Intern at Reason This Coming Spring!


The deadline for Reason magazine's Spring internship, which begins in January, is next week (November 13). Applications have been coming in already, but given that I am expecting some applications to be sent in at the last possible moment, I thought it would be worth highlighting some words of wisdom from my former colleague Mike Riggs, who back in March outlined five tips on how to land an internship. If you don't feel like reading Mike's post in full (you really should), here are the tips in brief:

  • Follow instructions
  • Write the hell out of your cover letter
  • Show some familiarity with the publication
  • Tell me what you can do for us, because we know what we can do for you
  • Be Patient

I know it sounds easy, but otherwise good applicants have jeopardized their chances of securing an internship here in the past by not following these simple tips. Those lucky enough to get an internship here have the chance to write for Reason magazine and, conduct research, and proofread. 

The instructions for how to apply for the internship are here.  

Check out the work done by our current interns Jess Remington and Zenon Evans.

Good luck wannabe Reason interns. I look forward to hearing from you soon.