Utah Rock Topplers Try to Get Videos Removed from Internet

Yeah, uh, good luck there


You may have heard the story of the now infamous "Goblin Valley Topplers." Some Boy Scout leaders on a trek through Goblin Valley decided to push over a "goblin" rock formation which was millions of years old, and then cheered about it. The video went viral, as did plenty of people condemning Glenn Taylor and Dave Hall (who filmed the video and posted it online). The backlash was quick. The two men were relieved of their Boy Scout leadership positions. Meanwhile, authorities (back on the job after the government shut down), began exploring possible felony charges against the men. Oh, and then it came out that just a month ago, Taylor, who is the man seen actually pushing the heavy rock off its ancient pedestal, had just filed a "personal injury" lawsuit against a woman and her father for supposedly "debilitating injuries" in from a 2009 car crash.

The father, Alan MacDonald, points out that Taylor doesn't appear to be particularly debilitated in the video, in which he climbs over rocks and then shoves the giant boulder off of where it's rested for probably a few million years.