MSNBC Reporter Quits Obamacare Sign Up Demo After Glitches: "This Is Where My Patience Would Be Exhausted"


Obamacare's bumps and glitches continue in this MSNBC segment, in which one of the network's reporters takes viewers through the process of signing up for health insurance on Maryland's health insurance exchange.

Or at least tries, anyway. That's because it doesn't work. She fills in her personal information, but runs into an online error. The system's live chat option doesn't work. And the help line gives her a recorded message. At the end, she simply gives up on the process. 

(Video via GOPICYMI.)

Multiple states appear to be having technical trouble with the rollout of the health law's exchanges today. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has argued that the exchanges deserve to be given the "same slack" people give to Apple.