Justin Amash Says His Constituents Are Overwhelmingly Opposed to Intervention in Syria

Congress expected to vote on the authorization of military force in Syria next week


GRAND RAPIDS, MI—U.S. Rep. Justin Amash repeatedly got applause tonight during a meeting with constituents as he questioned President Obama's plan for a military strike on Syria. With a few exceptions, people in a standing room-only crowd Tuesday, Sept. 3, at Grand Rapids Public Library loudly supported their congressman's opposition to getting more involved in the Middle East country's civil war.

While taking questions for an hour, Amash voiced concern about Obama's long-term strategy in Syria and said U.S. military intervention could weaken the country for when a true national crisis emerges. He plans to talk to people about Syria in several more locations around the Third Congressional District on Wednesday.

"It's been very clear what people (in West Michigan) think about this," Amash said. "It's extremely one-sided. There were about four people (at earlier meetings) who supported strikes in Syria.