Civil Liberties

From the Angry Makers of Forbidden Buckyballs: Liberty Balls!

It takes balls to fight against government regulatory authority


You can rub them in public without shame!
Assemble LLC

Buckyballs, the powerful little toy magnets that weren't meant for small children, was forced out of business by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) over a handful of injuries (despite copious warnings on the packaging).  Furthermore, its CEO, Craig Zucker, is being targeted to be personally liable for a potential recall, which could cost more than $50 million.

The company has dissolved and the Buckyballs are no longer on the market (though competitors apparently are!). The legal problems haven't gone away, though, so Zucker and supporters have started a new company selling new bigger magnetic balls, called Liberty Balls, and promise that 100 percent of the proceeds will be used to fight against the CPSC's assault on Zucker.

You can visit their clever (and chock-full of Reason-approved sarcasm) site here and purchase from their very first batch of Liberty Balls and make as many barely veiled references about testicles as you like.

Below, Kennedy and Reason TV interviewed Zucker last year about his fight against government nannies:


(Hat tip to Walter Olson at the Cato Institute.)