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"There's talk a lot of bad things"; Your Drug Fear Mongering of the Day From a South Carolina TV Station



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A guidance counselor at a high school in North Augusta, Georgia South Carolina reportedly set up robo calls to parents about the danger of prescription drugs, because she's heard a lot of talking and seen teens behaving differently (because adolescents in the absence of some kind of drug are totally mood stable).

Here's how the CBS affiliate sets up its fear mongering gem:

Down the halls and around every classroom corner .

There's talk a lot of bad things.

"You do hear a lot of things," says one teacher at North Augusta High.

And that talk has prompted administration to spread the word.

"A lot of parents, most parents, aren't going to believe their child, is one that would take a prescription drug," said Jane Kaplenski, the guidance director at North Augusta High.

But it's happening at there school. And maybe even at your child's school.

"It's something that we're concerned about and we want parents to know what to look for," said Kaplenski.

Kaplenski and a teacher at the high school that was also interviewed mention prescription drugs as the "big talker," but don't get any more specific than "like the drugs for ADHD."

Jacob Sullum noted earlier this year in explaining the fuzzy language and thought process behind the campaign against "abuse" of ADHD drugs like Adderall that the condition "is a malleable concept based on subjective impressions," one that about 20 percent of high school boys are labeled with.