Civil Liberties

Brickbat: Kiss the Cook


Mark Demaline finished his shift as a cook at a Livingston, Montana, restaurant and went to a bar next door for a drink. He then came back to the closed restaurant, made himself a salad to take home and picked up his things. As he was leaving the restaurant, a dog attacked him, latching onto his thigh and pulling him to the floor. As he was struggling with the dog, two Livingston police officers approached and began shouting at him to put his hands up. They pulled the dog, which was a police canine, off him and eventually figured out Demaline was supposed to be in the restaurant. The officers say they entered the building when they saw the door was unlocked, and their chief is defending their attack on Demaline. "It's acceptable for the dog to confront anybody in the business at that hour," said Chief Darren Raney. "When the dog finds somebody in the building, he's going to secure him, and that's what happened. He did what he was supposed to do."