Ron Paul, on Chemical Weapons in Syria: 'I think it's a false flag'


Appearing Wednesday on Fox Business Network's Cavuto program, former congressman Ron Paul pointed a finger of chemical-weapons suspicion at Al Qaeda, posited that "Assad I don't think is an idiot—I don't think he would do this on purpose in order for the whole world to come down on him," and stated flatly that "It's a false flag, I think, really, indeed."

Watch the whole appearance:

That same day, his son, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky), expressed skepticism to me about the chemical-weapons claim, asking "to whose benefit does this redound?"

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  1. Wow. I thought he was free-speaking while in office, but damn, just laying out there what we’re all thinking.

    1. If only we could have more of that. Honorable men rarely speak cryptically.

      Contrast this candor with anything that has come out of the whitehouse in the last….6…..or 100 years.

  2. That’s what I said

    False Flag: While the Western world gears up for possible military action against Syria using an alleged chemical weapons attack as justification, vastly more evidence points to the culpability of the death squads than to that of the Syrian government. Information continues to emerge disproving the mainstream media and Western government claims regarding the tragedy which took place last week.

    1. SoS John F. Kerry, who served in Vietnam and who also was famous for protesting that war afterwards, has unambiguously stated that there is abundant evidence to conclude that Assad forces launched the poison gas attack. He also said there is other evidence to support this conclusion but he can’t share it because it’s secret.

      That should settle it. It is not like senior officials of the Obama Administration would ever lie about something that has life and death consequences.

      1. What, at this point, does it matter?

      2. You know who else rushed to war in the Middle East on flimsy or possibly fabricated evidence?

        1. Just read about Pelosi has a war boner because she thinks chemical weapons are bad. You mean kind of like the undisputed chemical genocide of Iraqis by Mr. Hussein?

  3. It might be. It also might not be, as it’s known that Syria does have chemical weapons. Did they use them? Who used them? Does that matter when people are being killed by the truckload by other means?

    Besides, what the heck are we supposed to do? We’re in a world of shit if we support either side. I guess we could issue some multinational pronouncement that we’ll blow something up if chemical weapons are used again, but I have a feeling that won’t do much good unless we’re willing to actually invade.

    1. Yeah…it could be a false flag, or, if Assad didn’t actually give the order, it could have been one of his generals who had just the right combination of access, stupidity, arrogance and desperation acting without orders.

      Hard to say at this moment, which is one of the big reasons going to war so soon would be a mistake.

      1. Personally, I think we should be pretty sure before we kill people, stir up the crazies, or destroy infrastructure, but I’m a whacked out libertarian conservative or something.

        1. The proper term is “wacko bird”

          1. Or “conspiracy theorist”.

      2. His brother Maher might fit your criteria, but if something intra-familial is going on that we haven’t heard about, then it’s just one more reason not to intervene. If anything, a big split in the ruling family might even the sides, and then we’ll have al-Qaeda and Hezbollah killing each other within a contained arena, which was a strategist’s dream scenario not so long ago.

  4. Journalism.

    White House aides say President Obama’s drawn-out decision making process on military action against Syria is evidence of a thoughtful, responsible leader. But it could also be the sign of a tortured spirit, a reluctant president who never wanted to find himself in this position in the first place.


    Now, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, who has made ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan his signature foreign policy achievement, is at risk of entangling the U.S. in a fresh Middle East conflict.


    Now, the loss of British backing of a strike against Syria is a significant blow to Obama’s vision, setting up two undesirable options: not keeping his word on “enormous consequences” for crossing that “red line,” or going it relatively alone.

    I’m surprised this ABC news reporter could type all that with one hand.

    1. You don’t understand! Obama is a sensitive, thoughtful individual. He can’t make tough decisions, he’s a president!

      1. Obama is both a constitutional and foreign policy genius and a put-upon indecisive flower at the same time, just like Bush was an evil genius and a blithering retarded idiot at the same time. Contradictions aren’t difficult for people who make mongoloids look like rocket scientists. And remember, they all want cake.

          1. Nigerian Yellow Cake.

      2. Let’s be honest, we’re talking about President Obama here, not George W. Bush.

    2. Now, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, who has made ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan his signature foreign policy achievement, is at risk of entangling the U.S. in a fresh Middle East conflict.

      “Libya? Where’s Lybia?”

      I’m surprised this ABC news reporter could type all that with one hand.

      You don’t need hands to give a blowjob.

      1. They help.

      2. I always assumed ABC News was more of a power bottom.

    3. Maybe His Oneness should not have been so overtly disrespectful of the British government in the past.

      Recall his return of the Churchill bust, presents of non-functioning DVDs, and dissing of royal protocol several years back? Personally, I think it was BS, but only because I think all government is BS.

    4. a reluctant president


    5. The North Korean press was barely more gushy than that about Kim Jong il.

    6. In a year we could have 50,000 troops on the ground losing a war in Syria and MSM would be writing article after article about how Obama is striving to end it.

    7. who has made ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan his signature foreign policy achievement,

      This will remain false no matter how many times you repeat it.

      The face of modern propaganda is to say anything, no matter how easily it may be demonstrated to be false, and then to ignore anyone who demurs and continue on with your Zinn narrative.

    8. significant blow to Obama’s…

      surprising turn of phrase

    9. He can use both hands, it’s his mouth that he doesn’t need for typing. I’m more surprised that he was able to deal with the cramped space under the presidential desk.

  5. Who gives a shit? We absolutely should not get involved, and we almost assuredly will seeing as the administration has a rock hard WAR BONER. Who actually used the weapons will not be a consideration.

    Welcome to government.

    1. Welcome to one-man rule.

      1. One man rule? Are you high*? There are a ton of politicians right there on this with Obama, and there are a bunch more who should be asserting their Congressional prerogatives but don’t, because doing nothing is politically safer. No, this is a collusion between the power elite, not one man rule.

        * I wish I was

        1. * I wish I was

          You’re not?

          Should we call a doctor? Are you feeling OK?

          1. I’M AT WORK JESSE

            Not that I’m doing anything. I worked my ass off yesterday, today I do next to nothing. I’ll get out of here right at five and go directly to bacon happy hour. Yes, that is BACON happy hour. Martinis and bacon, an unstoppable combo.

            1. Wait a second. Is it possible to ferment bacon grease? My God, the possible applications–they’re endless!

              1. Not enough carbohydrates. It’d just go rancid.

                1. OTOH, it can be used as a flavoring agent.


                  1. I do not so easily accept defeat. Surely it is possible to synthesize excited bromide in an bacon matrix.

                    1. It’s a bacon essence but in solid, not gaseous, form. Put simply, in deference to you, ProL, it’s like lasing a strip of pork belly.

                    2. Wait, you’re on fire today–a bacon laser! Holy shit!

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                    4. That’s tastier than a sticky bun!

                    5. As you know, Warty and I were working on the bacon system. Well, earlier today it ate itself. But, these little set-backs are just what we need to take a giant step forward. Right, ProL? Needless to say, I was a little despondent about the melt down, but then, in the midst of my preparations for hara kiri, it came to me. It is possible to synthesize excited bacon in a martini matrix. Yes, it’s an excimer frozen in its excited state.

                    6. This movie ends with a laser shooting at a house filled with exploding pork rinds, right?

                2. Maybe you could do some kind of martini emulsion.

                  Hmm… I’ll have to try that after I get around to my maple shortbread cookies with bacon fat.

                  1. Maple shortbread cookies with bacon fat sounds delicious. I know what I’m doing tomorrow. Thanks Jesse.

                    1. Let me know how they turn out. I’ve been saving bacon fat in the freezer and have enough, but the weather got nice and I don’t feel like baking. I’ll get around to it next time it gets cold out.

                      The pineapple upside down cake with bacon fat went over really well. Apparently people liked it enough that staff members from our other locations have asked me to make it for them too.

              2. For all you Baconphiles near Central Florida:


                Don’t say I didn’t warn you …

            2. Get yourself puregold oil for your ecig and puff away at work to your hearts content unbeknownst to your coworkers.

              1. Pussies. I just eat raw bacon. You cosmos enjoy you “essence of bacon extract”.

                1. I just use bacon powder in all my my cooking. Works wonders.

        2. It’s often the case. Technically, Hitler had the Reichstag, Augustus had the Assembly and the Senate, and so on. Dictators often have people around them who could stop them, either legally or practically, but don’t.

          1. You know who else didn’t let an elected representative body stop them? Oh wait…

        3. No, this is a collusion between the power elite

          I’d say it’s more a matter of overwhelming groupthink than collusion.

          1. You say tomayto, I say potahto.

    2. Also note it’s only left-leaning states like France and Australia that are backing his Obamaness

      1. Britain and Germany are ruled by leftists. Keep in mind that when I say “leftist”, I’m going by objective standards, not comparatively.

        1. It should be pointed out Assad is a leftist.

  6. I think Ron Paul should STFU and have the good grace not to embarrassing his son or other non-senile fold working against involvement in Syria.

    1. Agreed.

      There is no real way of knowing and any definitive statement opens the door to “gotcha”, which is really irrelevant in this case.

      1. Yeah, I think he should have simply brought up the possibility of a false flag attack rather than commit to it like he did. Based on available evidence, there’s no real way to know for sure either way. And even if Assad did use chemical weapons, intervention is still a bad idea

        1. ^This. A better point is that if we help topple the Assad regime what kind of groups may get their hands on the chemical weapons? Al-Qaeda?

        2. “Ron Paul ‘false flag’ Conspiracy Theory” is already the top story at Salon.

          1. The sad thing is if Paul is proven right Salon will not mention it ever.

          2. Well of course it is. The only thing TEAM BLUE likes better than fellating Obama is finding the slightest thing that Ron Paul says that they can ridicule. And by ridicule I mean “say what he said was stupid by deliberately and willfully misinterpreting it”.

            Of course, Ron tends to help them out, which isn’t good.

          3. “Ron Paul ‘false flag’ Conspiracy Theory” is already the top story at Salon.

            Which is so much worse than their guy shooting his mouth off about red lines in the sand and now people have to die so he can save face.

            Really, Team Blue? Really? There is not a day that goes by that you don’t absolutely disgust me.

          4. Using the term false flag is idiotic because it’s become synonymous with conspiracy theorists.

            Of course, saying that the Syrian rebels, who have lit four year olds on fire in the past, might be willing to gas their own people in order to goad the U.S. into a war isn’t much of a conspiracy theory. It’s something that clearly could have happened. That doesn’t change the fact that calling it a ‘false flag’ makes people immediately start thinking of Alex Jones.

            1. Ron Paul is more credible than ANY other republican party politician. That some people may not understand this, there can be no doubt.

              Who, more than any other single American politician, has most accurately predicted what would ensue the passage of the Patriot Act, the waging of the War on Terror, the creation of Homeland Security and the TSA, the war in Iraq and the fear mongering orchestrated by those who think that they are entitled to rule the world?

              1. Ron Paul is more credible than ANY other republican party politician.

                Your hero worship =/= credibility.

                Ron Paul predicted endless ‘death by blowback’ from the WoT and Iraq and that never happened and is never going to. He also predicted NAFTA would lead to a North American Union or some such nonsense. He IS kind of a nutjob and it’s long past time for libertarian politics to move beyond Ron.

                1. He predicted that we would spend trillions in Afghanistan and Iraq.

                  He was right.

                  He predicted that there would be thousands and thousands of yanks brought home in body bags.

                  He was right.

                  He predicted that there would be no objective reached as a result of the wars.

                  He was right.

                  He predicted that we would accelerate our debt descent.

                  He was right.

                  He predicted that gasoline prices would rise dramatically.

                  He was right.

                  He predicted that air travel would become much more of a hassle and that millions of hours would be wasted by the inevitable big government, impulse to control response = TSA and that the quality of life for the travelling public would dramatically decline.

                  He was right.

                  1. He predicted that there would be thousands and thousands of yanks brought home in body bags.

                    Wait . . . who in the US doesn’t find the pejorative ‘yanks’ annoying?

                    1. Wait . . . who in the US doesn’t find the pejorative ‘yanks’ annoying?

                      Southerners and neo-Confederates?

                  2. He predicted that there would be no objective reached as a result of the wars.

                    He was right.

                    I didn’t know bin Laden was still alive and AQ still in Afghanistan.

                    1. You don’t and you’re a prime sales prospect for Tom Vu or Bernie Madoff if you believe that there is no AQ in Afghanistan.

                    2. Impossible. Reason has told me many times that AQ does not have a significant presence in Afghanistan.

              2. Not to mention the housing bubble.

  7. Syrians made their problem, they deal with it. U.S. military action shouldn’t be a serious discussion.

  8. Of course it’s a false flag. Our incompetent ruler gave the rebels an unbelievably huge incentive to stage a gas attack.

    1. You assume it was incompetence and not part of the overall plan. US commandos aren’t in Syria for no reason, you know.

  9. OT: Brunswick baby-killer verdict = Guilty on all counts after short deliberation of less than two hours.

  10. While I think that a false flag attack is a definite possibility, there are quite a few scenarios that don’t involve Assad giving the order to use chemical weapons: a false flag attack by the rebels, an accident on either side, and, although I hate to judge before all the facts are in, it’s beginning to look like some commander exceeded his authority.

  11. I’ve seen (informed?) speculation that this doesn’t have the fingerprints of a mil-spec gas attack, which could mean either that Assad is lobbing low-grade gas, or that the jihadis cooked something up and used it. I think it tends to support the latter, though.

    1. Why would the jihadis have to cook it up?

      This is a civil war going on…how hard would it be for the jihadis to get into a military stash?

      Also I think there is mil-spec and then there is Syrian mil-spec.

      They don’t even make their own rifles…what makes yo think they would make good nerve gas?

      1. what makes yo think they would make good nerve gas?

        It doesn’t matter whether the Syrians can. We know the Russians can, and they have been all over the Syrian program.

        I put it forward merely as a data point to throw into the mix.

  12. We’re going to find out the chemicals used were just preservatives so the organs of the dead don’t decay and become bacteria ridden filth before the rebels can eat them.

  13. I don’t believe the US government acts ethically while conducting its foreign affairs. If the US government is trying to do something internationally and uses “ethics” as the justification, I assume there must be some other motive.

  14. False flag? Or just a lie?

    1. At best a false flag. At worst an outright lie.


    1. It wasn’t so much a lie as it was yummy and delicious so I didn’t leave you any.

    2. I wasn’t told there will be cake. Will there be cake?



  16. Maybe it’s time to watch “Tomorrow Never Dies” again. It’s currently available for streaming on Netflix.

    1. What? No synopsis?

      1. From IMDB:

        James Bond heads to stop a media mogul’s plan to induce war between China and the UK in order to obtain exclusive global media coverage.

  17. I believe Putin said that if we took military action the consequences would be disasterous for us. I wonder what he meant by that? Was he threatening or giving advice?

    He is probably snickering to himself thinking ” Go ahead Jugears, wade into that sea of shit and see what comes of it.”.

    Fucking idiot obama has painted himself into a corner. Nothing but tears will come of this. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the economy is still shit, obamacare is an unmitigated disaster, the NSA is still breaking the law, the IRS is still breaking the law………I could go on for pages.

    1. the economy is still shit . . . .

      And the news cycles this week were consumed by Miley frickin’ Cyrus.

      Have I mentioned that we are doomed?

      1. At least we will be able to see Johnny Football.

        1. A master artist at work. It’s like he’s running on artificial turf, and everyone else is wading in mud.

      2. Is Miley “twerking” again? Yay!

      3. As I mentioned, punks, especially music critics, in the mid 80s hated the Beastie Boys for distracting from the immorality of the Reagan Administration with their vulgar display of inflatable cocks on stage. The show must go on. Political types hated Swing music in the 30s, too.

        1. You can’t create a better society if the people are having too much fun.

  18. Saudis reportedly behind gas attacks.

    Many believe that certain rebels received chemical weapons via the Saudi intelligence chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, and were responsible for carrying out the dealing gas attack.

    “They didn’t tell us what these arms were or how to use them,” complained a female fighter named ‘K.’ “We didn’t know they were chemical weapons. We never imagined they were chemical weapons.”

    “When Saudi Prince Bandar gives such weapons to people, he must give them to those who know how to handle and use them,” she warned. She, like other Syrians, do not want to use their full names for fear of retribution.

    1. Whether true or not, it’s certain there’s only one wise choice for us: Stay Out of Syria.

      1. Which is why he will dive in.

  19. Has anyone ever detailed all that we gained from the illegal Libyan war? We got a monster overthrown and replaced him with different monsters, and probably supplied Al Qaeda with a few SAM missles….aside from that I mean.

    What is it we stand to gain in Syria? As I have pointed out before, everything this guy touches in the middle east seems to end up with radical islamists.

    1. As long as I am on about it….havent we travelled this road before with Jimmah Carter?

      It is stunning how the left can travel down the same road to disaster over and over again in almost every sphere.

    2. If Obama wanted to look like radical Islam’s best friend, and enabler, he couldn’t do a better job.

  20. It’s so cute how libertarians just, like, don’t give a shit about evidence. Has any of you ever said “I don’t know” in your entire life? Is it that you must have an opinion about everything, regardless of how little you may know? If so, why do you always take the conspiratorial route?

    Questions nobody is interested in because you’re all stupid.

    1. If anecdotal evidence isn’t enough to prove the existence of UFO’s, then it shouldn’t be a pretext for military intervention, either.

    2. It seems like we are the ones who do care about the evidence. It’s the President and the French who want to start shooting before anyone gets a good look at it.

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