Women Sue Conn. College over Handling of Sex Assault Claims

Say college failed to respond appropriately


HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — A federal lawsuit filed by four women who say the University of Connecticut mishandled reports of sexual abuse on campus alleges that one attacker was a player on the school's football team.

The women accuse UConn of failing to protect them and responded to their complaints with deliberate indifference or worse. They are among seven women who recently asked for a federal Title IX investigation of the school.

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  1. FYI In New London, CT, you’ll find Connecticut College, just up the road from the Coast Guard Academy. It’s locally referred to as Conn. College. University of Connecticut, on the other hand, is also pretty universally known as UCONN (pronounced like Yukon). Given this, your headline is misleading.

  2. If they were sexually abused, isn’t that a matter for the police?

    1. Yes, why are these incidences not turned over to the police? Requiring a reported sexual assault be turned over to legal authorities and not rent-a-cops would go a long way to undermining title ix in this regard. Besides, that is the way criminal activity on college campuses should be handled except for booze, weed, acid and mushrooms of course.

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