Government Shutdown

Approximately 80% of Federal Employees Are Still At Work

Despite the "government shutdown"


THE CHAINS OF THE LAW HAVE BEEN BROKEN. Oh, wait—no, sorry, that was just a little gas.
Simon & Schuster

Lamest apocalypse ever:

They call it a "government shutdown." But of about 4.1 million people who work for the federal government, about 80% will still be expected to show up for work.

We still don't have an exact number of federal employees who won't be working in a shutdown, but most press reports have been pegging the number around 800,000, the number who stayed home the last time the government shut down in 1996.

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12 responses to “Approximately 80% of Federal Employees Are Still At Work

  1. I suppose if he isn’t posting here today, we’ll know John isn’t at work.

    1. This is not a furlough.
      This is a few days off to practice their already shitty attitude

  2. don’t panic folks. most government employees are at their posts fucking off all day as usual.

    1. i wonder if we are still over budget lol. It wouldn’t surprise me

  3. I was looking forward to empty freeways this morning, but alas, I did not get them.

    That said, I’d guess that the people who I commute with are heavily slanted towards NSA/defense type work, and I’m sure that they are considered “essential” as they continue the people’s work of reading my email and listening to my phone calls.

    1. Well, that might change tomorrow. We were told to report to work in the morning to be given guidance.

      Yesterday, I was told the shut down did not affect my division. Now they are saying “maybe”, even though we should not be affected because we work out of a revolving account.

  4. Therefore, 80% of the Federal Employees are ESSENTIAL.

  5. If 20% of the federal government was shut down, and the media didn’t report it, would anyone outside of Washington even notice?

  6. Correction, 80% of Federal employees are getting paid, whether they are working is another subject.

    1. 100% are getting paid. Make no mistake about that.

  7. What really chaps my hide are all the anecdotes my friends have. They have friends of friends who are affected by the shutdown. Painful stories too. I really do feel for them. But what they’re missing is that is shutdown is over the the debt ceiling. In short, the government shut down because it could not INCREASE its spending. None of these painful anecdotes would exist if the government learned to live within its means.

  8. We need a run-up on the famous Hitler rant:
    “hitler on carmagedon”

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