Obama Administration Tapping Scholars for Obamacare Tech Problems

Good luck with that


The Obama administration said Tuesday it will call in a group of scholars known for their tech savvy and familiarity with government programs to help solve the problems that persist in the new federal health insurance exchange.

Former Office of Management and Budget director Jeffrey Zients will help lead the project.

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  1. Oh yeah, that’ll so work.

  2. Yes, there’s no approach that will lead to quicker results than calling in The Scholars.

  3. What’s the old saying – “Those who can – do. Those who can’t – teach.”
    My son is an internet engineer and security specialist, making a 6 figure income. He dropped out of college after growing weary of correcting the profs’ out dated and inaccurate statements and fixing the mistakes they made in their demonstration projects. These are the LAST people you want near a buggered up system like this. They have that unique combination or arrogance and incompetence that one can only find in the “intelligentsia”.

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