Poll: 64% of Americans Say US Doesn't Need to Strike Syria to Protect Credibility or National Security


President's Obama prime-time speech tonight will continue his attempt to persuade lawmakers and the American public that airstrikes against Syrian military targets are essential for our nation's credibility in response to reports that the Assad regime used chemical weapons against its people. The president has also argued that failure to respond to these attacks could put the US at risk as well.

"Failing to respond to this outrageous attack would increase the risk that chemical weapons could be used again; that they would fall into the hands of terrorists who might use them against us, and it would send a horrible signal to other nations that there would be no consequences for their use of these weapons."

While Americans do believe the international community has a responsibilty to respond to the use of chemical attacks, 64 percent say airstrikes are "not necessary" to protect America's credibility or national security, finds the most recent Reason-Rupe poll. This is true across political groups, including 68 percent of Republicans, 57 percent of Democrats, and 67 percent of Independents.


Nationwide telephone poll conducted September 4-8 2013 interviewed 1013 adults on both mobile (509) and landline (504) phones, with a margin of error +/- 3.7%. Columns may not add up to 100% due to rounding. Full poll results found here. Full methodology can be found here.