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Former Speaker Tom Foley Dies, GOP Turns Attention to Obamacare Failures, UN Wants US to Publish Drone Strike Info: P.M. Links


  • "Apologies, I'm just a little bit shy."
    Credit: Defence Images / Foter / CC BY-NC

    Former Speaker of the House Tom Foley, of Spokane, Wash., has died at age 84.

  • With the government shutdown spectacle over, Republicans can now turn their attention to the abysmal launch of the Obamacare exchanges. According to one Republican congressmember, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is resisting calls to testify about the troubles.
  • A United Nations investigator is urging the United States to publish more data about drone strikes and civilian casualties. This will no doubt happen, once they lose several more Freedom of Information Act lawsuits.
  • A police car in the Columbus, Ohio, area and another car collided while the officer was responding to a robbery call. Six in the other car were killed, including four children.
  • A SWAT team showed up at a Chicago-area high school because a teacher mistakenly thought she heard gunshots.
  • Uganda has issued an alert based on U.S. intelligence, concerned that the country may face a terrorist attack similar to what befell the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya.

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  1. A United Nations investigator is urging the United States to publish more data about drone strikes and civilian casualties.

    The administration will write those numbers on a Hellfire missile and deliver them to you via Predator drone.

  2. Former Speaker of the House Tom Foley, of Spokane, Wash., has died at age 84.

    We're all term-limited eventually.

    1. 1st speaker of the house to lose his seat since the civil war.

      Mr. Foley found out what happens when you sue your own constituents.

      1. People read the 24/7 links?

  3. Former Speaker of the House Tom Foley, of Spokane, Wash., has died at age 84.

    You know who else was from Spokane?

    1. John Stockton?

      1. It would be mildly funny if there is a John Spokane from Stockton.

    2. David Lynch?

  4. --A police car in the Columbus, Ohio, area and another car collided while the officer was responding to a robbery call. Six in the other car were killed, including four children.---

    Protect and served to death. I'm sure policy was followed.

    1. Fourth? I am shame.

      1. You go in through the back door?


        After he had created people, Zeus immediately implanted in them all the possible human character traits, but he forgot about Shame. Since he didn't know how to get Shame inside the human body, he ordered her to go in from behind. At first Shame protested, considering Zeus's request to be beneath her dignity. When Zeus kept insisting, she said, 'All right, I will go in there, on the condition that if anything comes in there after me, I will leave immediately.' As a result, people who engage in sodomy have no sense of shame.

        1. You had that ready to go?

          1. I googled "Zeus and shame". I like the translation from the unexpurgated Aesop's fables I have at home, but it would take too long to fly home, type it up and post it, so I settled for that.

            1. Ah, that totally explains it.

              1. It's actually a favorite tale because it's so far outside what people expect when someone says "you have no shame" and you reply with "There's an aesop's fable that relates to that"

                1. And it's about a rectum!

        2. Shame!!! Come back!!!

          1. So sad seeing Shame ride off into the sunset.

            1. Shame is nothing to be proud of.

              1. You know, I... I like a man who watches things go on around. It means he'll make his mark someday.

      2. Also, I've now read the story and it seems that the cop might not totally be at fault here.

        1. The perils of going for first. Always pick a safe link, like one about drone attacks!

          1. I am so going to read your e-book on firsting.

            1. Be careful when you type in that search.

            2. I am so going to read your e-book on firsting.

              I'm relieved there's an 'r' in that word.

              1. I'm all about rs.

                1. +1 brown star

            3. Use lots of lurbe.

            4. Fist's Guide to Firsting.

              1. We're getting dangerously close here.

    2. Six in the other car were killed, including four children.

      I'm not blaming you, Warren, but screw the two adults in the car who died.

      1. You should blame him. He was driving.

        1. I was parking!

    3. policy was followed, vehicles collided

    4. Some of the comments at the Columbus Dispatch are sickening. People asking why the car was "overcrowded." People asking why they didn't wear seatbelts. People asking why these folks were out so late at night.

      Very few asking how fast the officer was driving. Very few asking how, since the car was stopped in the intersection (probably to let the cop through), the cop couldn't avoid it (hint: excessive speed).

  5. I was all excited thinking Mark Foley had died.

    Hogging all the pages like that.

    1. I always knew you were pervy. 🙂

    2. Why do you hate pederasts?

      1. He only seems to have fucked (been fucked by?) the legally adult ones.

        1. As opposed to those who were illegally adults?

          1. You're being extra pedantic today. Over the legal age of consent in all US states, as opposed to individuals who comport themselves as adults and should be treated as adults regardless of age.

    3. I waz having a sad thinking they said Dave Foley.

      1. He'll always be a Dave I know.

      2. MSNBC with the wrong Foley


    4. So did MSNBC.

      Good excuse for busting out a bunch of Mark Foley quotes, though.

      1. They really are that bad, aren't they.

        1. As long as Mick Foley is alright...GOOD GOD!! CARNAGE!!

      1. That is one of the creepiest things I have ever read.

        1. You're going to make SugarFree feel inadequate with talk like that.

          1. I can't top that. It's like hearing the protracted screech of an uncircumcised penis slipping into the too-small-by-half trepanation in a squirming dwarf's skull.

            1. Why hello!

      2. What a fucking creep Maf54 is. lol, lol.

        What ever happened to merely coveting banging your wife's friend?

  6. According to one Republican congressmember, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is resisting calls to testify about the troubles.

    Considering how much trouble she had with a friendly face like Jon Stewart, no doubt.

  7. Uganda has issued an alert based on U.S. intelligence...

    Can we get a color?

    1. +1 Rainbow

  8. Men, SoCon Groups Wants You to Join its No More Porn Tour!

    -Arguably, pornography is the greatest evil and threat to our society today. The King's Men believe that pornography can be a root cause of the following: fornication, adultery, sexual abuse, rape, incest, the contraceptive mentality, divorce and abortion (core value #3 of TKM). Men need to fight this battle for two primary reasons: (1) pornography is the #1 addiction in the world today with 1 out of 2 men and 1 out of 6 women suffering; and (2) all men are called to protect women and children?the primary victims of pornography.

    Victory is obtainable! The King's Men have been involved with the closing of 5 sexually oriented businesses (3 in Pennsylvania, 1 in Baltimore and 1 in Hollywood). The power that men wield when they are united in a common mission is unspeakable. The closing of sexually oriented businesses and the necessary awareness raised to the harms of pornography in a community has been achieved by very small bands of brothers. Can you imagine what good we could accomplish if more men banded together in the mission to eradicate porn?

    To date, The King's Men have organized over a hundred protests and demonstrations against the multi-billion dollar porn industry across the United States. These protests are a part of what we call the No More Porn Tour.


    1. They can pry my porn from my cold, dead hands.

      It will be really hard for them to do, thanks to my unbelievable and totally unrelated forearm strength.

      1. Porn had a hand in that.

      2. It seems your stance on pornography is a very firm one, or perhaps I should say you take an aggressive position when it comes to pornography.

      3. It yours fair and square because you paid full retail price for it, right?

      4. Shouldn't that be cold, dead sticky hands?

    2. let me guess - advocates of limited govt, personal responsibility, and individual freedom.

      1. Arguably, pornography is the greatest evil and threat to our society today.

        Hell of a first sentence, huh? Glossed right over massive debt, crime, corruption, and war.

        Clearly porn is a far greater threat than any of those things.

        1. Clearly porn is a far greater threat than any of those things.

          That's better.

          1. When they say "arguably", they already know the argument is weaker than Miller 64.

        2. Porn causes all of those things, heathen.

          Get rid of the porn and everything else takes care of itself.

          1. He did say 'arguably.' Arguably is a wonderful word. So long as you claim that something is 'arguable' you can say the dumbest bullshit and get away with it.

            "I didn't say it IS the greatest threat to society! Just that the argument COULD BE MADE!"

            1. Sometimes reporters/assholes double down on the weasel...

              "Critics say that porn is arguably the greatest threat to the nation..."

              1. There are those who say ....

          2. Get rid of the porn and everything else takes care of itself.

            I guess we will just have to get used to everything else.

      2. If they were simply peaceably protesting, boycotting or speaking out against porn then there would be no real problem in my eyes.

        But they do not so limit themselves. Here is what they say about one of their successful campaigns to shut down a strip club:

        -The King's Men, a non-profit men's organization fighting pornography in the Commonwealth of PA, is reporting that after one year of engaging in the legal fight against Coyotes Show Club in Milford Township that the sexually oriented business has permanently closed their doors. In March 2008, The King's Men told the Milford Township Board of Supervisors in a legal filing that a permit must be denied to the Barnett Food Group, LLC trading as Coyotes Show Club. The King's Men alleged in its memorandum of law that Coyotes violates Pennsylvania's so-called BYOB law, Title 18 Pa. C.S.A. Section 7329. The law prohibits "any lewd, immoral, or improper entertainment" at a Pennsylvania bottle club.

        Under the advisement of The King's Men and their expert attorney Patrick Trueman, The Board of Supervisors placed 34 conditions on Coyotes in an effort to limit the secondary effects of a sexually oriented business in the community.


        1. They had to go to the strip club every night for a year to accomplish their goal. Now it's off to the next strip club.

          1. That's where Gil Thorp has been the coach of the high school sports teams, the Milford Mudlarks -- since the 1950s in a comics page near you.

            1. Not the Milford Cougars?

              1. Now that you mention it, I have forded a Milf or two in my day.....

      3. With a name like "The King's Men"...

    3. So these guys told there wives they were planning to travel the country alone so that they could visit adult businesses for the purposes of protesting porn, and their wives actually believed them?

      1. We gotta go now...

      2. First concert I ever went to.

    4. Arguably, pornography is the greatest evil and threat to our society today.

      Congratulations! I stopped reading after the first sentence!

    5. "pornography is the #1 addiction in the world today with 1 out of 2 men and 1 out of 6 women suffering"

      I wouldn't say I'm "suffering".

      1. It's much too perilous!

        1. He beats his meat like it owes him money.

          1. Considering what the stupid thing costs me, doesn't it owe me money?

            1. freepeniscreditscore.com is the easiest way to determine the debt owed to you by your genitals.

              1. I buy my pens at penisland.com.
                Pen Island. Best Pens at the Best Price.

    6. pornography is the #1 addiction in the world today with 1 out of 2 men and 1 out of 6 women suffering;

      I don't think most of them are suffering.

    7. The Kingsmen were much cooler when they just sang "Louie, Louie"

        1. It's Friday so I'm busy drinking scotch with my coworkers. I cannot be expected to keep up with you trigger happy, fast posting bastards.

          1. He's just paying it forward. Lots of bombs being dropped today.

    8. I couldn't find any items on that site or the links later than 2011, and most were earlier.

    9. Yeah, sexually repressed and morally hygienic societies are ahead of us by leaps and bounds. Why... everywhere where porn is banned, like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, are absolute beacons of light when it comes to the protection women and children, Egypt and Syria haven't had rape gangs in like... forever. Thank god for the Ministry of Vice & Virtue, and their guiding moral authority...

  9. A SWAT team showed up at a Chicago-area high school because a teacher mistakenly thought she heard gunshots.

    Good thing it wasn't Bring Your Pet to Show and Tell Day.

    1. I thought Chicago's gun-control legislation had rid the city of all firearms. How could anybody hear gunshots there?

      1. Police have guns.

        So the SWAT team showed up because police were in the area.

        1. Some dogs died, procedures were followed, shifts ended in officers going home... and nothing else happened.

  10. Walmart fires employee for rescuing a customer in the parking lot:


    1. It's all about the liability. Wal-Mart would lose a little money if a customer got killed by criminals but they would lose a lot if that same customer was hurt by their employee.

      1. Actually, it's plausible (depending on the circumstances) that Wal-Mart would have no liability if the customer was killed or maimed. Name of the case is Posecai v. Wal-Mart

        1. This is assuming that their employees don't attempt to help.

        2. Also, it may fall under a good samaritan type law. (maybe, not a lawyer)

          Here's another angle too: if the employee refuses to help because of company policy and someone is injured couldn't a good lawyer sue based upon that inaction/policy?

          1. Not acting makes you less liable than acting for the simple reason that you cannot leave a person worse off than you found them once you have acted.

            Good samaritan laws notwithstanding.

            1. I figured that one couldn't be sued for inaction, but what about if you prevent or hinder an action by another* that could have reasonably helped the situation?

              *as the policy of walmart could be construed as doing

              1. I bet that would be somewhat contentious. On one hand, you're imposing a limitation upon a person who could act to help the situation, but on the other hand, Wal-mart is liable if JoeBob the greeter in any way makes it worse than it was.

              2. Intervening on behalf of a third-party is tricky. Typically, you cannot use any more force to defend a third-party than they would be allowed to use on their own behalf.

              3. I figured that one couldn't be sued for inaction,

                Ever hear of Obamacare?

            2. I always figure, it's quite unfortunate that so many retail/pizza places/etc. establishments actively tell employees they can't intervene in a situation where a normal person would (and then fire them for violating that) -- but -- *hopefully* there are still people who will do so.

              And I *hope* it wouldn't hurt their prospects that much.

              Interviewer: "So you were fired from Walmart, why?"
              Interviewee: "stopped a kidnapping, would do it again, too."

              Ah well, most would probably look at that as a liability.

              1. An employer could argue that the employee acted so far beyond the terms of his or her employment or agency, that the employer can't reasonably be held responsible for his or her actions.

                It's a hail mary argument.

        3. Interesting part about that case:

          The court may consider various moral, social, and economic factors, including the fairness of imposing liability; the economic impact on the defendant and on similarly situated parties; the need for an incentive to prevent future harm; the nature of defendant's activity; the potential for an unmanageable flow of litigation; the historical development of precedent; and the direction in which society and its institutions are evolving.

          So you may not be liable today, but you may be liable tomorrow even if your behavior is the same on both days.

    2. Also, that attacker was one on Walmart's core customer base.

    3. It's about Walmart, so take it with a grain of salt?

  11. More info on the Philadelphia City Tavern, forced to close because of the government shutdown.

    From the article:

    Staib not only does not take a dime from the feds, he pays $67,999.92 a year to the government for the right to run the restaurant in a building owned by We, the People.

    Staib lost $125,000 in receipts for the 10-day shutdown. His loss will approach $250,000 once he totals catering, tour operators and other business that migrated elsewhere because of uncertainty about his business.

    1. Sue. Sue long, sue hard. But sue.

      1. The problem is that if he wins its not the politicians and bureaucrats who made the decision who will pay, the taxpayer will pay.

        1. That's fine. We need slapping around for letting these jackasses run amok.

        2. The taxpayer already got hosed. Rather Sue got the money than politicritters.

    2. the right to run the restaurant in a building owned by We, the People.

      He consorts with the government, what did he expect?

  12. http://news.yahoo.com/large-di.....27498.html

    "Real vertebrate paleontologists study the surrounding sediments and the geological context of their finds," he added. "Of course since the Creation Museum doesn't do scientific research, all (it) really has done is obtain a nice display trophy."


    1. Invertebrate paleontologists, by contrast, are spineless boffins.

  13. -A United Nations investigator is urging the United States to publish more data about drone strikes and civilian casualties.

    In connection with the earlier story of the young man at the Greenville, SC school...

    A child drawing a picture of a cartoon bomb=unacceptable
    A President ordering bombs dropped on children=USA!

    What kind of world do we live in?

    1. Not to sound like a dick, but it'd be easier to read your comments if you used some html for quotes and such.

      Or you can get the Reasonable add on for chrome that will do all your html needs with a button.

      1. I appreciate the tip, but I do not think I have much time to learn something practical and useful since I have to devote my faculties to my law school studies instead.

        1. It's not like learning to write computer programs. It's just tags at the beginning and ends of a sentence that format it. Also, if you plan on publishing one day, you're gonna need to know LaTeX which is a bit of the same.

          Besides, with all the time on here that you spend arguing minutia, I think you have ten minutes to spare.

        2. So you aren't an ESQ? That's false advertising.

          1. Esquire is a meaningless title.

            1. In context, could be holding yourself out as an attorney.

        3. <i insert quoted text here </i

          (the preview is looking wrong, but it may post correctly. Just put an "i" surrounded by the less than and greater than signs before your quotes and a "/i" surrounded by the same after your quotes)

          Now back to outlining torts for me!

          1. why the heck do the squirrels let my opening angle bracket through, but not my closing one? ridiculous!

      2. Where does on obtain Reasonable?

        1. In Chrome, hit tools = extensions, select 'Get More Extensions' and search it.

        2. The Chrome Web Store carries it.

          It works in Chrome and theoretically Opera (although I have not tested it because I don't use Opera and Ted won't test it because he needs something to feel holier-than-thou about when we complain about Reasonable).

          1. It will work on any chromium clone. I use Cool Novo.

    2. What kind of world do we live in?

      Do you want Al-Qaeda to win, you damn terrorist sympathizer? Or maybe you are just a racist who hates it because now a (half) black man has the authority to bomb Pakistani weddings?

      USA! USA! USA!

      1. Or maybe you are just a racist who hates it because now a (half) black man has the authority to bomb Pakistani weddings?

        Unfortunately I've seen this exact argument. It was something like "The only reason why people are complaining about drones and NSA spying is because a black man is in charge."

        People like that deserve a baseball bat to the temple.

    3. I don't see why the first one should have anything to do with the 2nd one.

      1. Because if there are social contexts where mass murder rates a chant of "USA! USA!", then without knowing the social context of every pro-violence statement by a student, you shouldn't be allowed to punish them.

        For example, if I am a junior high school student and I go to school wearing a T-shirt that reads "I Want To Torture You All and then Machine Gun Your Families", that should be permitted because it's possible that IN MY HEAD I was talking to Pakistanis. Just like the President.


        1. I'm tired but damn this is hard to understand. Doesn't matter because murder is irrelevant to America's awesome drone policy.

    4. What kind of world do we live in?

      A world run by lawyers.

      Snark aside, we really do have a law problem in the country. A nation of laws sounds like a good thing, but unfortunately lawyers (and legislators, most of whom are lawyers) disregard the law of diminishing returns. (pun slightly intended).

      We have reached the point where we have so many laws that new laws actually do more harm than good. I think this is especially true in societies where case law is given so much importance.

      Back when The Atlantic was a good magazine, there was an article about the US operations in Iraq, and a specific part about military and police training. Interviews with Americans and Iraqis in the area made it obvious to a couple of the observers that even though both sides appeared to be making good-faith efforts to work with each other it still seemed as if neither side could agree with the other's viewpoint; and the basis for the lack of understanding was that Americans couldn't fathom anything other than a case law system and the Iraqis (with some historically valid reasons) looked at case law as a system more corrupt than what they were trying to replace.

  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzS4xOmZuCA

    So when will he become Reason's new editor?

  15. When will Boehner change his name to Ludwig Kaas?

  16. Volokh has a great take down of a dumb rape statistic that feminists are using.

    Did you know that 7% of young men ADMIT TO COMMITTING RAPE!?!?

    But then one looks closely, and what does one see under "tactics used" (a question asked about the last "perpetration" of "attempted or completed rape")? Of the 49 perpetrators, 10 reported that they used physical force or threat of physical force; 10 more reported that they used alcohol, 23 reported that they used "guilt," and 21 reported that they used "arguing and pressuring victim" (since more than one answer was possible, the amounts add up to more than 49). So 80% of the reported "rape[s]" involved neither force nor the threat of force, and 59% involved only "guilt" or "arguing and pressuring victim," with no use of force, threat of force, or even alcohol.

    So actually only 1% of the respondents had used physical force or threat of physical force to get sex. Another 1% used alcohol; this might involve what the legal system would label rape (e.g., getting someone so drunk that they became unconscious and then having sex with them), but certainly need not (e.g., giving someone some alcohol to loosen their inhibitions). The remainder of the supposed rapists or attempted rapists aren't really rapists at all.


    1. The headline is priceless: She Raped Him, Using Guilt and Arguing

    2. So not rape-rape then?

      1. If I'm not mistaken, which I usually am, it's called 12th degree convince-rape. It's sorta like date-rape, only different.

      2. Not legitimate rape.

    3. Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics

      The rape science is settled.

      Michele L. Ybarra, MPH, PhD1; Kimberly J. Mitchell, PhD2

      1Center for Innovative Public Health Research, San Clemente, California
      2Crimes Against Children Research Center, University of New Hampshire, Durham

    4. "And even more outrageously, 93% won't admit what they did!"


  17. Philly cop caught on video acting like a dick.

    Last week, the Daily News reported that Nace was under investigation after he appeared in a YouTube stop-and-frisk video that featured him berating two pedestrians, telling one man he would "split your wig open" and calling the other a "f---ing dirty ass."

    "We don't want you here, anyway. All you do is weaken the f---ing country," Nace says in the video. "How do I weaken the country? By working?" the man asked. "No, freeloading," Nace said. When the man said he's a server at a country club, Nace responded, "Serving weed?"

    Neither man was charged with a crime, police confirmed yesterday. Both were released following Nace's profanity-laced tirade.

    1. To be fair, this is Philly. Doesn't everybody there act like a dick?

      1. Yes.

        Had a couple of women from Philadelphia say that people in St. Louis are so nice.

        I had to stare in stunned disbelief.

      2. I'm in Philly and I don't act like that much of a dick.

        1. "Max Power! He's the man whose name you'd love to touch! But you mustn't touch!"


            1. It was the only name you could spell correctly.

      3. I have no idea how successful it is/was, but back in the 90's a guy from Philadelphia opened up a philly steak join in Seattle, and one of the nuiances of the place was that he was rude and was over-direct with every customer. My guess would be after the newness of the idea wore off people got tired of it, but now I'm getting curious.

        1. Sounds like an authentic cheesesteak experience.

        2. There is a place here that did that shtick, never went back. But that was because the sandwich wasn't very good.

          The food's gotta be there first, otherwise the show just irritates folks.

        3. So, soup nazi?

        4. No soup for you!

    2. Serving weed?

      He'd still be doing more of a service to his community than you, scumbag.

  18. With the government shutdown spectacle over, Republicans can now turn their attention to the abysmal launch of the Obamacare exchanges.

    Perfect timing, just after they let what little credibility they had slip even further.

  19. http://www.cnn.com/2013/10/16/.....hpt=hp_bn7

    I suppose the Tea Party is one of those awful legacies of slavery then?

    1. The Tea Party is everything awful you can think of.

      1. Arguably more awful than porn.

    2. I should have known this would happen. It's been "fun" trying to talk about this movie the last few days, only to see the inevitable comments about how openly racist the Tea Party is.

      1. 'Refusing to confront our past' = refusing to believe my version of history

        1. "'Refusing to confront our past' = refusing to believe my version of history"


          Who's past? Not mine. I've never met either slave nor slave owner, never enacted nor repealed Jim Crow, never partook in, nor hindered the A.A. civil rights movement.... And I take no credit nor responsibility for any of it, soo... guilt away, proglidytes.. Even the North Koreans only persecute your family for your sins to three generations..

          1. Agreed. And you reminded me of something that happened in college in the early 80's. A fellow pre-med African American was having a very difficult time and about to flunk out of organic chemistry and animal physiology, and the prof who was the pre-med advisor ask me to help tutor him. The student in question was a pretty good guy so it was easy to say yes. I worked with him a lot and he was able to get up to about a C+/B- level in both courses, and so was able to stay in the program.

            The following year as we were going through the anxiety-ridden process of applying for medical schools and hoping we'd get in somewhere, he and his 2.0 GPA were offered full scholarships to Harvard and Johns Hopkins, the two best in the country. I, of course, with my 3.9 and very high MCAT scores, didn't have a shot at either of those schools, and also had to pay my whole way through med school, with student loans that I finally was able to pay off only about ten years ago. And, oh yeah -- this guy's father was a hotshot Fortune 500 exec who could buy and sell my family many times over. We were nice little middle-class people who really weren't eligible for any scholarships.

            So I never hindered the civil rights or affirmative action movement either. And it really pisses me off when I have to hear about all my fucking 'privilege'.

  20. Escaped Florida killers brazenly as registered as ex-felons days after escaping

    Days after two convicted killers serving life sentences walked out a Florida state prison, they brazenly turned up at another jail to be registered as ex-felons, according to officials.

    Joseph Jenkins was released on Sept. 27 from the Franklin Correctional Institution and a month later, on Oct. 8, Charles Walker was released from the same facility, according to the Orange County Sheriff's Office. Forged documents ordered reduced sentences for the two.

    Both went to the corrections department to register three days after their respective releases, officials said.

    "They come to the booking lobby where they are finger printed and a Voluntary Criminal Registrant form is filled out," a spokeswoman for the corrections department told ABC News in an email.

    The sheriff's deputy in the lobby checks for wants and warrants and if there are none, the form is completed and taken to the sheriff's office. Officials do not believe there is video from when Jenkins and Walker each registered because that area does not have cameras.
    A manhunt is underway in central Florida where law enforcement officials have launched an all-hands-on-deck search for the two men.

    I suggest Floridians avoid cops until this thing blows over.

    1. Isn't that pretty much straight out of Idiocracy?

    2. Speaking of Florida and deputies fucking up, I don't think I saw this story in the AM Links this morning:

      Florida shooting suspect declared dead now living free in Edmonton

      After six years as an international fugitive, Varga claimed he is a victim himself. He alleged his wife, Carmen, a deputy sheriff in Hillsborough County, Fla., tried to defraud him, a Canadian insurance company and the Canadian government by having him declared legally dead.


      What had happened was that several weeks after he disappeared in 2006, Carmen Varga filed a missing persons report. Five years after that, she went to a Florida court and had her husband legally declared deceased.


      The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office told CBC News they looked into the allegations but found no proof their deputy sheriff had broken the law. A Florida court overturned the death ruling after Alex Varga came forward.

    3. "Convicted killers" means they were probably innocent. Otherwise it would have said "admitted" or "proven".

    4. to be registered as ex-felons

      What?? Not just sex offenders and parole/probationers but any ex-cons?

  21. Chris Matthews: Why can't we go back to the days of bipartisan civility, before those racist anarchist teabaggers started hating the president because he's black?

    1. I suppose that's why the Redskins need to change their name and why everyone should watch 12 Years a Slave to remind us of how racist every dissenter is.

      1. I read a review of 12 Years a Slave that said, I swear I'm not making this up, it forces Americans to confront an issue that they've been 'dodging' for the last 150 years.

        It's irrelevant that the two issues that were focused on most heavily in school were slavery and the Holocaust. It's irrelevant that hardly a week goes by where I am not informed by someone in the media that I carry within me the irremediable sin of having been born with the same skin color as people who did bad things.

        We've still somehow been 'dodging' the issue of slavery for 150 years.

        1. You mean the one I posted here?


          But then again pretty much every review will probably say that!

          1. No. I read a different one.

            The idea that America has apparently been ignoring its legacy of slavery seems to be a new left-wing meme. Somehow the hundreds of biographies on Lincoln, the best selling (auto)-biographies of people like Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X, and the fact that slavery and civil rights are major aspects of every American history class are all forgotten in service the revolutionary truth.

            1. Obviously they're doing it to remind us of how racist all opponents of King Barack and the Jackass party are and why we need bigger government to lead to racial harmony.

            2. An obvious trick of the ninth-rate writer is to hide his intellectual laziness with attempts at sounding profound.

              Authors like this were happy to write about a post-racial America when Obama was reelected, only to go right back to bringing race into as many articles as possible just because other people have different opinions on how public money should be spent.

        2. I also recall reading a forum were someone commented on reports that people feel uncomfortable with watching 12YAS with, wait for it, ....Check your Privilege!

          Hell those three words have pretty much stopped meaning anything in my mind, along with "Truth to Power." What do those terms even mean any more?

    2. They refer to him as 'Obama.' They don't say the 'the president.' They don't say the 'a law.' They don't even speak the language we normally speak in civilized political debate."

      You mean like the prog-tards respectfully referred to President George Herbert Walker Bush as "Bush", "Dubya", "Dumbya", "Bushit", "Bushitler", "Chimpy McBushitler", "Resident Bush", "George W. Gump."

      Why can't we go back to a more civilized time?

      1. Technically, it was George W. Bush they called those names, not George H.W. Bush.

        1. Very true. I got ahead of myself. Or behind. Fuck it! It's Friday!

      2. Wasn't that part of Bob Dole's debate, that Bill Clinton hadn't been very polite to the elder Bush during the debates?

      3. MOst just used "W" or "Chimp".

      4. They don't even speak the language we normally speak in civilized political debate

        Once again we see how those in power want to restrict the speech of others.

      5. I honestly believe, despite the massive shit Obama takes, it was WAY worse under Bush. It was so unhinged, look, they STILL blame him for stuff.

        1. Yup.

          Not only did Bush have to deal with the crazy left (and us crazy libertarians) but he had the entire mainstream entertainment industry talking shit on him. Could you imagine if Death of a President were made now? Jesus.

  22. Utah Boy Scout leader faces possible charges after knocking over ancient rock formation

    Utah authorities are mulling whether to press charges against a Boy Scouts leader who purposely knocked over an ancient Utah desert rock formation and the two men who cheered him on after they posted video of the incident online.

    Two of the men, who were leading a group of 14 to 16-year-old Boy Scouts on a trip, said the top of the rock formation was loose and they feared it was dangerous.

    "This is about saving lives," Dave Hall, who shot the video, told The Associated Press on Friday. "One rock at a time."

    The rock formation at Goblin Valley State Park is about 170 million years old, Utah State Parks spokesman Eugene Swalberg said. The park in central Utah is dotted with thousands of the eerie, mushroom shaped sandstone formations.

    In a video posted on Facebook, Glenn Taylor of Highland, Utah, can be seen last Friday wedging himself between one formation and a boulder to knock a large rock off the formation's top. Taylor and his two companions can then be seen cheering, high-fiving and dancing.

    "This is highly, highly inappropriate," Swalberg told the Salt Lake Tribune. "This is not what you do at state parks. It's disturbing and upsetting."

    You see what happens when the government shuts down? People lose all respect for law and order!

      1. Feminists see everything through that lens.

      2. Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh


  23. A police car in the Columbus, Ohio, area and another car collided while the officer was responding to a robbery call. Six in the other car were killed, including four children.

    Just as long as that noble lawman made it home safely.

  24. Australia bans lingerie commercial for being 'degrading' to women

    A RISQUE Adelaide lingerie advertisement has been pulled from television screens after the Advertising Standards Board upheld a complaint about it being in poor taste.

    The ad, created by Crisp Advertising in North Adelaide, showed a woman in a bra and underwear walking into a tyre shop to ask the man behind the counter "can you fit me?"

    Its message was that the South Australian family-owned Innerware Lingerie business offered free professional bra fittings, but the board found that it breached the code.

    The content breached a section of the advertising standards code which stipulates that "advertising or marketing communications shall treat sex, sexuality and nudity with sensitivity to the relevant audience".

    Yes, you can see the ad in the article because Streisand Effect isn't understood down under.

    1. At first, I thought that was an ad for tyres, and I wanted to buy one. I've never bought a tyre before. What the hell do you do with one, anyway?

      1. you put it on your lorrie.

        1. After storing it in your boot.

        2. And you keep a spare in the boot.

          1. Damn, should've refreshed...

    2. Thank God these people are here to tell women what is degrading to them.

  25. The iconic foods of the states ? one per state ? ranked in order of greatness.
    From #1 ? Illinois (Chicago-style pizza) to #52 ? Ohio (Cincinnati-style chili).


    1. Now this is how you troll, folks. Bravo, sir.

      1. It just sort of fell in my lap.

        1. All 3 BBQ items should be in the top 5. Fact.

          1. As someone who spent a number of years in KC, ranking BBQ as low as that list does can only come from someone with stunted taste buds.

            1. True story: I went to Seattle for an interview a few years back, and wanted to get a taste of the town. I asked the cabbie where he would recommend I get some good signature Seattle food. He drove me to some nice place, of which I can't remember the name.

              I told the waitress to simply "get me a plate of whatever you recommend", expecting to get a plate of seafood. She comes out with KC style ribs. Not only that, but they were the most tough, disgusting, improperly seasoned ribs I've ever had.

              Their Octoberfest was good though.

            2. I'd have went with the KC Burnt End Sandwich, which when done properly is Gods own food.

    2. Also on the list (but not #1) is New York style pizza

    3. Hmm, methinks sloopyinca will NOT be happy about this.

    4. There is no tri-tip on that list. That list is dead to me.

    5. From #1 ? Illinois (Chicago-style pizza)

      Finally! Someone with taste!

      1. You, sir, are a glutton for punishment. I respect that.

    6. I call bullshit on behalf of New Jersey. Salt Water Taffy is for sucker tourists. Taylor Ham (or pork roll as it is referred to by the stinking inbred pineys of the southern half of the state), egg, & cheese on a hard roll would be more representative or Rippers the deep fried hot-dog of the gods (Rutt's Hutt Bitches!)

    7. It must suck to be Illinois. Your most iconic food isn't even the best food of that type.

    8. Anyone who picks New York's iconic food to be "New York style pizza" rather than "Garbage Plate" (or at least buffalo wings), clearly does not know what the fuck they're doing.

      Most likely selected by a bunch of snob NYC natives who've never ventured further north than Westchester County. I grew up upstate and now live in NYC and I swear to God they're the most tribalist self-centered fuckers on earth. If something originated in or was created by someone outside the tri-state area it simply does not exist

      I went to school upstate as well, at a college attended by a lot of NYC kids who couldn't buy their way into the Ivys, and they treated the experience like having to spend six months a year outside their tiny universe was the worst torture on Earth. God forbid they leave the confines of campus and see what exists in 90% of Americas' reality, they'd rather sit around in their nativist clans lamenting how terrible it was there and consoling one another.


      1. I still haven't had a garbage plate. Last few times I've been in Rochester visiting family they talk about it but we never go.

        1. Yeah, same here. I don't go up there often enough for us to make the trip to get it. We spend most of our time either BBQing or at the lakefront wondering if toxic sludge monsters are going to drag us into the depths.

        2. Oh but you must.

          I prefer empire hots, or Irondequoit hots (it's owned by the same family as empire hots now so they're basically identical). A lot of purists still prefer Nick Tahoe's, but I've always felt their mac salad is inferior, in addition to being smaller. Also acceptable are Penfield and Fairport hots (I don't know the West side very well), and in an absolute pinch plates from Bill Gray's or Marks Pizza.

          If it's like 4 AM and you don't want to venture into one of the shadier areas of Rochester to go to Nick Tahoe's, Marks Texas hots on Monroe Ave is decent as well.

          And remember to consume at minimum eight beers before going.

    9. Cincinnati chili-spaghetti is the food of the gods. Its greatest virtue is that it doesn't come from the sprawling trash heap known as The East Coast.

    10. Wow. They put BBQ for Texas? I would've though fajitas or chili con carne - both iconic Texas food items - or chicken-fried steak (which, iirc, originates as a variant of wienerschnitzel from the German settlements in the Hill Country).

      Admittedly, we have a large variety of native foods here. I guess that comes from being a border state with an interesting history.

  26. Gender Scholar: NRA allows evil gun corporation execs to hide in the shadows

    As we watch in horror, the carnage caused by assault weapons and high capacity clips mount -- from happy moviegoers to innocent schoolchildren -- there is a puzzling question. Where is that cigarette moment? Why haven't the people who sell products that so efficiently kill fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and children been called in to answer -- why?

    Just as curious: Why don't we even know who they are? Anyone could have named the top tobacco companies. The names and faces of the executives were headline news for days. But who today can come up with the names of the top makers of semi-automatic weapons: like Bushmaster, Sig Sauer, Colt, Smith & Wesson, ArmaLite, DPMS and others.

    The reason most people can't name these sellers of products specifically engineered to kill as fast as possible is one of the niftiest sleights of hand in commercial history. As they stay in the shadows, the NRA takes the spotlight. And as the NRA positions itself as the defenders of the rights of hunters and target-shooters, the gun industry quietly and largely anonymously goes about the business of turning out civilian versions of military weapons designed to shred human beings at high-velocity.

    Her solution: have Congress drag the gun execs to Capitol Hill and let America focus its outrage on the killers.

    1. The problem is that I don't have time to sit through a congressional hearing to hate someone. Can we just make it a two minute hate session instead?

    2. I'm dubious that there was ever a time when "anyone" could have named the top cigarette executives.

      Also, don't you hate it when instead of saying, "kills people" they say "kills" and then names a bunch of relations and under-privileged groups.

      As in:

      "These high capacity cop killing assault glocks allow teabagging maniacs to more efficiently kill brothers, mothers, women of color, lesbian bicyclists, handicapped mexicans, women of unconventional beauty, trans-gendered cartoonist, underemployed puppeteers, and pregnant babies."

      1. And the movie goers were "happy". All of them.

        1. Well that's because it was before The Dark Knight Rises played, not after.

    3. I need to keep better track of the two-minute hate schedule. Right now it's the tea partiers. Sounds like maybe tossing gun manufacturers on the schedule again sometime.

    4. the gun industry quietly and largely anonymously goes about the business of turning out civilian versions of military weapons designed to shred human beings at high-velocity.

      Is that why guns come with FUCKING SERIAL NUMBERS that can be traced back to MANUFACTURER, wholesaler, and dealer?

      1. Along with a full page banner ad (especially on newer imports) on the frame and or slide, celebrating the including MANUFACTURER, Importer/wholesaler, caliber, and how many puppy orphanages it can shoot through...

        /It's an 88 magnum...

    5. Not to mention that gun execs are always giving interviews for gun magazines/web pages, writing opeds for major publications and appearing at industry shows (or that finding the names and emails of any gun company's execs is exactly as hard as visiting the company web page). Since the newtown shooting I've seen the hornady guy about a 1000 times.

      1. Pretty much this. They're only anonymous if you're completely ignorant.

        1. Liberals wear their ignorance of gun issues as a badge of pride. That's what makes arguing with them about the issue so aggravating. They not only are ignorant about guns, the manufacture of guns, the people who use guns, and what the parts of a particular gun are even called, but they are actually proud of this ignorance.

          Not knowing anything about guns means that they haven't spent any time with the bitter clingers, which gives them a sense of superiority.

          Never forget: The left is not a political philosophy. It is an aesthetic and religious philosophy. It is based on a desire to look good and to bask in the love of the All Knowing. Thought would be a threat to this precious little world, and must therefore be expunged.

          1. The left is not a political philosophy.

            That's one problem with politics in our country. No one really has their own personal political philosophy. There's no first principles from where their views on governance emanate. If there were we could actually have meaningful arguments on the issues and not just a bunch of team driven, hypocritical nonsense.

            1. There's no first principles from where their views on governance emanate.

              But then you're an ideologue!

              1. Exactly. The thing is that those types will claim to be utilitarians driven by rationality, but fundamentally unable to make data-driven policy positions.

                I mean, that's what's implied right? That their policies will do the most good for the most number. If we look at the major government initiatives of the last century they all have failed spectacularly. Yet, all these "realists", "rationalists" and "adults in the room" do is defend the failures and press for more of the same.

              2. Yeah, principles are for suckers and the other team. You can't give away free shit if you're bound by principles.

    6. I thought the 2nd admendment was settled law.

    7. But who today can come up with the names of the top makers of semi-automatic weapons: like Bushmaster, Sig Sauer, Colt, Smith & Wesson, ArmaLite, DPMS and others?

      The answer, Regis, is "Anyone who is not retarded".

      Not knowing Sig Sauer, Colt, or Smith & Wesson is like not knowing Ford or Toyota.

      1. The author had to Google them..

  27. http://www.thestar.com/busines.....olive.html

    The trauma of the past few weeks was not about money or even policy and, specifically, the much-debated Obamacare. It was another ugly confrontation in a larger fight for the soul of the Republican Party, waged between G.O.P. moderates and hard-right extremists. The latter are determined to impose their Stone Age ideology of every man for himself on a majority of Americans who are well-pleased with their state services and entitlements.

    This is the business page mind you.

    Oh and Weimar Germany had a parliamentary system complete with multiple parties and proportional representation. Heck of a job that did!

    1. You know who else complained about the German parliamentary system?

      1. Heinrich Bruning?

        Ernst Thalmann?

        Paul von Hindenberg?

        1. No, sorry. The answer we were looking for was 'Doodles: The Spastic Cat.'

  28. Everything bad is because of the Koch Brothers.


    1. Sooo...

      Is china a lucky country whose wise leaders have moved into the 21st century and are gonna eat our lunch with their huge investments in green energy, or...

      are they petrocoke burning orientals that are ruining Gaia with the help of the insidious Koch brothers and despite the best efforts of our noble community activists?

  29. Federal air marshal arrested for taking upskirt pictures of women

    A U.S. air marshal was arrested Thursday and charged with using a cellphone to take photographs up women's skirts at the Nashville, Tenn., airport, police said.
    The Transportation Security Administration said Adam Joseph Bartsch, 28, of Rockville, Md., had been removed from active duty and was "in the process" of being suspended or fired.
    Bartsch was on duty when he was arrested after boarding Southwest Flight 3132 from Nashville to Tampa, Fla. A fellow passenger who allegedly saw Bartsch taking the pictures notified a flight attendant.
    The flight was delayed for about an hour as Bartsch was removed from the plane and turned over to airport police, NBC station WSMV of Nashville reported.

    Nice to see the 'process' being followed.

  30. https://reason.com/24-7/2013/10.....he#comment

    I didn't know Warty was a Brit. Hate to see his teeth.

    1. If you're seeing his teeth it's too late to scream.

  31. Reason is so desperate for people to visit 24/7 that they're now posting half headlines with no accompanying story, hoping people will click the link to find out what the story is..

    1. David Cameron back the Cleveland Browns?

    2. Look, we won't be able to know what's in it until we vote for it. That's the way settled law works, you racist tea bagger.

      1. That's Numberwang!

      2. 3.429

  32. "David Cameron Backs the" should be HnR's new meme along with YKWE and the Cleveland Browns. Come on, we can do it!

    1. You can't force a meme, dude.

      It's either gonna happen or it's not. Though if you keep using it it may catch on.

      1. 7% of commenters admit to forcing memes.

        1. Also, fried chicken.

          1. People force fried chicken?

            1. I can't remember who it was, but a few months ago one of our fellow commenters succeeded in making that a meme for about a week.

        2. I thought we plied the memes with alcohol, arguing and/or guilt.

    2. You know who else tried to force a meme?

  33. Best Pumpkin Picks: Go Beyond Orange to the Wacky, Warty Wild Side


    1. Warty would make sweet love to anyone of those hot and horny gourds.

      1. I don't think what Warty does can be called "sweet love", probably more like rape-rape.

  34. Bar Refaeli admits to feeling loneliness, Jezebel is not exactly sympathetic

    Supermodel Bar Refaeli spoke to Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth about the crushing existential pain of loneliness, or something, and it's honestly the saddest thing I've read today (it's early so I am assuming I'll read something sadder soon, but this is still HEART-BREAKING):

    I'm okay. I look great. I'm cool. I like going out. I like being at home, I like movies, I like eating. So what's wrong with me? Why am I alone?

    "I'm cool." "I'M COOL." Reading this sentence over and over is the celebrity gossip equivalent of staring into the abyss.


    There's that ALL CAPS IS TOTES HILARIOUS GUYZ! 'humor'.

    1. I couldn't imagine being that bitter, angry and jealous all my life. You don't see guys whining about other guys doing well ("Come join us on the couch John Elway!"). I kind of feel bad.

    2. TIME put Benedict Cumberbatch's face upon their international edition. The United States version, however, featured a drawing of Texas made out of little tiny states, which is boring and notably not Benedict Cumberbatch. Understandably, the good people of the U.S. are losing their shit entirely.


      They did it twice in one list.

      At least I can respect a pro-Cumberbatch post.

      1. Cumberbatch should so be a slang term for cunt.

        1. I think it is in Rhode Island.

      2. Understandably, the good people of the U.S. are losing their shit entirely.

        As we should.

    3. Then again, from the New York Daily News article:

      Her turn-ons include self-confidence, physical fitness and generosity: "I'm very interested in going out with someone who is big and strong and famous."

      Well Bar, you can definitely get a man like that, but don't be surprised if he isn't satisfied with just one supermodel.

      "I'm not at all a feminist," she says. "I don't want him to do my dishes. I'll do the dishes, and I'll clean, and I'm the one who wants to stay at home with the kids in the end."

      Models do hit a career peak in their early 30s anyway.

      1. In the end, I'd do her.

        1. Who here wouldn't? Well besides Jesse. And Sarcasmic since she's obviously a fatty.

          1. Well besides Jesse.

            I bet even Jesse fucks Bar given the chance.

        2. In the end, I'd do her.


          1. But she'd have spunk!

            1. This is why there are no libertarian women!

      2. "I'm very interested in going out with someone who is big and strong and famous."

        So...Ray Lewis?

      3. big and strong and famous.

        Darth Vader?


  35. Great White Father Obama's War Against the Redskins Continues:

    Redskins: Va. Newspaper Won't Print It, D.C. Schools Want To Ban Jerseys

    WASHINGTON (WJZ)?Controversy over the name of Washington, D.C.'s football team is growing. Now a newspaper in Virginia says it won't print the name Redskins. And several schools in D.C. want to ban team jerseys from their classrooms.

    Mary Bubala reports the name has been used for 80 years.

    The Washington Redskins have a rich and storied history. But there is a growing call to change the team's name as many consider the name and mascot on the helmet offensive to Native Americans.

    1. What would be the point of banning the jersey? It doesn't have Redsk....uh, I mean, the R-word on it.

      1. What's the point? WHAT'S THE POINT? Someone, somewhere might feel bad! If there's one thing that cannot be tolerated, it's people feeling bad! Therefore, we must ban the jersey!

        Meanwhile, the Redsk... Native Americans can continue drinking themselves to death on their reservations with pride, having achieved this great moral victory.

  36. "Her turn-ons include self-confidence, physical fitness and generosity."

    Boy, what a weirdo. Most women are into fat, insecure cheapskates.

    1. I've not found this to be true. I'd pay to see a therapist to help me, but that would cost too much and take away from my TV time.

  37. Liam Gallagher: what f***ing winds me up about books...

  38. Dog has same reaction to Mtn Dew as me.

  39. Self-published writers of erotic fiction strike back against crackdown

    Yesterday, Jacket Copy's Carolyn Kellogg reported on Amazon, Kobo and other e-book retailers' cracking down on self-published erotica on their websites, attempting to remove titles of works that depict incest, rape and child pornography.

    Now, as Publishers Weekly reports, some self-published writers have launched a petition in protest, arguing that the broom retailers are using to sweep out the most offensive of these e-books is catching too many otherwise inoffensive works of erotica.

    "There is a LARGE amount of people who read this genre as a way to escape their reality," begins the petition started on Change.Org by a poster named "Mistress Renne." "We are all consenting adults, you need to own a credit card to be able to purchase said books, so why all of a sudden start 'cracking down' on controlling such. What happened to freedom of speech?! LEAVE OUR EROTICA ALONE!!"

    What galls the self-published authors most is that their works take up themes that are commonly found in books published by serious literary authors, and in countless works of genre fiction produced by the nation's largest publishing houses and movie studios.

    I'm sure everyone reads "Banging my Step-Dad" for its ruminations on divorce.

    1. "Users may not publish written, image, audio or video content that promotes pedophilia, incest, bestiality, or sexual violence or force."

      Isn't it enough that the man has a defective pancreas? Sorry, NutraSweet, looks like they are going to ban your "art".

      1. Fuckers.

  40. NPR has a priest on who writes about scrupulosity (spiritual OCD).

    1. He said that the Church has recently discovered OCD. It would be better to say that therapists have just discovered OCD.

  41. Air Marshal Arrested for Taking Upskirt Photos of Female Passengers

    Marshal charged with disorderly conduct, held on $10,000 bail


  42. Turn out the lights, set the strobe light to 15 flashes/minute, and put on "Revolver"

  43. Damn, it's hard out there for a troll. Let me see if I can get some comments on *this* article:

    "Now You Can Rickroll Your Friends (or Enemies) in Klingon (WITH VIDEO)

    "...Apparent love is not alien to us.
    (We're no strangers to love)
    You know the laws, and I do too.
    (You know the rules and so do I.)
    I am certainly considering a blood oath with you.
    (A full commitment's what I'm thinking of.)
    Many other males wouldn't give you these things.
    (You wouldn't get this from any other guy.)"


    1. Damn - tough crowd.

      Oh, I get it - I'm like Bruce Willis in that movie.

      So I suppose nobody will notice if just run naked down the hallways and sing "Sweet Home, Alabama" at the top of my lungs.

      1. I am the man of constant sorrow
        I've seen trouble all my days
        I bid farewell to ol' Kentucky
        The place where I was born and raised.

        The place where he was born and raised

        For six long years I've been in trouble,
        no pleasure here on earth I've found
        For in this world, I'm bound to ramble,
        I have no friends to help me now.

        He has no friends to help him now


        1. Canadian high court breaks new legal ground:

          "In a major victory for Canadians fighting against euthanasia, the Canadian Supreme Court ruled today that doctors can't remove a patient's life support without their consent."


      2. The thread is done, man.

        Although The Complete Works of SugarFree potentially being kicked off Amazon/other sites might be worth revisiting in the NSA thread.

        1. [national anthem]

          H&R hereby concludes its broadcast day.

          Tune in tomorrow for SugarFree and Friends, the new Saturday morning cartoon that will keep the Parents Resource Council busy for decades!

  44. Oh wow, I cant believe the old dude is gone!


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