Boehner Backs Obama's Push For Strikes Against Syria


If President Obama takes the nation to war in Syria, it will be with the support of House Republican leadership.

The Obama administration is reportedly making a big push to convince Congress to approve military force in Syria. And it looks like that effort is already paying off: Today, GOP House Speaker John Boehner said he supports the president's call for a strike against Bashar al Assad's regime, and he strongly urged fellow Republicans to do the same.

Via TPM:

President Barack Obama's push to retaliate militarily against Syria took a major step forward Tuesday after securing a forceful endorsement from House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH). Boehner's remarks in favor of intervening to punish the regime's alleged use of chemical weapons dramatically alter the politics in Congress as it gears up for the debate.

"The use of chemical weapons is a barbarous act," Boehner told reporters after meeting with the president and congressional leaders at the White House. "This is something that the United States as a country needs to do. I'm going to support the president's call for action. I believe my colleague should support this call for action."

"I appreciate the president reaching out to me and my colleagues in the Congress over the last couple of weeks. I also appreciate the president asking the Congress to support him in this action," the Speaker said. His remarks were backed by his deputy, Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), who also announced his support for Obama's mission shortly after the morning meeting at the White House.

With top Democrats in both the House and the Senate firmly behind the president, this means that of congressional leadership, only the GOP's Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, remains uncommitted.

"While we are learning more about his plans, Congress and our constituents would all benefit from knowing more about what it is he thinks needs to be done — and can be accomplished — in Syria and the region," McConnell said following a White House meeting with the president. 

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  1. Boehner’s a joke and needs to be gotten rid of. Any chance this may cost him in 2014?

    1. I want to see careers end on both sides of the aisle over this, from Boehner and Cantor on the right to Pelosi and Wasserman-Schultz on the left.

  2. I hope he accidentally falls into a giant vat of QT and drowns.

  3. Crybaby supports intervention… no shit. Same guy who supports limitless debt in the federal government.

  4. We may be overestimating Boehner’s sway in the House.

    1. Can’t the wack-o birds take the leadership away from this asshole?

      I think turtle head is going to side with the wack-o birds, he’s been looking nervous for quite some time now that the political winds are shifting away from the old neocons and towards the wack-o birds.

    2. Boehner has generally allowed fairly free votes on Libya and on the NSA.

      That’s not to say that the Majority and Minority Leaders can’t come together to find enough votes to make this, like the NSA amendment, barely pass.

  5. “I’m going to support the president’s call for action. I believe my colleague should support this call for action.”

    To show his support for this call for action, I’m sure he’ll ride the first cruise missle in.

  6. I think we should put Boehner at the front of any military excursion into Syria so that he can blind the enemy with his skin tone or drown them in tears.

    1. It would be cruel to make him go alone onto the front lines. Send in Obama, Kerry, McCain, Pelosi, and Graham right beside him, it’s better that way.

      And please, I want live video.

  7. It doesn’t matter what the Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner thinks. No one who cares about their political career will vote for a military intervention in Syria. Especially when the president has not even laid a plan that can debated.

      1. can be

    1. of course, both of them will support it. Pelosi will because it’s Obama, and Boehner will because Repubs seldom pass a chance to whip out the war hammer.

  8. We all scream for war dreams

  9. Boehner Backs Obama’s Push For Strikes Against Syria Providing Air Support to Al Quaeda.

    There, Mr. Suderman. FIFY

  10. If anyone needs to understand how fucking pathetic and stupid the GOP is, you need look no further than Boehner.

    1. Of course to the progtards he’s some lunatic libertarian anti-government radical.

      1. All that deregulation that destroyed our economy under Bush — Boehner.

  11. I still can’t believe Boehner managed to keep a leadership position after the 06 midterms.

    1. He wasn’t the party leader then – Hassert was

      1. Hastert was the Speaker, Boehner was Majority leader.

        1. Only briefly. He replaced Tom Delay I believe in early 2006 when he was forced to resign/ had criminal accusations against him.

          1. Yes, and my point was that he shouldn’t have even sniffed a leadership position after the midterms. You do realize that there are leadership positions other than Maj/Min leader right?

  12. What we’re all learning is that as long as everyone agrees on it and procedures are followed [INSERT IMMORAL ACTION HERE] is justified.

  13. I still can’t believe Boehner managed to keep a leadership position after the 06 midterms.

    1. It must be doubly unbelievable.

      1. I can’t be held responsible once my comment goes into the reason machine.

        1. No. You did something wrong. don’t play innocent.

  14. McConnell is up for reelection, and sounds like a same person, why can’t we just put him up for a vote every year?

  15. Stupid is as Boehner does.

  16. Oh cool, does that mean we get to see Obama’s answers to Boehner’s 14 questions???

    1. Either Boehner forgot all about principle or he never had any here. Your guess.

    2. In a closed door meeting, Obama agreed to buy Boehner a lifetime supply of self tan lotion. No 14 questions, or any question.

  17. People say that preemptive war cannot be debated or discussed in a democracy because it will make plans public and expose important information or dissent to the target. I say that’s a feature, not a bug. Democracies/republics should engage in defensive wars only, not wars of aggression or acquisition or intervention.

  18. “We must do something, this is something, therefore, we must do this.”

    What a fool. Boehner may think he’s doing what’s best for the country and the GOP, but he’s wrong on both counts.

    1. Why would you ever think he thinks that? Boehner is about as clear an opportunist scumbag as they come.

      1. “Why would you ever think he thinks that? Boehner is about as clear an opportunist scumbag as they come.”

        I wonder the same thing. As far as he knows, principles are those guys who run schools.
        I’m only half joking about the cookie; maybe they found some treat the court can offer him, like employment of some mistress or other.

      2. But what’s the “opportunity” here for Boehner? To support a President his voters dislike? To support an action most of his voters dislike? To make his party look like the other party? To spend a bunch of money and kill some people without even the possibility of a good outcome, and with many bad outcomes possible?

        1. I think they all got together and watched 1984 and decided that in real life, perpetual war really is the best way to keep all the sheeples in line.

        2. To go along with his fellow creatures, the politicians. Are you under the impression that there’s a difference between the parties? Because if you are, that’s hilarious.

          1. Well, yes, there are some differences, but that’s beside the point: part of the game is to distinguish your Team from the other Team. All other things being equal, you want to at least appear to be different.

            I just don’t see this as “opportunism.”

    2. Boehner’s a politician. Do something is in the DNA. If the party or country, or both, benefit then that’s a bonus.

      1. Yeah, but he’s missing a chance to distinguish his party from the other party, frustrate the opposing party and divide their followers, and put his party in a better position for 2014, all while ticking off most of his voters. So it seems to me like he’s doing the politician thing badly.

  19. Pelosi offered him a cookie like she did with her grand-kid. Works on those with little mental development every time.

  20. Pelosi: “President Obama didn’t draw the red line,” she said. “Humanity drew it decades ago.”

    1. Yeah, and ‘humanity’ said the US had better fix everything, too!
      Right, G L?

      1. I”m as anti-war as you are, moron

    2. If Humanity would have drawn the red line decades ago, her and the rest of the war monger criminals would be in prison now.

      Does this mean Pelosi gets a Peace Prize now?

    3. Actually, the guys who drew up the Constitution had a few red lines of their own: unauthorized wars, foreign involvement, some rickety old amendments…

      1. Using public funds for charity…

      2. But that was written like 100 years ago in Anglo-Saxon by white male slaveowners.

        1. In cursive, no less.

      3. Impeach her ass, too, while we’re at it.

    4. “…just after we dropped those A-bombs and interned all those Japs,” she added.

  21. There’s only one thing worse than a corrupt politician, and that’s a politician who acts on principle, lol

    1. Still flogging that deceased equine of a joke huh.

      1. I used to think his tiresomeness had something to do with his passion for the pro-life cause, but now I see that it is just a personality trait.


  23. If Boehner is on board, does that mean that the left will once again pretend to be anti-war?

    1. A quick survey of democraticunderground and, god help me, balloon-juice, indicates that they are pretty vehemently against this. Although, balloon juice still manages to make it all the fault of the Rethuglicans who just oppose Barry at every turn (yes, I know, it makes no sense in this context).

      1. …Balloon Juice?

    2. Read the comments at HuffPo. They are already anti-war, along with everyone else.

      It’s the career politicians and the media who are pro-war.

      1. It’s the career politicians and the media who are pro-war.

        This is establishment vs. anti-establishment. We need to see a bi-partisan group of non-interventionists form and clearly advocate for their position SOON, by tomorrow, or the missiles will fly.

  24. Kerry and Hagel testifying before some damn committee (just turned it on) about the war-but-not-war they want to start. Kerry got done yammering how this really isn’t a war and at the conclusion, Code Pink made an appearance, calling bullshit.

    They were escorted out.

    1. If they want to throw a giant anti-war protest in DC, I’ll go stand right beside of them. It doesn’t matter that I don’t agree with them on anything else. This is an issue that we can all stand together on.

  25. Code Pink made an appearance, calling bullshit

    We can only hope that the anti-war left has had enough of Chocolate Nixon and that they are getting ready to move back into the spotlight.

  26. The only reason Obama wants to go to congress now is so that he can blame the republicans for why he can’t act on his “red line” comment well I say go ahead and blame the republicans Obama will no matter what happens anyway.

  27. “I also appreciate the president asking the Congress to support him in this action,”
    Appreciate??? WTF? Couldn’t he have said, “I’m glad to see President Obama finally realized it was his constitutional obligation to bring this issue to Congress.”

    I’m wondering just how Benghazi might tie into all this. Was the CIA in Benghazi arranging for arms shipments to the Syrian rebels? Are the rebels now threatening to reveal this secret support for Al Queada elements unless Our Glorious Leader helps them further by taking out Assad’s air force? Is “American prestige” more important than revealing OGL’s and Clinton’s perfidy?

    Yes, it is time to start printing “Don’t Blame Me, I voted for Gary Johnson” bumperstickers.

  28. Anyone notice that the people leaning towards authorization of force are the same ones who were defending the NSA in recent weeks?

    1. Most of them, except for Michele Bachmann, who was pro-NSA but anti bombing Libya or Syria. (Also anti Egypt revolution. Probably thinks that the Middle East can’t handle anything but a strong hand.)

  29. Going to war with a 4% approval rating. That’s some serious government by the people, for the people. If only we were smart enough to know what’s best for us.

    1. Hey, I thought we were the government and the government was us? What happened?

  30. Also: if Congress does not vote to attack, and Obama attacks anyway, that’s going to be a serious Constitutional crisis.

    1. Yes, if there’s a stupid and needlessly confrontational path, this brilliant president will find a way to take it.

    2. Obama will say Syria is an immediate threat to the US.

      The media will support Obama and Congress will self castrate.

      1. What are they going to do, bleed on us?

  31. Not to get all Deadliest Warriors or Stratego and you all but which military would win – the USA or Russia in a full blown battle? Unleash your inner arm chair generals.

    Obama. Reluctant warrior? I always saw him as a reluctant president.

    1. The Russian military is a shell of its former self. Not much of a contest.

    2. In a full-blown battle between the U.S. and Russia, China wins.

      1. Are you sure it’s not the dolphins who win?

        1. The Dolphins never win. Not while they play NE!

    3. U.S. by a long way. I’m not sure the Russians have much of a viable military, and even their nuclear arsenal is likely toast by now.

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