Senate Delays Vote on Syria Strike Authorization

Reid will not hold test vote Wednesday


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) is delaying the first full Senate vote on a resolution to attack Syria. Reid had previously laid out a schedule which would have involved an initial vote on Wednesday.

In a speech on the Senate floor Monday evening, Reid said "we have enough votes for cloture," the initial vote requiring 60 Senators to proceed to a vote on passage, but that he wants to wait.

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  1. Of course he does. Looks like the Ruskies may be offering Obama a way out (who knows why), and it just wouldn’t do to have the vote and then embarrass His Majesty with a “HELL NO!” vote. If the vote can be delayed long enough for a face-saving deal to be worked out, Obama can keep spouting the line he’s already trying out: that the “credible” threat of an attack is what brought Assad to the table. Ta-Da! Obama has managed to turn his stupidity into a political win, or least something that his sycophants in the media can spin as “Obama stood firm, was prepared to act, and forced Assad to come to terms” And you watch, I will bet you all of Putin’s stolen jewelry that that is exactly how they do spin it.

  2. Perhaps they don’t want to vote on committing an act of terrorism on September 11.

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