Matt Welch Tries to Convince HuffPost Live That Bombing Syria Is Not Such a Great Idea


Yesterday I participated in a "Midweek Cocktail Chatter" (minus the cocktails, unforgivably) over at the swank New York headquarters of HuffPost Live. The topic was about 19 parts Syria, 1 part New York mayoral race. Joining me in the no-bombing camp was Sirius XM radio personality Pete Dominick; arguing for a Congress-free humanitarian intervention was political scientist Joseph Amodeo and (for the most part) host Josh Zepps:

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  1. good Luck

  2. Good luck trying to convince them that something the state does can be wrong.

  3. Yesterday I participated in a “Midweek Cocktail Chatter” (minus the cocktails, unforgivably)


  4. Well, the only reason to be a Cosmotarian is the fucking cocktails and now you are telling me they don’t even have cocktails? WTF?

    1. The cocktails were never the point, it’s seeing and being seen, rubbing shoulders, exchanging twitter handles and emails, and quickies in the coat room. If you’re Kennedy, anyway.

  5. … ” and fails miserably.”

  6. Swank HuffPo HQ built on the backs of enslaved bloggers, paid for with stolen profitz.

    1. HuffPo gives aspiring journalists and opinion-shapers a platform for free speech. The Kochs owning a newspaper, now that’s exploitation.

  7. Kosovo was an illegal war perpetrated for the right reasons. Iraq was an illegal war perpetrated for the wrong reasons. Libya was an illegal war perpetrated for the right reasons, and Syria stands to be an illegal war perpetrated for the right reasons.

    Oh, and Kosovo was dandy because no Westerners died due to our involvement. Got it.

    1. It’s infuriating listening to these guys (from the vid) pass moral judgment on what was and was not a “good” war. I get that an object standard may make some outcomes more desirable than others, but their analysis was simplistic and preening.

      Matt admonished the Australian guy for using playground language for describing military action and the guy acknowledges Matts point as correct and then proceeds to use the same language repeatedly. What an Asshole.

  8. An Australian explaining why Americans must take military action is VERY annoying. Hey, asshole, go lobby the Australian government to take military action. We’ll sell you the Tomahawks wholesale.

  9. I don’t how Matt didn’t punch this guy when he first commented on how much money the US wastes on military spending, and, therefore, should use that military in a way he deems appropriate.

  10. Did they take away the cocktails to help cover the cost of Arianna’s daughter’s college coke habit?

  11. I know it is clich?d but shit it is annoying to listen to the “we should do something” when the biggest danger that they face is riding the NYC subway.

    it is all a racket, all of it. no, no, no.

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