Hagel Orders Head of National Guard To Deal With States Not Complying With Pentagon's New Policies on Gay Soldiers

Nine states won't issue military IDs to same-sex spouses of troops in National Guard units


Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced Thursday night he had ordered the head of the National Guard Bureau to take action against states that have refused to comply with the Pentagon's new policies regarding gay soldiers and their spouses.

Texas was the first of nine states that have said it will not issue military identity cards to the same-sex spouses of troops within their National Guard units. The Department of defense lifted its ban on gays serving openly in the military following the June 26 Supreme Court ruling that struck down parts of the Defense of Marriage Act. In September the Department of Defense began issuing full military benefits to the spouses of these gay troops.


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  1. If the military wanted you to have a fuck toy, they would issue you one. This – the benefits payoff – is what most activist gays are really after, because in truth, hardly anyone cares how they get a nut, and those that go batshit insane over thinking about it are generally batshit insane on a number of topics anyway. The money trick, otoh. . .disgust for this facet of ‘the fight’ for recognition, rights, etc, is about as appealing as the trick hetro military couple quickly figure out. If you’re fuck buddies, why not just sign some papers that will get you out of the barracks, with extra money in the paycheck, to boot. Divorce is simple, and very often happens after ‘the stress of the military’ (aka, didn’t draw the same assignment, and they find new fucktoys wherever they end up).

    It’s a great deal, if you have the personality of a hooker.

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