Obamacare Stumbles Out of the Gate With Technical Difficulties



Obamacare's health insurance exchanges have only been open for enrollment for a few hours, but already there are scattered reports of technical problems. 

The Wall Street Journal notes that state-operated exchanges in both Maryland and Minnesota were delayed at the last minute:

Minnesota's health insurance exchange, MNsure, won't be able to open until Tuesday afternoon after a final round of tests with the federal government, a spokesman said.

In Maryland, the state's Maryland Health Connection website was set to open at 8 a.m. local time, but a notice is now telling consumers to try again at noon. The notice said the site is "experiencing connectivity issues."

The Washington Post reports on the frustrating experience of one West Virginia man, a self-described health reform supporter who voted for President Obama, when he tried to purchase insurance on the exchange:

…When he tried to login last night, he got an error message that others have seen, with garbled text. He toyed with the Web site until 1 a.m., and then went to sleep.

Tucci woke up around 6 a.m. Tuesday morning to try again, but still got the same error messages. He called the customer service center, and waited 45 minutes, he estimates, to talk to an agent.

"I could hear her reading the instructions and trying to figure out what to do," Tucci recounts. "As soon as she put me on hold, I heard the fascinating tone of a disconnect noise. I decided not to call her back, I had to get out to work."

Missouri's exchange seems to be experiencing technical difficulties too, according to a report on local station KCTV5:

And these glitches and delays are in addition to the delays that have already been announced in Oregon, Colorado, and the District of Columbia. 

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  1. Tucci woke up around 6 a.m. Tuesday morning to try again, but still got the same error messages.

    Fucking up is a pre-existing condition.

    1. Are you being ironic or just cliche?

  2. Just another example of the Internet being racist against Our Brave President.

    1. I have given up on capitalizing the “Internet” as a proper name.

      *kicks dirt*

  3. Missouri’s exchange seems to be experiencing technical difficulties too

    Well duh. Girls do well at presentation layer software and stay on task with the application layer software a bit better than boys. But it’s boys all the way down after that. The boys are already employed. Kathy’s a smart gal, but she didn’t think it through.

  4. Eventually, Our Glorious Leader will be back with a solution: one year delay in implementation. And the media will let him get away with claiming it is his solution and the evil anarchist Republicans had been blocking it for so long because they hate medical care, children, puppies, black folks, city dwellers, and grannies.

    1. …one year delay in implementation.

      A year from now there still won’t be a sufficient staff to implement the ACA. The US government is conjuring up doctors and IT geeks from outer space.

  5. Duh. Government shutdown. That means this is all the Republicans fault, because they wanted to negotiate instead of just giving the Democrats everything they way.

  6. Obamacare Stumbles Out of the Gate With Technical Difficulties

    Thanks, teafuckers, for screwing up Obamacare. It would have been perfect had it not been for you anarchist shutdowners.

    1. It’s ‘teabaggers’ numbskull. Evidently Paul. couldn’t get his cat to lick his balls if they were covered with bacon grease. I protest too much. This Internet thingy is hard to get handle on.

  7. I just tried the Texas version of Healthcare.gov and it doesn’t work. Hangs up on the security questions screen.

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