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Dennis Rodman Returns to North Korea, Says He's Just There to "Have a Good Time"


Credit: Steve Lipofsky, CC BY SA

Basketball player Dennis Rodman made a trip to North Korea earlier today.

The meeting comes as a surprise, as tensions between the United States and North Korea rose to the point that planned diplomatic talks between the two nations were recently canceled.

The Associated Press (AP) reports:

Rodman was greeted at Pyongyang's airport by Son Kwang Ho, vice-chairman of North Korea's Olympic Committee, just days after Pyongyang rejected a visit by a U.S. envoy who had hoped to bring home Kenneth Bae, an American missionary jailed there. The North abruptly called off the official visit because it said the U.S. had ruined the atmosphere for talks by holding a drill over South Korea with nuclear-capable B-52 bombers.

The former NBA star insists that his purposes are entirely friendly. "I just want to meet my friend Kim, the marshal, and start a basketball league over there or something like that," said Rodman, according to the AP.

"I have not been promised anything," he said in regards to the release of Bae. He reiterated, "I'm not there to be a diplomat. I'm there to go there and just have a good time, sit with (Kim) and his family, and that's pretty much it."

Rodman first visited the secretive nation in February in order to promote basketball and film a documentary with Vice. Despite displeasure expressed by the U.S. government over the highly-publicized visit, Rodman insisted that he could "show people around the world that we as Americans can actually get along with North Korea." During his visit, he befriended authoritarian ruler Kim Jong Un over their mutual interest in sports. He said the North Korean leader is "a friend for life."

Rodman suggested after the visit that the White House should also try playing "basketball diplomacy," and that President Obama could "pick up the phone and call" Kim just to talk about sports.

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  1. He said the North Korean leader is “a friend for life.”

    I’m pretty sure Kim appointed himself that title.

  2. Ain’t nothing like a endless supply of starving Asian strange.

    1. Yeah but do they even know about the razor over there?

      1. I assume that their nutrition is so poor they can barely grow any body hair.

        1. Actually starving people grow more body hair, not less.

          The body attempts to compensate for the loss of fat insulation by growing more hair.

      2. I’m sure they can’t grow hair yet.

  3. Friends with a guy who had his ex-girlfriend executed. What an asshole Rodman is.

    1. I’m thinking maybe you should not use “friend for life” if your friend does things like that.

      1. I guess you didn’t get it – she was his GF for life. Her life, not Kim’s.

  4. Maybe Rodman can ask them to stop executing singers.

  5. Dennis Rodman: International Man of Mystery

    1. “I don’t always eat kimchi; but when I do ….”

  6. What if Rodman was there actually at the secret behest of the State Department, worming his way into Kim’s graces for some subversive purpose, some covert operation? Yes, what if…

    1. I remember seeing on TCM this movie where Gregory Peck plays a man who gets sent to Red China with a bomb planted inside his head so the CIA can assassinate Mao.

      So maybe something like that is going on here.

    2. “worming his way…”

      I see what you did there.

    3. Actually I think that’s the only likely explanation.

      I find it implausible that Rodman just developed a spontaneous interest in North Korea on his own. Is he suppose to be reading the foreign policy section of the New York Times, or are there seriously still pro-North-Korea political commenters that people like, actrually read?

  7. Maybe lil Kimmie thinks that he can keep Rodman like a big Chia Pet, and water him, so that he can feed his starving people with Rodmans crop of green sustenance.

    1. Soylent green is Rodman!

  8. Have some heart, people! The guy just lost his girlfriend, Rodman’s just there to console him in his grief.

  9. Dennis Rodman could be the most admired American of his generation if he just reached over and snapped that little bastard’s neck one of these days.

    The Baby God Dictator of the Norks is every bit as sadistic and depraved as his father and grandfather.


  10. He’s a U.S. spy trying to worm his way into Un’s good graces.

  11. I suspect a lot of us think that Rodman is more likely than the Obama Administration to bring home Kenneth Bae.

    …and there are probably a lot of people like us all over the country. I mean, if Rodman brings home Kenneth Bae, we should really make a BIG deal out of it.

    Some of our former presidents have been worried about being outshined by people like Jimmy Carter–can you imagine a president being shown up by Dennis Rodman?

    Now, I guess I can.

    1. I’m curious as to who put him up to it.

      Just imagine the scene. A CIA officer shows up in the locker room after a game and explains to him that Kim Jong Il is a big fan, and could he do the US a favor and fly halfway around the world to the den of an insane dictator to win his trust and plead for the release of a US citizen.

      Is that how these things are typically done?

  12. If you were Dennis Rodman and were cultivating a relationship with Kim Jong Il on the off chance you might be able to help convince him he is harming North Korea and that he should change his policies, would you go running your mouth about how shitty Kim Jong Il was?

  13. Rodman says he is there to “have a good time”. Sounds fun. Maybe they can torture some folks, shoot some hoops, and start a fantasy political prisoner draft.

    1. Maybe he can take a side trip to Colombia on the way back and visit another old buddy: Pedro Alonso L?pez.

  14. Is Denis Rodman a photo negative of Sean Penn

  15. Looks like we elected the wrong black man to be our first President.

  16. Rodman’s brain is a garbage dump prime for inane rationalizations of the sort required to justify visiting a vile little buddy rotten to his blackened core. If Satan existed surely these two would be his testicles.

  17. Do you think maybe a visit frrom Dennis Rodman was Un’s condition for releasing Bae?

    “I want $1,000,000, a new singer, and I want Dennis Rodman to come and set up a basketball league for us!”

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