TSA Union Calls for Armed Employees; Everybody with Common Sense Recoils at the Idea

Perhaps the TSA should strive harder to behave in ways that don't fill Americans with rage?


My doctor knows less about my body than these people.
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Shooting you in the face is one of the few awful things the Transportation Security Administration's employees can't do to you.

But one guy loses his mind (maybe) and kills one and obviously the next thing that's going to happen is a fearmongering response designed to create more jobs and give the most intrusive, invasive government agency we've created (because at least the National Security Agency can't physically fondle you) more power. Politico notes the TSA union's response:

The fatal shooting of Gerardo Hernandez and the ensuing gunfight at LAX called attention to a long-running debate over the powers of TSA, whose screeners aren't considered law enforcement officers even though many of them wear badges. The 39-year-old Hernandez was the first TSA officer killed in the line of duty in the agency's history.

Federal prosecutors have filed homicide and other charges against 23-year-old Los Angeles resident Paul Ciancia, whom authorities have suggested was specifically targeting TSA employees.

Both lawmakers and the Obama administration have called for reviewing airport security procedures after the shooting spree. But union officials are already offering a concrete proposal: create a new category of TSA agent in addition to the 45,000 existing screeners. People in the new positions would be law enforcement officers, who could carry handcuffs and firearms as well as make arrests.

Union leaders say the enhanced status would help protect an unfairly demonized workforce, as well as security checkpoints like the one where Friday's mayhem began.

One person's "unfairly demonized workforce" is another person's stolen iPads and parking passes, brutal humiliation, ignorance-based ethnic discrimination and nearly 10,000 complaints of misconduct over two years.

It doesn't seem likely that this rather extreme response is going to get much of anywhere. CNN reports objections from Congress members, police unions protecting their turf, and even former DHS Secretary Tom Ridge thinks it's not a good idea:

Former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge called the idea of arming officers a "a big mistake."

"You have literally hundreds and hundreds of armed police officers roaming every major airport in America. And I don't think arming another 40 or 50 or 60 thousand people … would have prevented this incident from happening," he said.

During CNN's rather terrible coverage of the shooting on Friday, some talking head (possibly with the union or TSA, but I missed the identification) complained that TSA agents are "sitting ducks" in a live-shooter scenario. Funny, so are the rest of us, by government diktat.

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  1. Personally, I think the risk to TSA employees is so high that it would make most sense to send them home altogether.

    1. Now that makes sense.
      Can you imagine these ignorant goons with guns?

  2. Somebody should explain to those unionized cretins in the TSA (and the Flying Waitress Brigade) THE AIR TRAVEL SYSTEM WAS NOT CREATED FOR YOUR SOLE BENEFIT.

    Holy shit it pisses me off. In an actual free economy, the passengers would be the determining factor.

    1. n an actual free economy, the passengers would be the determining factor.

      You are a funny fellow…..passengers….guffaw!

    2. Letting people weigh risks and benefits for themselves and make choices accordingly through their purchase decisions? Now that’s funny stuff right there.

  3. TSA Union Calls for Armed Employees; Everybody with Common Sense Recoils at the Idea

    Wasn’t that predicted here 2.9 seconds after this was first reported?

    1. TSA Union Calls for Armed Employees

      The funny thing, of course, is that back when the TSA was founded, there were solemn assurances that it would never be unionized.

  4. The 39-year-old Hernandez was the first TSA officer killed in the line of duty in the agency’s history.



  5. No doubt then that this was a false flag.

  6. Actually, I’m inclined to let them arm up.

    Because then I will forever and fucking ever point to that and say, “So when I feel threatened, I should be allowed to arm up too, right progressives? RIGHT?”

    1. Sorry, Paul, I don’t see any epaulets on your costume.

      1. Damn it Rich!

    2. And they will look at you blankly, not understanding what you mean. Remember, having a badge makes you infallible to these people. And not having one makes you 100% fallible.

      1. How about a badge patch?

  7. TSA agents are “sitting ducks” in a live-shooter scenario. Funny, so are the rest of us, by government diktat.


    1. Welcome to the private sector, bitches.

  8. TSA fondlemonkey gets fatally shot — Solution: Give TSA fondlemonkeys guns.

    People get fatally shot — Solution: Take guns away from people.

    1. ^^ Yay. Well said.

  9. I thought being a bullet trap is one of the few things most TSAers are actually qualified to do.

  10. Arm everybody. There are more good people than bad. If that’s not the case, why let us vote?

    1. And why require ID for anything?

      I’m in. Always have been. Now all you have to do is convince the sheeple to stop listening to the media, and start thinking for themselves.

  11. lol, the TSA is a JOKE as are most of those who make up the TSA. Thats jsut too funny.


  12. During CNN’s rather terrible coverage of the shooting on Friday, some talking head (possibly with the union or TSA, but I missed the identification) complained that TSA agents are “sitting ducks” in a live-shooter scenario. Funny, so are the rest of us, by government diktat.

    Yeah, but they’re government employees. That automatically makes them more valuable than the rest of us sheep. They’re part of the TOP. MEN. brigade. Nevermind that most of them, in a perfect world, would be working at the airport McDonald’s as opposed to the airport security checkpoints.

    1. Some of the ones I have encountered, are not qualified to work at MacDonalds.

  13. I’ve yet to go through airport security without seeing one (or more)
    local cops there to back up TSA. Was there a donut shop or something in LAX near where this incident happened? Haven’t the pants wetters discovered there are myriad places where people gather and cops aren’t there to stop a determined terrorist/deranged gun man?

    1. I am tempted to propose a compromise: the TSA agents can have guns, but that means that they are now federal law enforcement officers, and they have to pass the same training program as FBI agents (20 weeks at Quantico). When do you figure was the last time anybody at the TSA did a push-up?

      1. Way to eliminate the TSA, Finchster.

  14. No, no, no, no, and no. There are already more than enough certified and trained law enforcement officers at airports with firearms. FBI, DEA, Federal Marshals, BATFE, ICE, Dept. of Agriculture, state police, airport police, municipal police, Border Patrol, sheriff’s deputies, and maybe more. It would be interesting to count the number of firearms carried by law enforcement officers at a typical large airport already. I’m guessing the figure would be in the low hundreds. Give the TSA guards (they aren’t officers of any sort) bullet resistant vests, if you’d like. Won’t stop a high velocity rifle round, though.

  15. Fuck. No.

  16. If the airlines were smart, they would spend as much money as necessary to shut this shit down. All it’ll take is one murdered passenger to kill the airline business in this country.

    1. You mean like Rigoberto Alpizar? Funny, I don’t hear any cries to reform the air marshal’s service after their gunning down a dude trying to get off the plane. No one gives a shit if there’s a plausible enough story for why the cops did what they did. And there always will be.

      The airlines LOVE the TSA. Or at least like that the Gov’t is doing that particular piece of dirty work. It’s one of the best liability umbrellas ever devised. It took an act of Congress and some clever machinations to ensure that American or United didn’t go bankrupt from 9/11, unlike Pan Am going under, partially as a result of Flight 103. Or TWA from Flight 800. A hull loss, with loss of passengers, easily could kill an airline. TSA provides a handy excuse, in the event one of the half dozen or so Islamic countries we’re beating the shit out of sends some ill-tempered idiot to bomb one of those airliners.

      The idea of course, that we could arm the passengers, and thereby potentially stop these nuts, will occur to no one of importance.

  17. Well this is probably the last thing we need…

  18. That is all we need, a bunch of amateurs armed to the teeth all unleashing a hail of gunfire in the middle of a crowd of innocent people. Anyone, besides me, remember the Empire State Building shooting where the highly trained and professional police shot nine innocent bystanders while trying to shoot the perpetrator?

  19. Honestly, who likes to have pat-downs, but the TSA performs a vital function of keeping dangerous people off our airplanes.

    What they to randomly profiled individuals and sometimes those they wonder about completely and utterly pales in comparison to the true nature of our lack of privacy since Obama has come to office. Bush did unwarranted wire-tapping, Obama has made it 10 times worse. Bush set up a network of informants in order to know that our enemies, the terrorists were doing. Obama has set up the NSA to know what we are doing, and apparently even much of the world is doing.

    The uncomfortable pat-down from time to time is nothing in comparison to what Obama had done.

  20. Also, with only the Patriot Act as it was under Bush, Bush left terrorists in shambles, reduced to desperate tiny uncoordinated individuals or groups killing as many as possible without any aim, and only one goal, to drive us out of Iraq . . . because Iraq has nothing to do with terrorism, that’s why terrorists wanted us out so badly that it was their standing orders and most important goal. –This statement actually makes perfect sense to liberals.

    Now Obama with the TSA, a 10 times more intrusive Patriot Act, and a network of citizen informants, oh and handing out drone strikes like they were candy, killing a massive number of innocent bystanders in the process that we’re never told about because the media is so neutral, hasn’t even slowed down the progressive regrowth of Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

    It’s because Obama doesn’t care about terrorism, he actually even seems to agree with with them to some extent, Obama actually only cares about extending the control of government over the people because radical left wing elements like Obama think that a world-wide government that controls the people will be better for themselves, which it would be for a brief period of time because inevitably the corruption so typical of the leftwing would have things so harsh and deadly on their peoples, that they’d soon see a lot of dissent, and it would only be a matter of time before they would lose everything.

  21. Which makes me think that maybe there’s something to this idea that powers in upper-echelons of world power want to drastically reduce the world population by life half or more, in order to make controlling and oppressing them in spite of their wicked selfish greed more feasible.

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