OFA Wants to Know What You Know About Obamacare

And whether you've enrolled!


you know who else cared?

Organizing for Action, formerly known as Obama for America and now a 501(c)4, wants to be on the frontlines of pushing Obamacare. Their latest missive includes a request to take a survey about the new healthcare law that includes questions about how well you "would… say you understand Obamacare," whether you have health insurance, whether you know anyone who enrolled through the healthcare exchanges, whether you plan on it, whether you know anyone who plans it, and what questions you're hearing about Obamacare.

The e-mail, which includes a link to the survey:

Edward --

In the midst of all of the debate around Obamacare, it's easy to lose sight of what the law really does -- and how millions of Americans are already seeing the benefits.

That's why we want to hear directly from you about your health care experience. 

This is super easy, and should only take a minute or two. Answer our short Obamacare survey today.

No matter what you hear from the talking heads, health care reform is much more than just a website.

Obamacare makes lifetime limits and pre-existing conditions a thing of the past. Several preventive health services are now available at no cost within most insurance plans. Many seniors are already saving hundreds of dollars a year on their prescriptions. Young Americans -- up to age 26 -- are covered under their parents' insurance.

And now millions of uninsured Americans have access to purchase affordable health care, many for the first time. Via phone, mail, in person, and online, people can shop among affordable health insurance options.

OFA supporters are going to spend the next five months making sure people have the facts -- and that the people who need insurance know how to get it. 

That's why we want to hear from you about your experience, and what you're hearing from friends and family members.

Fill out this quick survey today:




Erin Hannigan
Health Care Campaign Manager
Organizing for Action

The e-mail comes with a please give $3 PS, naturally.

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  1. Organizing for Action, formerly known as Obama for America and now a 501(c)4, wants to be on the frontlines of pushing Obamacare.

    It's a good thing there's nothing political about this sentence because otherwise the IRS would have to look into them.

    1. wants to be on the frontlines of pushing Obamacare.
      If they have a working website, they are already behind.

      1. It's not like "pushing Obamacare" is going to be a crowded field.

  2. Obamacare makes lifetime limits and pre-existing conditions a thing of the past.

    Holy shit, it makes preexisting conditions go away?

    Quick! Someone tell Sugarfree! His diabetes is cured!

    1. Do mental illnesses count? If so, we'll have to cross that off the list of reasons Shriek makes no sense.

    2. Those stingy bastard insurers! Who knew that it just took a stroke of the pen to erase lifetime limits? That totally won't be passed on as a cost.

  3. No, OFA *doesn't* want to know what I think of that stuff the lying bastard rammed through congress.

    1. "What questions are you hearing about the new marketplace or other parts of Obamacare?"

      Have any you'd like me to pass along for you?

      1. Well, how about:
        "Is there a single time when Obo opens his mouth that isn't a lie?"
        See if they'll give us an answer.

      2. "If registration, the easy part of the program, is so screwed up how will the government be able to run the hard part, providing services."

  4. What the fuck is going on with the Seahawks O line? This is fucking pathetic.

    1. They haz a sad that Lou Reed died?

      1. More like they have an inexperienced second stringer trying (and failing) to contain Quinn.

        1. So why haven't they put a TE over there to help, or helped with a back chipping Quinn, or let the guard double up? There are workable solutions!

          1. Oh Big Chief, so naive. Thinking an offensive line is like Obamacare

          2. Oh Big Chief, so naive. Thinking an offensive line is like Obamacare!

            1. Yo, eff posting from a kindle

          3. I'd love to know the answer to that myself. And these fucking penalties...it's ridiculous. They're playing like shit.

    2. Fuck Stannous Tate and his unsportsmanlike conduct.

      Fuck Pete Carroll.

    3. They didn't cover.

  5. And now millions of uninsured Americans have access to purchase affordable health care, many for the first time.

    I think I grok Obamacare. Obamacare insurer participants are required to offer gold-plated heathcare coverage at the highest possible price to least number of customers who could afford it. It's like a reverse EBay.

    1. You forgot the implicit subsidies and bailouts if they fail to procure enough participants to sustain this model.

  6. And now millions of uninsured Americans have access to purchase affordable health care, many for the first time.

    I think I grok Obamacare. Obamacare insurer participants are required to offer gold-plated heathcare coverage at the highest possible price to least number of customers who could afford it. It's like a reverse EBay.

    1. . It's like a reverse EBay.

      You're finally starting to understand exactly how government coercion affects markets.

  7. That's some excellent alt-text. Cadillac alt-text, if you will.

    1. Yep.

      My suggestion: "And Debbie Does Dallas."

  8. Mighty Seahawks.

    1. You were saying?

      1. If your O-line can't make a 2-yard hole, you deserve to lose.

  9. The cult of Obama is slowly dying. A lot of people who were estatic for him in 2008 cannot stand the man even if they won't admit it. My girlfriend is the perfect example. A Northern Ohio liberal who celebrated in the bar in Ann Arbor in 2008, now thinks he is an asshole. I am pretty sure that I helped her realize this by sort of making her realize that the guy who you thought could turn shit into gold is an ass. When she was driving home from work during the crisis, they were discussing on NPR the shutdown and she mutterd that they should shut it all down. I was taken aback. While she won't be reading Hayek or Friedman anytime soon, I am happy that she at least realize that Obama and a lot of his followers are assholes.

    1. It can penetrate some minds. On the other hand, a Facebook friend just had a post that was about some Republican going insane because of "Obamacare's success." I kid you not.

      1. PSF,
        Dunno if you get the paper Chron, but they've been running Tole's editorial cartoons over the last week or so. Every one is a take on 'rethuglicans hate O'care!' as if there were something to like.
        So, agreed, the reaction is simply shreek-like finger pointing.

        1. I gave up the paper Chronicle years ago. Now I'm close to giving up their website because their new commenting system sucks so hard.

          The level is denial is amazing. I've read people blaming Republicans because they rejected a public option, and because they keep trying to defund it. As if either of those things has anything to do with the train wreck we are seeing.

      2. If this is what Obamacare success looks like, failure would have to mean the White House is actually on fire.

  10. You know who else cared

    Florence Nightengale?

  11. What do people do when the person around whom they have cultivated their entire political identity is term-limited out of office?

    1. Latch on to another great white (black) hope.

      1. It's the Vagina-Americans' turn in 2016. And they don't have to settle for half a vagina...well, unless Sasha Grey somehow gets the nomination.

        1. Sadly, I trust Sasha Grey's business acumen more than about all but 3 people that currently hold any seat in the Executive, Legislative or Judicial branches.

          1. Pretty sure she has a full vagina and not a half one too.

            1. You're not going to make me explain that joke, are you? I'd prefer to keep the level of discussion family-appropriate.

              1. Well then, I guess I see what you did there.

    2. If they're like Jennifer Granmole's people, they just....disappear...

    3. Call for an end to term limits and the repeal of the 22nd Amendment?

      1. Repeal? That's so 1920s. They can just have SCOTUS declare the 22nd amendment unconstitutional.

        Kennedy has declared constitutional amendments unconstitutional before re: gay marriage, so it shouldn't be hard.

        1. No, Obama can issue himself an exemption.

          1. I'm not even sure who would have standing to sue if he just went ahead and ran in defiance of the amendment.

    4. "What do people do when the person around whom they have cultivated their entire political identity is term-limited out of office?"
      Really? They get appointed to some regulatory agency or other for boku bucks, full benes and a chance to hook onto the next set of coat-tails. Or a chance to be a talking head on some TV show.
      They will never have to find a job, nor produce anything that increases the wealth of mankind.

      1. They will never have to find a job, nor produce anything that increases the wealth of mankind.

        Depends on how long the status quo can sustain itself. The elites' behavior in the past couple of years betrays a belief that the goose with the golden eggs is on its deathbed.

      2. What happens when we take them all out back and hang them?

  12. A 15 yard penalty on the kickoff for "a taunt".

    Fuck you, NFL. That was epic PWNAGE

    1. Now, GO AWAY! Or he shall taunt you a SECOND time!

    2. Except that Tate almost got knocked out of bounds before breaking the plane. If you're going to taunt, do NOT give any chance to fuck up your taunt.

      Still, great catch and run.

  13. Police raid 80 year old man's house because they smelled meth, shoot him dead, find no meth.

    Here's the kicker:

    "Age does not preclude somebody from being aggressive toward deputies," Whitmore said. "The lesson here is? don't pull a gun on a deputy."

    Marijuana was found on another part of the property where Tonya's lived, she said.

    "There was a drug operation that was certainly going on in this house," Whitmore said.


    1. There's a guy at work who reeks of ammonia every friggin day... I better warn him.

      1. I had a customer's car that smelled like cat piss. Send in the SWAT team.

  14. Just filled out their little questionnaire - probably shouldn't have done that after spending 3 hours today inside a jail cell.

    Fucking Border Patrol. One of the even said that as far as he's concerned I'm a terrorists smuggling weapons into the country. .22LR ammo is not exactly the munition of choice for people intending harm.

    1. Why did the Border Patrol care that you had some .22LR? Let's hear the story.

      1. and it better include hot Milf sex.

        1. No sex (thankfully) but the senior investigator was pretty hot.

      2. Worldwide, more people are killed by 22LR than by any other caliber.

        1. No, just no.

          If you has said 7.62WP I might have believed that.

          1. It's actually true.

            Now, if you're talking about deaths per round manufactured, 22LR doesn't do as "well". It's #1 in kills purely due to its prevalence... but it can certainly kill, especially in places where there's scant medical emergency care available.

            1. I'ma have to ask you for a link to a reputable set of stats before I'll accept that.

              1. Fine, persist in your ignorance. It's a well-known fact (at least since the end of WW2).

                There aren't enough wars in the world to compete with the accidents and close-up assassinations for which 22lr is preferred (RFK, Reagan, Brady, etc).

                1. Yeah, its a 'well-known' fact that the free-market never works, that Keynesian stimulus is exactly what we need to get out of a recession, and the government has strong oversight over all its intelligence gathering activities.

                  So linky, 'cause I can't find this data compiled *anywhere* so far.

                  1. I'm just going to offer this analogy, cause lets face it, I'm way too lazy for this "research" shit.

                    Know how walking is more dangerous than driving, and driving is more dangerous than flying?

                    It's a pure numbers game. Not only is the majority of firearms in the world chambered in .22, but (probably) half the world's ammunition is .22.

                    *Everyone* walks somewhere everyday (22lr). Most people drive (7.62x39). Some people fly (338 Lapua).

              2. .22 RF may be a shitty defensive round but it is the awesomest offensive round smaller than .50 BMG. Subsonic, it doesn't make a lot of unwanted attention-drawing noise and with good shot placement it is totally lethal.

      3. I went across the border today, to San Luis, to check on my bike (I've got it in a shop there having the starter and sprag replaced).

        Came back across, being my usual cranky self, I refused to answer the questions about my business in Mexico or what I was going to do in the US. Got sent to secondary (not unexpected). UNFORTUNATELY I had a couple of boxes of .22lr ammo and a box of .32 ACP in the car somewhere. I thought I had cleared all that stuff out - you *really* don't want to have to deal with the MX police over ammo possession.

        So they arrested me. Cuffed me - the cop actually had his gun half out of the holster when approaching me.

        Searched, they tried to question me during the search, told them I wasn't going to answer their questions, kept asking them, so I simply didn't answer. The guy asking questions tried to insinuate that I wasn't talking to him because he's Hispanic. Set him straight on that issue.

        As they're leading me to my cell (took my damn *shoes*, not just the shoelaces) he makes a comment about how 'as far as I'm concerned you're a terrorist smuggling weapons into the US and I should rethink my stance on talking to the police when the investigator's get here.

        1. Keep in mind, at this point I haven't been Mirandized or even told what I'm being charged with. Held in a cell for around threeish hours. Met with the investigators, found out what the charge was and I just laughed at them.

          'Failure To Declare'.

          So I took a gamble and broke my rule - it was almost 5, I could have insisted on a lawyer but that would have guaranteed a night in jail. Instead I explained what happened and you can see their eyes glaze over. They had to drive half-way across the city because some dumbarse forgot to clean out his car.

          They called the Asst US Attrny and he said give 'im a fine and drop it.

          So - $500 dollar fine and the ammo seized. Unfortunately they decided to rather broadly read some import/export control law and seized a magazine for a Ruger 10-22, a red-dot sight, and a couple of Weaver rails along with the ammo - I'm actually kinda pissed about that.

          1. *Supposedly* this case will get a review and I'll get a notice within a month on whether the case will be upheld or, potentially, dismissed - in which case I might get the seized items (including the ammo) back possibly even get the fine refunded.

            If not, that's when I can decide whether or not its worth fighting to get the other shit back. That stuff isn't worth the *money* but we''l see if my principles are strong enough to fight it (probably not).

            1. I will say this for the BP - except for the smartarse trying to rile me up with 'terrorism', they were all consummate professionals throughout the whole thing.

              1. Oh yeah, got arrested around 2ish and got out at 7ish.

                1. And if you want to fight the fine you have to come to Tucson?

                  1. Don't know about that - might have to show up in front of a judge, might be able to do everything by mail.

                    There is an office here in Yuma so it might not be too bad.

              2. I will say this for the BP - except for the smartarse trying to rile me up with 'terrorism', they were all consummate professionals throughout the whole thing.

                It's the only branch of federal law enforcement that BO hamstrings at every opportunity, so they've got that going for them.

          2. So I took a gamble and broke my rule

            Er, your "gamble" occurred when you refused to talk to the border agent. And you lost. Good thing you wised up and knew when to cut your losses.

            Having an absolute rule not to talk to police during traffic stops, etc, is very questionable in my opinion but I at least understand the reasoning.... on the other hand, refusing to talk to a border agent is nonsensical. They don't need you to say anything to have the authority to take your vehicle apart bolt by bolt.

            1. NO, it wasn't a gamble - I fully expected to be sent to secondary. I simply did not know I had stuff I needed to declare at customs in the car.

              I didn't know that the ammo was there.

              1. If they take your car apart bolt-by-bolt and find nothing they will have a lot of explaining to do.
              2. If you submit to them simply because they can make you day unpleasant, then you're going to be subject to that more and more.

              1. I didn't know that the ammo was there.

                I guess it's not gambling when I bet on black and the ball lands on red... after all I didn't know it was going to land on red.

                You were gambling that there was nothing problematic in your car.

                (1) "I asked him what he was doing in Mexico and he refused to answer" isn't a lot of explaining. And they probably don't even need that. You do read Reason cop stories, don't you?

                (2) The questions haven't gotten much more invasive in the past 20 years, despite probably 95% of the US citizens answering every question when crossing the border.

                1. You're absolutely right - now instead of my going about my day assuming that I'm not a law-breaking scumbag who deserves every bit of hassle he gets from the state's security forces I'll just go around with my head low and abase myself in front of the police, in the hope that they don't take unusual notice of me.

                  "Gambling that there was nothing problematic in my car' - that's a pretty big reach to justify universal submission.

                  1. Psh, they search my car whether I'm a dick or not. Figure I might as well be a dick and get my own laughs out of it.

                    "Yeah sure officer, I bought a bunch of crack up in Montreal and I figured I'd just drive right thru here and tell you about it. Fuckwad."

                2. Oh, keep in mind - had I known the ammo was there and declared it, there'd have been no problem.

                  Conversely if I had been submissive and answered their questions and they found the ammo, I would have still been arrested.

                  1. If explaining the purpose of your trip is being submissive, then doesn't that imply you're submissive to Pissy, whom you answered immediately in front of a bunch of random strangers?

                    You clearly don't think the privacy of your trip is a big deal, yet it becomes a question of virility when a person in a cheap uniform is involved. For all you know there are dozens of BP agents reading this and you just told all of them the answer to the question that a few hours ago you refused to tell one BP agent.

                    1. Tulpa, it's the principle. We can't threaten him with jail for refusing to answer our questions. BP actually did jail him.

                    2. Who is Pissy?

                      And the difference is *choice*, I *chose* to tell you, I *chose* to not tell the agent when crossing the border.

                      *Why* I chose not to is irrelevant - I have the right to make that choice. I have the right to go about my business unmolested. *This* time, I unknowingly broke some bureaucratic regulation that shouldn't even exist in the first place.

                    3. Yet you tar the opposite choice as "being submissive".

                    4. Yes, submitting because someone demanded something from me which I did not wish to give.

                      They've got every right to *ask* those questions - same as anyone here. They don't have anymore right to *demand* I answer them than anyone here.

                      I'm not sure why that's so hard for you to understand or why it seems so upsetting that I would choose not to.

                    5. And I think we all know who Pissy is.

        2. Wait...you're a US citizen, who can legally possess that ammo in the US, and they give you shit for it, including cuffing you and putting you in a jail cell? WTF? I know the Mexican authorities are ridiculous about ammo, but...what?

          1. If I had declared that I had the ammo then nothing would have happened - that's what they got me for.

            1. That's fucking retarded. I guess you just got an asshole set of border guards today. I mean, I've had food confiscated from my luggage when returning from Spain and all they did was take it (because jamon is awesome, those scumbags) and not charge me with "failure to disclose".


                1. I think a lot of this is simply because I didn't show enough deference to the guards when coming through - I had a long conversation with the responding investigator about that and he kept pointing out that if I had just answered their questions then I most likely would have passed without suspicion.

                  I kept trying to explain about how I simply didn't wish to answer those questions.

                  He didn't understand.

                  And I can understand that - to him these are simply tools he needs to do his job and anything that impedes his ability to do that is bad. Kept trying to explain to him that sometimes you have to just say enough is enough, that you cops only get to go so far in your pursuit of the bad guys.

                  1. I suspect the reason he didn't understand is that you traded answering a few questions for three hours in jail and a pretty huge fine.

                    1. Damn straight - if you let people push you around they will continue to do so.

                2. They will bust you for taking ammo *into* Mexico. It's happens in Nogales all the time.

                  1. Yeah, apparently is illegal to *export* ammo out of the US. That's *in addition* to it being illegal to import it into MX.

              2. Did you tell them about the Jamon and then they took it or did they find it on their own in a search.

                My case was the latter.

                1. I've never crossed over from Yuma, at Lukeville, there a large signs stating the gun and ammo laws of Mexico. I've just found it strange that the enforce it on this side of the line.

                  1. Damn, I'm having a "John" spelling night.Can't be from the Jim Beam.

                  2. They don't enforce it for *Mexico* - the US has export restrictions/declaration requirements on ammo and weapons that apply no matter what border you're crossing out of.

                    1. Oh, I understand that. IIRC it was passed to help out the Mexican side.So no there is a reason to search you leaving.They find a lot more cash heading south now.

                    2. ^now

                      (screw this keyboard and it's dislike of bourbon)

                2. My case was the latter as well. I was essentially smuggling jamon into the country (until 2008 or so, the import rules regarding jamon were really, really stupid and restrictive), and customs likes to search the baggage of people coming back from Spain because, well, those of us coming back usually like to bring back things like jamon, dry sausages, Manchego, and canned tuna (the tuna is OK to bring back). They would just take it (presumably to eat it) and neither I nor they said anything. I didn't get accused of failure to disclose, and they got to steal my jamon.

                  I beat them, though, as I had my (at the time) Spanish girlfriend's father send jamon in the mail.

                  1. We have had lunch on the Mexican side eating the things we knew they would take.

  15. Reason deserves a bit of cocktail ribbing for this: Fire the Crackpots of Congress! (And Replace Them with New Crackpots!)

    So why are we locked in this two party system? And is it really such a bad thing? Do we want a political discourse that is semi-coherent, truculent, and occasionally enraging to be replaced by one of conspiracy theory? Instead of thunderous House-floor pronouncements on Obama's post-colonial vision of Albanian Marxism for America, will we be left with soothing House-floor pronouncements about the wisdom and mysticism of the Native American?

    I too despise our political leaders?halfwits and charlatans all. But I despise those who clamoring to replace them even more. And I welcome a flurry of third parties to the negotiating table. But if you think American politics is ugly, messy, and overly ideological now, just wait until it fractures into a dozen narrowly partisan groupsicles moaning about love and 9/11.

    1. And I welcome a flurry of third parties to the negotiating table. But if you think American politics is ugly, messy, and overly ideological now, just wait until it fractures into a dozen narrowly partisan groupsicles moaning about love and 9/11.

      This is very poorly thought out. As it stands now, the partisan TEAM dynamic is largely the result of there only being two of them. Because there are only two, each side really and truly despises the other because there is only one opponent. If you had more parties, it's true that they might be more ideological and less likely to be big tents, but I think the hate would be spread out more evenly. You wouldn't get the absolute loathing between any two parties that you get between Democrats and Republicans today.

      1. I'm not convinced that Ds and Rs hate each other more than "fringe" groups like libertarians and socialists. Certainly not inside the Beltway; there's sort of an Oceania and Eurasia dynamic going on here.

        You wanna see hate in action, take a gander at what Karl Rove and the Chamber of Commerce are about to do to the Tea Party.

      2. This is very poorly thought out.

        Your analysis is the mirror image of his.

    2. "Instead of thunderous House-floor pronouncements on Obama's post-colonial vision of Albanian Marxism for America, will we be left with soothing House-floor pronouncements about the wisdom and mysticism of the Native American?"

      Yeah, I could live with this.

  16. Reparations are owed!

    ...as a white American, I think that African Americans and Indians should pay us royalties for the use of our civilization. I do not propose a great exaction, but only a reasonable fee for enjoyment of contributions that whites have made and that others use. I mean things such as telephones, air conditioning, flush toilets, democracy, civil rights, antibiotics, running shoes, and the machines that read EBT cards. Also paved roads. Cars. Computers. Electricity. Clean water. Those sorts of things.

    1. Fred Reed is a national treasure. (That opinion is mostly based on his book A Brass Pole in Bangkok: A Think I Aspire to Be, which I haven't read.)

    2. running shoes, and the machines that read EBT cards

      blink blink

  17. Some Canadian Health Care waiting stats for you to peruse.

  18. High school car wash violates enviromental laws

  19. Ladies: Don't neglect your boobs.

  20. What Walmart is doing wrong

  21. Do we needs an Achewood TV show?

  22. Tesla finds that brand-new tech is not always reliable:
    "Tesla shares fall on reports of second fiery crash"
    "On Oct. 17 in Merida, Mexico, a Model S sped into a roundabout, crashed through a concrete wall and hit a tree. The driver fled the scene before the car went up in flames."
    Pathetic design; e-vehicles are wonderful city chore cars. Really horrible at covering a lot of ground.

    1. Don't worry, the Federal Government is already printing up some more money to hand out for Tesla.

      Simply the federalized version of Pump & Dump.

    2. Well, to be fair - how many gasoline-powered sport-cars are going to crash through a concrete wall and then hit a tree and not catch fire?

      TO be honest - I think this should be a positive for Tesla. Some idiot rammed their car through a wall and walked (ran) away from the accident *before* the car had time to catch fire.

      1. Small vehicle fires actually aren't that common.

        It's the diesel trucks/semis that really get shit bursting into flames. Lower ignition point caused by compression/etc.

        1. I'm sure they're uncommon as a percentage of the total number but I've seen many a small car burning by the side of the road.

          I'm just saying that if you can crash through a wall at speed, run away immediately afterwards and the damn thing doesn't catch fire until after you're long gone, then it ain't such a bad design.

          1. Well there was that reporter's Mercedes that burst into flames with people discussing how often that happens outside a Hollywood film.

          2. If you're a postpartum terrorist maybe.

    3. Obligatory: Fuck Tesla.

  23. "http://my.barackobama.com/"


    Is this web address specially configured to ensure I have a place to address the vast variety of ways in which Barackness is part of my daily consciousness?

    or is it more like, "My Barbie", where I go to dress up the Barackness figure in various costumes that suit my personal conception of his awesomeness? Because he's not just anyone's Barack = He's MY BARACK OBAMA. Mine and mine alone. (hugs)

    Wow, like its 'free' too. All good things are free. Because money is so tea party.

    1. Wow, like its 'free' too. All good things are free. Because money is so tea party.

      Haha, this reminds me of my friend when he finally realized money was good. He was at this "Free" market where everything was free, but you had to trade something for the something you wanted.

      So, I asked him, "Why wouldn't you just trade money for what you want instead of bartering with 5 people and wasting half your day?"

      He said "Cause this is free!"

      I asked "So, 5 hours of your life is worth absolutely nothing?"

      He never replied, but ever since that day (probably 10 years ago), he hasn't bothered with anything "free" for its sake of freeness.

      1. Um, how is bartering free? It's not just the time but the item he traded.

      2. Bartering has tax benefits though.

        1. Only in the sense that you get away with not paying the taxes owed - pretty much *any* exchange of goods or services comes with a free side of tax.

    2. Found a bunch of statues, but this was the closest I could come to an Obama action figure (with the First Lady!).

      1. Heh, that's pretty funny.

  24. "Obama Does Care.'

    Funny. These are the exact words I whisper aloud, softly, as both lullaby and promise to myself, night after night. Their meaning dissipates, but still carries my rendered body smoothly over the abyss. Their silvery edges reflect the light of other rooms in which I've been, rooms where I too have felt the warmth of collective fires.

    The memories rush-in. Yes, I have waited my turn in line, and waited on hold for a supervisor. I, too, have paid $8.50 for a cheeseburger of low quality on an Amtrak train. I, too, have watched eight-term senators whip their rhetoric into lovely piles of confected bullshit during re-election. Their vanity and cunning on full display.

    I, too, have had two 1-hr meetings with my tax guy while slowly realizing I simply don't believe the tax code is sustainable as-is.


  25. ^Avoid everything above unless you enjoy watching Red Tulpa blowing cops^

    1. I don't think it's about blowing cops so much as just being knee-jerk contrarian and intellectually dishonest.

      1. Your response when you don't have an argument is not nearly as clever as your moniker. And the moniker ain't hot stuff either, tbh.

        1. I'm not trying to be clever. As far as I'm concerned you already got pwned but I don't know why people bother to engage you except for the 5% of the time you have something valid to say.

          1. And the fact that you place such emphasis on being clever is why you are so insufferable. Trying to have a clever counter-argument to everything is no way to go through life, son.

          2. 5% is being pretty generous.

  26. You know what else is kinda weird?

    According to Obama and his followers, we're all legally obligated to buy health insurance--because otherwise other people would be forced to pay for us.

    But, on the other hand, we're all obligated to pay for people who don't buy insurance, too.

    I don't see how they can have it both ways.

    1. To play avocado diaboli: unless we leave people to die outside the doors of ERs, we're going to have to pay for people who don't have insurance anyway.

      1. A microscopic pittance compared to the cost of Obamacare.

        Passing the ACA because of uncompensated emergency room care is like cutting off your legs because your shoes occasionally get muddy.

      2. Since when were ERs allowed to discriminate against patients because of their inability to pay?

        I bet ERs haven't been allowed to reject patients on their inability to pay since the mid-1960s, at least!

  27. Hey, this was fun... I just went to the "new" OfA link and found this jump... http://www.barackobama.com/abo.....te-deniers

    Click it and see what they have to say about "climate deniers."

    Funny, it just took my browser to a replay of O's swearing-in ceremony. "Climate" or "Denier" didn't seem to appear anywhere on that page...

    Funny, huh? Maybe the same programmers who built the ACA site? Who knows?

    1. Your link is an URL denier.

  28. "Obama Does Care.'

    But don't you dare suggest that OFA and Team Obama in general is a cult!

    Seriously, why should I give two shit if he cares or not? He's not elected to care, he's elected to fulfill the obligations of his office.

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