would really like to bed a female POTUS, even if it were Hillary.

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