Democrats Frustrated with Damage Caused by Obamacare Woes

Will anybody be punished for the disaster?


Frustrated Democrats lamented Wednesday that persistent problems with new health care exchanges have inflicted damage on the public's perception of the already unpopular "Obamacare" — with some lawmakers insisting President Barack Obama should ensure those responsible lose their jobs.

Emerging from a closed-door briefing with health officials from the Obama administration, House Democrats appeared to have at least as many questions as answers about how and when the beleaguered website will be fixed. Although they resolved not to let setbacks with one aspect of the health law outshine the parts that are working, they griped that the shoddy website had given Republicans an opening to do just that.

"I think the president needs to man up, find out who was responsible and fire them," Rep. Richard Nolan, D-Minn., said after the briefing. He said Obama should tell Democrats when the problems will be fixed so they can prepare to move on. "You don't get many second chances to get a good first impression."

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  1. I’m gonna wear this out, but ‘everybody knew it wasn’t gonna work at first – it’s just rethuglicans who are surprised!’

    “I’m not sure why anyone is surprised at the less-than-adequate performance of HealthCare.gov,”

  2. “But government is all we’ve got. It’s wasteful and sluggish and petty, but it’s also what protects us and the things we find precious from marauders both domestic and foreign. It’s not the answer to all our problems, but in general it seems to be of benefit to the majority of citizens.

    If only it could curtail its inherent desire to spy on everyone all the time in order to protect our precious freedoms, it would be even more wonderful.”

    Wow, two whole paragraphs I mostly agree with. What I’m not sure about is where “force some of us to pay for health insurance for other people, after laundering the money through another big government bureaucracy” fits in with the mandate to protect us from marauders. At that point, isn’t Government itself the worst marauder of all?

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