Gay Marriage

Illinois House Approves Gay Marriage



The Illinois House has voted 61-54 to allow same-sex marriage. The measure will be sent back to the Senate to have the effective date changed.

Governor Pat Quinn has said he will sign the bill into law.

From the AP:

A historic vote Thursday in the Illinois House positioned that state to become the largest in the heartland to legalize gay marriage, following months of arduous lobbying efforts by both sides in President Barack Obama's home state.

Lawmakers voted 61-54 to send the measure back to the Senate to change the bill's effective date, just a technical change since the chamber already approved the measure in February. The measure will then head to Gov. Pat Quinn, who has pledged to sign it into the law.

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  1. Begin the countdown to the first Illinois gay divorce and the first suit against a photographer/baker/whoever who refuses to serve a gay marriage.

    1. They’ve already had gays included in their anti-discrimination law since 2005 and it would already be grounds for a suit to refuse to serve a gay marriage (non government approved). Completely different law and issue.

      1. Hobby-horses won’t ride themselves.

    2. Bam! I’m firmly convinced that the only people who get in trouble over discrimination issues are people who have huge martyr complexes. It takes about 5 minutes in any customer service field to come up with a half-dozen plausible excuses to deny someone service.

      1. So the law doesnt matter because you can get around it by lying and cheating?

        And your answer to religious objectors is that if they were goog at lying they wouldnt get in trouble?

        1. Funny how you responded to this but ignored Apatheist’s post

  2. Sounds like some pretty serious business toi me dude.

  3. Finally, justice for Abe Lincoln and Joshua Speed.

  4. I’m glad that same-sex couples are now allowed by the government to do something that they couldn’t do without the government’s permission.

    It’s also nice to know that, in addition to having their relationship validated by politicians, they no longer face jailtime for having a same-sex marriage.

    1. This fucking shit again?

      1. This fucking shit again?

        Well, I would assume sodomy was part and parcel with teh ghey marruge!

        1. Well, I would assume sodomy was part and parcel with teh ghey marruge!

          Thighing, dude. Thighing.

          1. Interfemoral isn’t bad, it just isn’t great.

          2. Tribadism – also known as scissoring – but yes, it is the enjoyment of the thighs 😀

      2. Why bring Santorum into the discussion?

    2. How can you be convicted of having something that doesn’t exist?

  5. They didn’t vote *for* gay marriage. They voted for taxing more people who want a commemorative certificate from the government with two, and only two, names typed on it.

  6. So how many states have actually amended their marriage statutes via the legislative process? Via a referendum?

    And how many have had gay marriage decreed by the courts? Just curious.

    1. There’s a breakdown of how each state came to their current legal status hier. No map, unfortunately, just a bunch of weird little squiggly marks.

    2. There are multiple pathways to justice in this country.

      Why do you sing the virtues of democracy only when it comes to gay marriage?

  7. They “approve”? That sounds like a value judgment.


    1. Ultimately, that’s all it is. None of this movement, or at least very little of it, is about genuine liberty, otherwise polygamy would also be gaining status. It’s more about this former taboo that is now judged approvingly.

      1. I’d say it’s more about justice than liberty, especially if you define liberty literally (being the opposite of marriage).

        1. Real liberty would be being able to marry whomever you want, in whatever quantities and combinations, as long as everyone consented.

          1. So any incremental step toward that goal is good, right?

  8. Yay, the Illinois House has accepted the arguments of the distinguished law professors who rejected a religious-liberty amendment. Now those evil for-profit businesses, despite religious objections from their owners, will be forced to recognize same-sex marriages!…..-sb-10.pdf

  9. “Oh – a fag wedding? That’s great! Yeah, sorry, I’m booked that day…why don’t you try Sandel’s Bakery down the road?”

    Good fucking God I hope teh gaiz r happy.

  10. Who knew that my state’s 9.2% unemployment rate was the economy taking a hit from no ghay weddunzs! Aborshunzs nex pleze!

  11. I was amused by the wall-to-wall ads on proggie radio. Their secret shame is that most of the opposition came not from the “bitter clingers” but rather the black communities and churches. So of course, the voices on the ads were all ostentatiously black.

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