New Jersey Poised to Become 14th-Gayest State

Look forward to the fist-pumping at the wedding receptions


Bring on the shoobies!
Credit: Philerooski / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

The courts have declined to listen to Gov. Chris Christie and issue an emergency delay to a ruling that New Jersey must start recognizing same sex marriage. The Garden State will open up for the inevitable garden parties come Monday. Courtesy of the Associated Press:

A lower-court judge had ruled that same-sex weddings must be allowed starting Monday, and the state's highest court upheld that ruling Friday. It denied a request from Gov. Chris Christie's administration to delay the weddings.

Christie had wanted the weddings delayed while the state Supreme Court decides the broader question of whether same-sex marriage should be legal. The court will hear arguments on that in January.

So dudes and gals will be able to marry each other there, but they still can't legally pump their own gas. The mayor of Lambertville wants to officiate at the first legal wedding there. Senator-elect Cory Booker, though, may try to steal the guy's thunder, according to a BuzzFeed report. Jeez, Booker, you won already. Can't somebody else be a camera hog about it?