India Arrests Alleged Head of Indian Mujahideen Militant Group

Yasin Bhatkal was one of the most wanted men in the county


Police in India have arrested Yasin Bhatkal, the alleged head of the Indian Mujahideen (IM) militant group, which has been blamed for a string of recent attacks, officials say.

The group is thought to be behind deadly blasts in the cities of Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi.

Mr Bhatkal, who officials say is a co-founder of the home-grown group, is one of the most wanted men in the country.


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  1. During Indo-Pak partition in 1947 all Muslim majority regions are to be merged with Pakistan.
    Indian regime betrayed and grabbed both Muslim majority “Kashmir state” and Hindu majority Hyderabad state.
    To promote 2 million forward caste Brahmins hegemony in Kashmir region, 1200 million Indians are suffering bomb blasts, 4 cross border wars and an inevitable nuclear holocaust with Pakistan.
    Google “Poonch rebellion”

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