City in California Suing Hot Sauce Producer, Claiming Factory Odor Makes Area Uninhabitable



The city of Irwindale, California has filed a suit against Huy Fong Foods, the makers of Sriracha hot sauce, claiming that a nearby factory is causing a smell that is impossible to escape. According to city officials, residents have also complained of burning eyes and irritated throats.

From the BBC:

A California city has sued the maker of Sriracha hot sauce saying the factory's smell makes the area uninhabitable.

The city of Irwindale has asked a judge to prevent Huy Fong Foods from making the spicy condiment until the factory submits plan to reduce the smell.

Huy Fong representatives have said they are actively trying to fix the problem and have received no citations.

Sriracha sauce is sold around the world, and there was even a recent Sriracha festival in LA.

Irwindale officials say residents have complained of burning eyes, irritated throats and headaches and are unable to escape the smell even inside their homes.

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