Barack Obama on a Record-Breaking Fundraising Spree Ahead of 2014 Elections

30 visits to wealthy donors since April


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President Obama may be approaching lame-duck status, but he doesn't want to go quietly into the night, focusing on the upcoming midterm elections far more than previous second-term presidents did, in spite of his approval ratings hitting new lows.

From the Guardian:

A record-breaking fundraising spree by Barack Obama has seen him make 30 separate visits to wealthy donors since April, according to a Guardian investigation into campaign finance trips that are running at more than twice the rate of the president's two-term predecessors.

Although unable to run again for election himself, Obama is estimated to have raised up to $40m for other Democrats since his last inauguration in January as he devotes a growing portion of the second term to financing efforts aimed at winning back control of Congress in next year's midterm elections.

It's the campaign that never ends.

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