Atlanta Police Testing Crime Predictive Technology

Pred Pol is supposed to help officer predict where crimes will be committed


ATLANTA — The Atlanta Police Department is showing off new technology intended to help officers predict where criminals will strike next.

"It's about deterring crime. We want it to stop before it happens," Lt. LeAnn Browning told Channel 2's Ryan Young. 

The system is called Pred Pol, and Atlanta's Police Chief George Turner said he believes it helps push the city to the forefront of new technology.

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  1. “…Chief Turner then demonstrated the technology and it found most pre-crime to exist in and around our nation’s capitol followed by state and city seats of government. When the device indicated his own police force littered with corrupt individuals and those ready, willing, and able to shoot family dogs for the hell of it, he then said “clearly there is more work to be done on the device…” and he then proceeded to arrest the reporter for taking pictures of it…”

    (Note, Chief Turner is probably a fine man – this is by no means anything other than satire. It is a sad day when one must post such disclaimers because someone, somewhere, will decide I was somehow threatening (or attempting to) someone with my little post script.)

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