Texas Preps for Execution Tonight, Refusing to Return Lethal Drug

Pentobarbital provider wanted it back after getting bad publicity for selling it


The scheduled execution of a man convicted of killing his parents will proceed as planned Wednesday night, Texas authorities tell FoxNews.com, despite a growing controversy over the drug being used to carry out the punishment. 

Last week, state prison officials refused a request from the compounding pharmacy that created and sold Texas the pentobarbital—a single-dose drug used in executions—to return the drug. 

Jasper Lovoi, owner of The Woodlands Compounding Pharmacy, claims Texas authorities put him "in the middle of a firestorm" of protesters, hate calls and press requests after letting it leak that he sold eight 2.5-gram doses of pentobarbital to the state for upcoming executions.

Lovoi says he had been promised anonymity by the state.