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Staples, Radio Shack Dumping Amazon Delivery Lockers

Was apparently an avenue for potential customers to not buy stuff from them


In hindsight, the pitch does seem a little dubious: Let Amazon put delivery lockers in your stores, and people coming in to pick up their Amazon orders will probably buy something else at the checkout counter before they leave.

Apparently, that wasn't working out as planned for Staples or RadioShack, which are reportedly giving the boot to Amazon's bid for brick-and-mortar presence.

The decision by both companies to end the Amazon Locker test run was first reported by Bloomberg. Neither Staples nor RadioShack was very specific about why they kicked Amazon out (the two didn't immediately return WIRED messages seeking comment, while Amazon would only offer a generic statement praising the convenience of its lockers). But the reasons for such a decision aren't hard to fathom.