John McCain

McCain Calls Kerry a "Wrecking Ball"

Adds that he is "very disappointed"


Sen. John McCain had some blunt words to describe the policies of Secretary of State John Kerry.

"This guy has been a human wrecking ball," McCain said Thursday, according to reports. "I'm very disappointed."

McCain's comments came in an interview during the Washington Ideas Forum in Washington, D.C. sponsored by The Atlantic.

The outlet reported that McCain also called Kerry a "friend" and said the two "have known each other well and worked together for a number of years."


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  1. Sorry. However, Senator McCain is one among many professional and “habitual” politicians who are addicted to power and don’t want to leave the arena. The Clintons can be included in this roundup of power brokers who hang around the Belt Way long after they should have departed. The system permits this, so it is not likely to change in the near future. In the meantime it is something that continues to be foisted on the American people and they suffer for it in many ways. Do you really care what McCain has to say about another career politician?!

  2. McCain is tired. He lost a tremendous credibility when he went with graham to Egypt to plead for the re-in statement of Morsi of the Muslim brotherhood, the largest Sunni Terror organization on Earth. That same brotherhood is currently brutalizing by raping and killing women in Cairo. When Morsi violated the laws and instigated a very bad Sharia Standard it was the women that went to the streets and got him ousted.

  3. As much as I dislike John Kerry, John McCain should take a good look in the mirror. Why is it sell outs like John McCain are the first people to criticize others as incompetent?

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