Lake Mary Florida Police Chief Agrees With Suggestion George Zimmerman "Ticking Time Bomb"

Lake Mary police say their investigation into alleged domestic incident on hold because there's no evidence


Lake Mary Police Chief Steve Bracknell agreed in an email exchange that George Zimmerman is a "ticking time bomb."

Bracknell exchanged emails with Santiago Rodriguez, who reached out to the police chief through an online form following the latest incident involving Zimmerman and his estranged wife Shellie Zimmerman. In the emails obtained by ThinkProgress, and confirmed by Bracknell to the website, the police chief agreed with Santiago's assessment that Zimmerman is a "Sandy Hook, Aurora waiting to happen."

"Your reference to Sandy Hook…………………. I agree," Bracknell said in the email.

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  1. probably true. however, no public official should ever say anything like this, ever.

  2. 1) Leftists believe that the verdict they decree in the court of their ideological opinion supersedes whatever verdict will be pronounced in the courts of law, which they know to be systematically corrupt.

    2) Leftists are bored by “crime” (i.e., when the black guy shoots someone) but energized by “racism” (i.e., when the black guy gets shot ? by someone nonblack).

    3) Leftists consider it “sociology” ? not racism ? when they insist that any one action of any one white person is a reflection of all the conscious and unconscious thoughts of all white people (even when the “white person” in question apparently isn’t white).

    4) Leftists define a “dialogue on race” as their delivery of a monologue that others will completely agree with ? if they’re not racists.

    5) Leftists demand that white people acknowledge a) the threat of violence they pose to black people (especially young black males), and b) that any fear they have of violence by black people (especially young black males) is yet another manifestation of their racism. (As a practical matter, you’re most likely to get shot by a member of your own race.)

    6) Leftists (e.g., Maya Wiley on MSNBC) believe that “brain science” proves that white people’s opinions are an accumulation of centuries of bias, while their own opinions are ? “brain science.”

    7) The bias most entrenched in our society is the confirmation bias of the professional left.

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