12 Stock Photo Kids Who Are Super Happy About Obamacare Exchanges


It's the first day of enrollment for the state-based Obamacare health insurance exchanges. While the effect on the rest of the economy remains to be seen, the market for delighted stock photo children is booming as the states scramble to throw up websites.

If you're looking for serious coverage of this really important policy issue, you should go here. But if you want to enjoy a sampling of kids who are totally exhilarated by their states' Obamacare exchanges, read on!

In New York, sweater vest kid is pumped:

In Massachusetts, this dad and his cool watch are keeping a firm grip on a very excited little lady:

In Rhode Island, this boy can't stop cheesing:

In California, this girl is so thrilled she is in danger of throttling her mom:

In Colorado, Obamacare exchanges are actually launching children into the air unless their parents keep ahold of them:

The kid on the left is so excited about the Idaho exchange, he's vomiting:

In Maryland, this family is playing it cool, but you can feel their delight:

In Minnesota, this baby is so happy he's probably going to need a new diaper:

They busted out their best flannel and corduroy in Vermont to celebrate:

Another case of happiness-driven strangulation in D.C.:

Come on, Hawaii. A ukulele? Really?:

And meanwhile, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is tweeting a kid who is so happy about Obamacare that he forgot the difference between hands and feet:

Via @robdelaney