Matt Welch Opposes Syria Intervention on CNN


Earlier this afternoon, just prior to Secretary of State John Kerry's brief for limited war in Syria, I appeared on CNN to defend U.S. military inaction in the face of heartbreaking video footage and chemical-weapons claims:

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  1. THIS IS WHY WOMEN SHOULDN’T BE ANCHORS. They can host the Today Show, but they can’t do serious news stories, because their silly lady feelings come out. (Brits too, apparently.)

    “We have to do something!

    1. (Good thing there are no women here at Hit & Run or that could get me into trouble.)

      1. Annnnnd, another reason there are no female libertarians. Our lady feelings are too precious.

        1. Did somebody say something? I could have sworn the men were talking. 😛

          1. If by talking you mean grunting and chattering like a bunch of dirty monkeys.

            1. That’s exactly what I meant!

            2. Lady, I’ve got a handful of poo with your name on it.

      2. Who’s going to make our sandwiches for us then?

    2. You cannot get that from a CNN anchor.

      By your own measure every race gender and creed cannot be an anchor because every race gender and creed have been horrible anchors on CNN.

      1. Also when the hell did CNN become the lets go to war network?

        1. when Obama gave some indication of launching a military strike.

        2. Since the first Iraq war which made them into a national 24 hour news channel, and therefore made them. CNN loves them some war.

          1. This is Bernard Shaw.

        3. After the Great Shaitan Bush ceased to occupy the White House.

        4. When they remembered that war footage gets ratings?

    3. I think men emote themselves into war all the damn time. They feel a social obligation to pretend that they’re just being tough, or hard-nosed, but at the end of the day it’s just their testicles and adrenal glands screaming for a fight.

    4. “We have to do something!”

      Where did CNN pick up that old fossil?

  2. OT: Scoop Jackson can be just as cluelessly obnoxious as Marcotte-…..s#comments

    1. Would it help if we handed this white guy over to an angry mob of black people to beat to death?…

  3. OT: Scoop Jackson can be just as cluelessly obnoxious as Marcotte-…..s#comments

    1. 3 o’clock squirrels!

      1. 3 o’clock? Time for (another) drink!

    2. I’m sure Floridians everywhere are reeling from Scoops boycott. Speaking of which, I’ve been boycotting everything Four Letter (except actual game broadcasts) since about April. I finally had enough of the bullshit sportscenter catch phrases and the lame human interest pieces.

      1. I wonder if Stevie Wonder will let people in Florida buy his music?

    3. Henry M Jackson came back from the dead to write for ESPN?

  4. Heartbreaking? That would require you to have a heart you cold blooded libertarian monster.

  5. “Doctrine of Humane Intervention”? Did CNN guy make that up?

    Good job, Matt.

    1. Qaeda suspects kill ‘gay’ man in Yemen: Security

      Suspected Al-Qaeda gunmen on Thursday shot dead a Yemeni man because they believed he was a homosexual, a security official told AFP.


      During their control of areas in southern Yemen, the Islamist militants imposed a strict version of Islamic law on residents, executing or lashing those they accused of various crimes. Those accused of theft had their hands severed.

      Our humanitarian impulses for the Syrian people will TOTALLY be borne out if the rebels with their links to Al Qaeda take control.

      1. “Why does Barack Obama want gay people to die?”

        1. Better question: why take a whole hand from a thief, wouldn’t taking small toes and fingers be better at first? You want them to be able to work instead of steal for a living, no?

      2. There are no good guys to back in Syria.

    2. Ugh. Can’t watch due to work block on video. Did they really use that phrase?

      1. It doesn’t touch Kerry’s “moral obscenity” comment. These people sound like they cobble together their nomenclature by picking from word columns. Choose one [adjectival abstraction] and one [metaphysical noun], then sprinkle into conversation and/or speech as if it carries epistemological content.

    3. “Doctrine of Humane Intervention”? Did CNN guy make that up?

      No. That was brought to you be the good folks at the Military Industrial Complex. The focus groups seemed to like that more than “Perpetual war for Perpetual Peace”. Same result though.

      1. It actually sounds like something Samantha Power would have come up with. Would not be surprised if you start hearing that more and more from the pravda media.

  6. Meanwhile, let’s check in with our pals at Politico to see quality journalists hold Barack Obama accountable for his actions.

    Just how Obama, whose career sprung from the ashes of George W. Bush’s Iraq policy, got to this extraordinary moment in his presidency is a tale of good intentions, seat-of-the-pants planning and, above all, how a cautious commander-in-chief became imprisoned by a promise.


    Obama’s hallmark as a politician has been an ability to preserve his options through a calibrated rhetorical ambiguity, a style that has infuriated opponents (John McCain likened debating him to “nailing Jell-O to a wall”), but gave him the flexibility to react quickly to changes in circumstance.

    In other words, Barack Obama never says anything and has no principles. Politico thinks this is just swell.

    The House of Commons vote had a sins-of-the-father quality, hobbling a pair of leaders all too aware of the legacies of their predecessors George W. Bush and Tony Blair, who spearheaded the deeply unpopular Iraq invasion.

    Don’t you guys see? Obama is just so tired and lonely and he tries so hard but the sins of Bush keep dragging him down.

    1. Do you have any idea how fucking busy I am?

    2. “The Sins of Bush” would have been a good name for a 1980s porno.

      1. Sadly, this could never be made now, because in Pornland, bushes are extinct.

        1. You just have to know where to look.

    3. Why oh why did he ever draw a red line in the fucking first place?!?!

      I seriously think we are going to war because some “Shakespeare” speech writer liked how the words sounded and Obama just dumbly read them off his teleprompter.

      1. I read in a George Will column that, according to staff, it was an unscripted remark.

        1. “Last August, R2P reappeared when he startled his staff by offhandedly saying of Syria’s poison gas: “A red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized.”


          1. “..a whole bunch of chemical weapons..”

            a “whole bunch” ? Yes, Obama is so, like, you know, articulate and shit.

            1. His staff said that a “Bunch” is the correct technical term for WMD amounts. It’s going to be in next years Webster dictionary.

      2. It’s all the fault of TOTUS!

    4. “Seat-of-the-pants planning”? Is that not an oxymoron?

      1. Don’t make fun of Politico. They are serious journalists.

        Just look at how serious Dylan Byers is!

        First day again in Seattle. Took grand uncle Jim out for coffee and drilled him on everything about travel and apes and how to live and why to do what to do and the cafe and the rain…and the wondering.

        1. it was better in the original … “Saigon… shit; I’m still only in Saigon”

      2. Oxymoron? Not at all. It’s a prerequisite of “kiss your ass good-by.”

    5. calibrated rhetorical ambiguity, a style that has infuriated opponents (John McCain likened debating him to “nailing Jell-O to a wall”), but gave him the flexibility to react quickly to changes in circumstance.

      Precisely why he keeps coming out of events unscathed.

      1. Wow, just when I think shreek can’t get any stupider.

      2. Just keep saying that to yourself as the upcoming dreadfully unpopular military excursion pushes his approval rating sub-40.

      3. Precisely why he keeps coming out of events unscathed.

        Some reefer to that as ‘slippery’. Others refer to it as ‘slimy’. Yet others refer to it as ‘oily’.

        1. It’s political, and PBP respects nothing more than political posturing.

      4. No, you’re thinking of his pact with Satan.

    6. Obama’s hallmark as a politician has been an ability to preserve his options through a calibrated rhetorical ambiguity

      I’m keeping that. Seriously.

      1. That’s “leadership?” Holy shit. I’ll tell you what, if the media and voters would just cast aside this absolutely stupid idea that politics is an end in itself, we’d go far.

        1. I remember some writer being interviewed on the local NPR station like, I think it was a couple of weeks or so after Obama had been elected in ’08, so the whole thing was pretty fresh…

          Anyhoo, the subject of already broken promises came up and the writer said, “I like it when Obama breaks his promises… it shows he’s presidential.”

          This is why Obama won again in ’12. People… good, upstanding fine people really misunderestimated (ha!) just how deep the cult runs.

          1. It’s funny, because you expect someone truly awesome to be the center of a cult. Yet there’s one around this guy for no reason I can discern except maybe that he’s the first black president.

            1. If I remember my ancient Roman history correctly, he gave a good speech at one of the conventions back in the 90s or early 2000s.

              1. I saw that speech, and it wasn’t that good. With the exception of Reagan, we haven’t had a great speaker in a long while in the White House, though Clinton was at least serviceable.

                1. isn’t that what Monica said about Bill?

            2. ProL, I think it’s less his being black than his being top of the Democratic heap in 2008. He’s not a Republican, and from what I can tell, that’s the only qualification TEAM BLUE cared or cares about.

              1. It’s weird, but I think there’s something to that. The left in the U.S. is definitely poised to accept the F?hrerprinzip. If not totally with Obama, it’ll happen soon enough if things keep trending the way they are.

                1. F?hrerprinzip


              2. Definitely a big part of that. The Clinton White House was Camelot after all. He got just as much oral from the msm. I do think they’ve piled the shit a little bit deeper because he’s black though. They love to gloat about how not racist they are by being condescendingly racist.

      2. because when he says something unambiguous, like the red line comment, it does not go well. It forces him to have to do something.

    7. Obama’s hallmark as a politician has been an ability to preserve his options through a calibrated rhetorical ambiguity, a style that has infuriated opponents (John McCain likened debating him to “nailing Jell-O to a wall”), but gave him the flexibility to react quickly to changes in circumstance.

      So, being a lying shitweasel is a virtue?

  7. “How can you do nothing!?!?!?”

    Easy. I can do nothing when everything else I can do will either not help or make the situation worse.

    1. Sometimes letting a fire burn itself out is the best option.

  8. Matt Welch Opposes Syria Intervention on CNN

    Why would the Syrians want to intervene on CNN, and is Matt Welch fighting the Syrians all by himself?

    1. I laughed.

    2. Is it pay per view?

    3. LOL

    4. My money is on Matt.

  9. Why does everyone “feel” the need to say how horrible this is at the beginning of every statement?

    “Yes, this is horrible, BUT…”

    Am I the only person who truly doesn’t give a shit what these idiots do to each other? I don’t know them. I don’t know the situation. I don’t care if they kill each other with gas, guns, knives, forks, spoons or tickle torture. I really do not care. It doesn’t affect me, my family, my country in the slightest.

    I guess I’m just a heartless bastard.

    1. yes, you are heartless but no, you are not the only not giving a shit. Four o’clock meeting of the heartless brigade coming up .

    2. It’s just a rhetorical tic to justify what “we” need to do about the situation. And by “we”, they mean someone else.

      Doug Stanhope on Nationalism :

      1. To the collectivist, “we” always means “you”.

  10. I would be curious to see just how this notion of “humane intervention” would have altered history if applied to other Civil Wars (namely, if the English had decided that slavery was a great moral evil and required some “humane intervention”).

    And I notice that no one is in a huge fucking rush to invade Colombia, Uganda or Somalia and straighten out their civil wars for them.

    1. Already did Somalia which was a huge success. I’d be surprised if we don’t have at least some spec ops in Columbia. Ugandans are Black.

  11. I notice no one’s even bothering to bring up the “brief and restrained” BS.

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