Obama Apologizes to Those Who Have Lost Their Insurance

That doesn't really help at all


President Obama said Thursday that he is "sorry" that some Americans are losing their current health insurance plans as a result of the Affordable Care Act, despite his promise that no one would have to give up a health plan they liked.

"I am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me," he told NBC News in an exclusive interview at the White House.

"We've got to work hard to make sure that they know we hear them and we are going to do everything we can to deal with folks who find themselves in a tough position as a consequence of this."


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  1. neat. does that mean he’s going to allow my insurance policy to come back (at the same low cost) ?

    1. No, but he’ll ‘care’ about it. Does that make it all better?
      If not, tough shit.

  2. “we are going to do everything we can to deal with folks who find themselves in a tough position as a consequence of this…” and here is how we plan to deal with you folks who complain about losing your health insurance- you will be sent to Deming, New Mexico to have an anal probe, conducted by our caring and professional physicians at the Gila Regional Medical Center, where your medical procedures that you didn’t consent to will be done by the ethical doctors in a humane and timely fashion. When you get the bill for those procedures, you will stop bitching and complaining that you lost your health insurance. Boo hoo. Can’t you people just shut up and be grateful that we allow you to purchase the insurance we feel is best suited to your individual needs?

  3. To quote one of his mentors, “Ah feel yoah pain”. Frankly I’m surprised that the Obamabots have not yet tried to blame this debacle on George Bush. Or global warming…

    1. Meant to nest under “Sevo:11.7.13@7:03PM”

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