A.M. Links: US Awaits UN Results on Syrian Chemical Weapons Inspection, NYPD Labels Mosques as Terrorist Organizations, Alec Baldwin Attacks


Credit: UK Government/wikimedia
  • Using predominantly Israeli military intelligence, U.N. chemical weapons experts began their second day of inspections in the eastern Ghouta suburb of Damascus today. Vice President Joe Biden has already concluded that there is "no doubt" the Assad Regime, not the Syrian rebels, is responsible for using the chemical weapons. Syria challenges the U.S. to prove it. If the Obama Administration gets its way, experts expect the U.S. will use tomahawk cruise missiles against Assad's forces. The U.K. will introduce a resolution at the U.N. Security Council today that would authorize action to protect Syrian civilians from chemical weapons. 
  • The New York Police Department secretly categorized entire mosques as terrorist organizations so that cops could use informants to spy on imams and record sermons, often regardless of evidence of criminal behavior.
  • Dallas police have adopted a "knock and talk" policy to get inside the houses of low-level drug dealers. Since May, the 46-member task force has already made over 500 arrests and seized over 130 guns and 400 pounds of drugs.
  • Girls Gone Wild creator, Joe Francis, was found guilty of choking a woman and repeatedly slamming her head into the ground. He was sentenced to 270 days in jail and three years probation.
  • Alec Baldwin confronted a photographer recently. Pictures show the actor pushing the paparazzo against the hood of a car. 
  • Several Florida high schools are cracking down on skimpy attire by banning their own cheerleading uniforms.
  • All 25,000 applicants to the University of Liberia, one of the nation's two universities, failed the entrance exam after the school raised its admission standards this year. 

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  1. No alt-text? No Auric.

  2. On the VMAs:

    Every time I see @MileyCyrus slap that black woman’s butt, I think about the way that enslaved blacks were whipped for white entertainment.
    ? Aura Bogado (@aurabogado) August 26, 2013

    1. “Every time I see anything, I think about enslaved blacks.”

      1. And the problem is always what the person is looking at… unless they’re looking at a mirror.

        1. Precisely.

      2. How sad is it that these people waste their lives seeing the world through that kind of lens. There’s no way these fools are ever happy.

    2. were the enslaved blacks a voluntary part of the entertainment, like the woman in this bit? And were they paid? But yeah, totally the same thing.

    3. “Every time I see @MileyCyrus slap that black woman’s butt…”

      Then stop watching it over and over again.

    4. Funny, what she thinks is about a million times more decent than what comes to my mind when I watch that scene.

  3. Man arrested for stealing 200 bicycle seats for their ‘scent of a woman’

    Hmm… definitely not a STEVE SMITH or even a Warty crime level. I’m thinking Epi.

    1. Oh, it’s Japan. This crime is the equivalent of an American staring at his neighbors’ boobs through binoculars.

  4. Black girls that beat up white girl are charged with ethnic intimidation.

    1. is that like a step down from a hate crime?

    2. she suffered multiple injuries, including torn shoulder ligaments. She said she thought the girls were going to kill her.

      At least it wasn’t ethnic *cleansing*.

      Seriously, charge them with attempted first degree murder and — suck on it — hate crimes.

    3. It’s Yinzer-on-Yinzer crime. Where’s the hate in that?

    4. Good thing she didn’t she didn’t shoot in self defense. Then SHE would have been the racist.

  5. Textbooks, however, will continue to be full price.

    NYU partners with sex store to offer strap-on giveaway
    New York University students returning to campus this week can participate in a university-sponsored sex toy giveaway, play “guess the straight person” with the LGBTQ center, and receive oral sex tips from a local sex store.

    …The fun continues all week. The center will host “Guess the Straight Person,” on Tuesday and Thursday, in which audience participants will pose questions to panelists of mixed orientations….

    1. I nearly went to look up how much a couple of semesters at NYU cost – but fuck it.
      It’s probably some obscene amount that can be covered by Daaddee or student loans – making all of this “important social learning” possible.

      1. It’s in the top 5 costliest universities.

    2. “Textbooks, however, will continue to be full price.”

      It makes sense, given that a diploma and the sex-ed are the only valuable things the students are getting.

    3. The fun continues all week. The center will host “Guess the Straight Person,” on Tuesday and Thursday, in which audience participants will pose questions to panelists of mixed orientations

      Bahaha, I sat on a panel for that in college. Apparently the person had who’d set it up had wanted to call it “Finger The Queer” but was shot down by the administration. They thought I was straight, although one person in the audience guessed bi. I’m a little sad they didn’t get to call it Finger The Queer though.

  6. Members of a “knock-and-talk” task force, established in May based on an idea by police Chief David Brown, are using tips from neighbors, approaching possible drug-dealing homes and asking to be allowed inside, The Dallas Morning News reported Monday.

    Dave’s not here.

    1. Hide your wife, hide your kids, hide your dog.

      1. Well, it’s better than sending in SWAT.

        1. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that the “knock and talk” guys are the same ones that bust your door down when you don’t feel like talking.

          1. That’s what I was thinking. Nice door you got there. Be a shame if we had to get a warrant and knock it down.

      2. There has to be a way to make a song out of that.

    2. So if you flash the constitution at them will you get charged with obstruction??

    3. Here’s an excellent example of successful “knock-and-talk” policework:


      Start at about 3:20. Runs a minute or so.

      1. OOPS. Wrong link above.


        Start at 29:00 for a few minutes.

      2. RULE #10: You don’t have to let them in.

        1. It’s the same rule that’s applied to vampires.

          Just a massive coincidence, I’m sure.

  7. Sales Of Public Data To Marketers Can Mean Big $$ For Governments

    “It feels like a betrayal,” Meer said. “Because our government is supposed to protect us, not to sell our information and profit from us.”

    Spokesperson Andrew Cole confirms the Secretary of State sells business information for monetary amounts ranging from $200 to $12,000, depending on frequency and amount of information requested. But, Cole says the fees only cover the costs of running the databases.

    “We are not looking to make money,” said Cole. “We charge to cover our costs.”

    1. “We are not looking to make money,” said Cole. “We charge to cover our costs.”

      So all the taxes and dollar devaluation aren’t enough?

      Fucking parasites.

      1. at least with private companies, you can opt out or not do business with them. You can’t NOT do business with the government.

    2. Because our government is supposed to protect us

      Hey, Flounder, you fucked up; you trusted us.

    3. “”It feels like a betrayal,” Meer said. “Because our government is supposed to protect us, ”

      Ha! Sucker. Government exists for government workers, officials, and clients to make money off of you. Bet you believe we actually have a democracy too.

  8. Alec Baldwin confronted a photographer recently. Pictures show the actor pushing the paparrazo against the hood of a car.

    Alec, just try to get an honorary police badge. Problem solved.

    1. Confront?


      Looks like he is raping the guy in broad daylight.

      If not for the acting gig, the asshole would have definitely become a cop.

      1. I know it wasn’t rape-rape

    1. You don’t know what it’s like,
      you don’t have a clue.
      If you did you’d find yourself,
      doing the same thing too!

      1. +1 Judas Priest

    2. ooo I like the quote marks.

  9. Alec Baldwin confronted a photographer recently. Pictures show the actor pushing the paparrazo against the hood of a car.

    But he didn’t spew homophobic abuse, so he’s a reformed man

    And it’s spelt “paparazzo”

  10. Police shoot, kill giant chicken-menacing lizard

    olice say a Ledyard officer shot a monitor lizard to death Sunday afternoon, after a resident called 911 to report what she believed to be an alligator attacking the chickens in her coop.

    The officer was forced to shoot the reptile to protect fellow patrolmen, the town’s animal control officer and the chickens, police Lt. Michael T. Finkelstein said Monday.

    1. I’m with the cops on this one. Monitor lizards are shoot on contact.

      1. It was an escaped pet. Fuck off.

        1. So was this python.

          1. That story stinks like spoiled fish.

            1. “Cop Murdered in Driveway and Two Boys Killed by Escaped Python”


        2. A monitor lizard isn’t a pet. It’s just a wild animal that happens to live in your house, you know sort of like a cat.

        3. Monitor lizards can be dangerous. If the owner was there to pay damages I would let him take it. Otherwise it’s an invasive species and should have been put down.

          1. They can also be tame pets. Most of that story is based upon fear and ignorance.

      2. I disagree, a pole arm with a noose would have been all you have needed to subdue it. I wouldn’t expect the cops to have the technical know how to improvise making one on the spot though. When your only tool is a gun, you consider every problem a target for a bullet.

        And, yes, I’ve made one before on a camping trip with a bamboo fishing pole and rope and subdued a fox that I suspected of having rabies. Took me less than ten minutes. I turned it in to the rangers who patrolled around Lake Jordan.

          1. It turned out to be old and mangey not rabid, so possibly, or even likely. It wasn’t faring very well.

    2. chicken-menacing lizard

      Nice band name.

      1. No, it’s a good album name. It’s a terrible band name.

        1. You get to the latest C-ML concert?

        2. Only if in the back yard.

    3. If she’s raising livestock, shouldn’t she have a gun to shoot predators?

        1. You’d think chicken farmers would move to more civilized climes where they could shoot thunder lizards without calling the cops and risking the lives of their neighbors’ children.

    1. It’s the joke that will never die!

      1. But it will let you down.

        1. Even I want to let that joke down.

  11. Alec Baldwin confronted a photographer recently. Pictures show the actor pushing the paparrazo against the hood of a car.

    His watch cost more than that fucking car!

    1. But the leads are WEAK!

      1. Photos are for closers!

        1. Who ever told you that you could photograph with men?

          1. Did you ever take a dump, made you feel like you slept for 12 hours? Sandi has.

        2. Who knew that he was just playing himself in the movie?

      1. Damn you!

      2. You know what it takes to throw a photographer onto a car hood? BRASS BALLS.

  12. Police seize painting of Vladimir Putin in a negligee

    The painting showed President Vladimir Putin wearing a tight-fitting slip and brushing the hair of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who is wearing knickers and a bra.

    The officers also removed a picture of the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, his torso covered in tattoos, and two others poking fun at lawmakers who have backed legislation banning so-called gay propaganda, gallery staff said.

    St Petersburg deputy Vitaly Mironov, whose face was combined with the gay rights movement’s rainbow flag in one of the paintings, told Reuters the images were inappropriate and “of a distinctly pornographic character”.

    1. And Vladimir Putin gets to learn about the Streisand Effect firsthand. No one outside of Russia would have seen this otherwise.

  13. Saudis offer Russia secret oil deal if it drops support for Syria.


    If the Russians don’t veto the UN resolution in the SC then we can assume this is the reason.

    1. Money talks.

      Evidently the Saudis are very serious about getting a Sunni regime installed in Syria.

    2. Why would the Russians need Oil? It is the one thing they actually have.

  14. Sign of the end times:

    Drunken elk gang flees Stockholm cops

    1. I though that said “elf” gang and Santa’s helpers had hit town and gone on a bender.

      1. “Hey, Rudolf, your nose should be brown, not red!”

        “Yo, baby, it’s only *most* of me that’s short…”

        “What do you mean you won’t serve me any more drinks? Do you know who I am? I can have Santa put you on the naughty list like *that!*”

      1. Sorry, I keep finding dumb things while looking for a specific post:

        Raising minimum wage would create jobs
        Yeah, that’s right: doubling ? from a poverty-level $7.25/hour to a living wage of $15/hour. …

        1. 1. Most simply and most cleanly, it would immediately raise the incomes of millions of cash-strapped Americans ? precisely the people who most need to be earning more than they’re making right now.

          If everyone were a millionaire, money problems would vanish. Dear Zod, that site is a black hole of stupid.

          1. Yeah, just look at Zimbabwe!

          2. “Why, I’ll just raise wages and lower prices!”

            1. Government is magic!!!

              He also kinda left out the odds of McDonald’s hiring fry cooks at $22/hr.

              1. We need more government regulation to force them to hire a certain number of fry cooks @ $22 an hour. Duh.

              2. If one compares the value produced by the average McDonald’s fry cook with the value produced by the average employee at the White House, Congress, or the Department of Interior, $22/hr looks to be low.

        2. “If the minimum wage had simply tracked U.S. productivity gains since 1968, it would be $21.72 an hour ? three times what it is now.”

          Presumably an average – how much of the (technology related) productivity gain went to people well above minimum wage and how much to burger flippers?

          1. Yes, well, presumably the employment level would be 1/3 of what it is now if everything remained static except productivity gains.

          2. This has been debunked 1000 times. You can’t compare productivity and wages, they use different price deflators. If you use the same deflator, you get something like $10/hour as what the minimum wage would be tracking productivty. And while that’s still higher than $7.25, they also didn’t have an EITC in 1968.

        3. When your arguments could easily be refuted by a college freshman who just got a C on his final exam in Econ 101, you really aren’t trying hard enough.

        4. The frightening thing is that a not-insignificant number of professional economists would agree with this sentiment.

          Aggregate demand cures all, dontchaknow.

          1. You could lay a thousand economists end to end and still not reach a conclusion.

        5. The Obama Administration originally favored such arguments, as evidenced by its appointment of Alan Krueger as chair of the Council of Economic Advisors.

          Krueger is the guy who did the NJ-PA minimum wage study back in the 80s, which was a dubious case study that suggested that small changes in minwage could increase employment.

          However, they let him go earlier this year as it appears his brand of economics hasn’t been working so well.

  15. Ramesh Ponnuru: Will Obama Make the Fed Even Worse?

    My guess is that Obama doesn’t know, think or care much about monetary policy. That’s usually a good disposition for someone in the Oval Office to have. A president who was too interested in monetary policy would be tempted to interfere with the Fed. Indifference beats the attitude of many Republicans, who are still convinced, contrary to all the evidence, that rampant inflation is just around the corner.

    While presidential apathy about central banking is usually a virtue, once every 70 years or so the economy suffers through a calamity of tight money. We found ourselves in that circumstance when Obama took office. The country could have been well served by a president who favored monetary looseness, a policy the Democratic Party has supported for about a century. Because of Obama’s indifference, we had no such luck.

    1. Yes.

    2. Six of the seven Fed Governors were appointed by Obama and are considered “doves” – loose money proponents. And they vote that way. Ponnuru is not paying attention.

      1. You don’t understand how the FED functions, do you?

        All Regional Reserve Bank presidents contribute to the committee’s assessment of the economy and of policy options, but only the five presidents who are then members of the FOMC vote on policy decisions. The FOMC determines its own internal organization and, by tradition, elects the Chairman of the Board of Governors as its chairman and the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York as its vice chairman. It is informal policy within the FOMC for the Board of Governors and the New York Federal Reserve Bank president to vote with the Chairman of the FOMC; anyone who is not an expert on monetary policy traditionally votes with the chairman as well; and in any vote no more than two FOMC members can dissent.

        Whether or not a voting member is a hawk or dove matters little. The Chairman determines policy.


        1. So like the rest of the FED even their voting system is a fraud.

          1. Regarding monetary policy, the FOMC isn’t a democracy; it’s a dictatorship with “advisers”.

        2. So Obama slipped some Hawks in there? Really, you added nothing. Hoenig was often the lone dissenting vote and he is now off the FOMC since he retired.

          1. It has nothing to do with doves or hawks. The Chairman sets policy. Yeez.

    3. contrary to all the evidence, that rampant inflation is just around the corner.

      Its not “just around the corner” becasue its already here:


      1. We’ve had rampant inflation in two critical sectors of our economy: healthcare and education. Gee, I wonder why?



        2. Don’t forget housing! We can never allow investors to not realize a gain. It’s unAmerican!

    4. We’ve had the loosest monetary policy in this country’s history. What the fuck is he babbling about?

  16. Giant leopard-like cat that terrified neighborhood for weeks is revealed to just be a big house cat… after someone shot it dead

    Some people are idiots. That’s all I can say.

    1. I though those cats were rare and expensive. I’m surprised somebody didn’t claim it.

      1. They are expensive. I wonder if the owner just let it be an outside pet, and didn’t realize that people were dumb enough to think it was a leopard.

        Although, cats really shouldn’t be outside pets since they don’t stay on their owners property.

    2. Who would have guessed that the citizens of Detroit were such pussies. It seems like the only thing this nice big cat did wrong was to have the wrong kind of coat.

  17. Asimov got 2014 right on robots (in the home), wrong on radioisotopes 50 years ago

    Robots will neither be common nor very good in 2014, but they will be in existence.

    The appliances of 2014 will have no electric cords, of course, for they will be powered by long- lived batteries running on radioisotopes. The isotopes will not be expensive for they will be by- products of the fission-power plants which, by 2014, will be supplying well over half the power needs of humanity.

    1. Relevant. I don’t think we can blame Asimov for failing to predict how crazy environmentalists would get over nukes: but what could be bad for the environment with increasing use of natural gas? And separately, what could be bad for the economy of the state with removing 75% of the electricity produced in state?

      1. Indian Point is a large, two-unit station in a more favorable market,” Mike Burns, an Entergy spokesman, said in an e-mail today. “We are committed to its continued and safe operation.”

        This guy grew up watching the Simpsons and though he could become the REAL Mr burns running a nuclear power plant. See kids, follow your dreams and the government will regulate them out of existence.

    2. He also missed the extinction of World’s Fairs.

  18. ‘Ghostbuster’ conducts exorcism of a woman with his penis

    The self-styled Chinese “ghostbuster” has been arrested after trying to conduct an exorcism with his penis.

    Jianjun allegedly told a woman, who came to him for help in seducing her boss, that he could rid the evil spirits in her vagina. But he could only do so if they had sex.

    “He explained that ghosts in her vagina are preventing her boss from falling in love with her ? ghosts he could only catch with his penis,” reports the Global Times.

    sounds legit.

    1. Absolutely. I don’t have a haunted hoo-ha and science says there can only be one reason for that

    2. What guy hasn’t used that one?

    3. Sounds like Warty??

    4. “I am the gatekeeper!”
      “I am the keymaster!”

    5. Phase two: suck the ghosts out.

      1. oh my god

  19. US Air Force bans Chobani because it contains hemp seeds and could lead to positive drug test

    The Air Force has banned all hemp-based products since 1999
    The only flavor banned is blueberry

    Just when you think we’ve reached Peak Retard…

    1. What the fuck is the deal with “Greek” yogurt anyway?

      1. Thicker consistency and more protein than regular yogurt. that’s pretty much it.

        1. So it’s an overpriced scam like fancy coffees and “chai”, then?

          1. No. It tastes much better, particularly the full fat content versions. It’s also nutritionally better for you.

          2. price-wise not much different. And no scam. Protein content is higher, sugars are substantially lower.

          3. It is one of the few types you can buy in full fat. Which, as said below, correlates with the amount of sugar that gets added.

            1. It’s bailed out by Germans?

    2. Uhh, 19+ yrs in and I work down the hall from the Chief of Staff, and I haven’t heard of this at all…
      That and the AF doesn’t ‘ban’ food; at best it might have been removed from the commissaries. Also, if that was the case they would have banned poppyseed bagels a long time ago for the false positives they trigger on piss tests…

      1. I was thinking the same thing.

        They pretty much can’t tell you what you can or cannot eat. They can do piss tests to make sure you aren’t taking illegal substances. But they cannot ban something allowed by the general public. but like he said, they can keep them off military posts. But if Airman Jaggoff wants to eat a poppyseed bagel and hemp seeds in his yogurt, there is nothing the Air Force can do.

    3. Every time I think the Navy does something stupid, I turn to the Air Force for perspective.

    1. So they can rebury him in Cleveland w/ the Browns serving as pall bearers?

      1. I think the Lions would be fully qualified to do the job locally even if there is no one left there who bothers with a will.

      2. Detroit may have let him down enough already…

  20. Fox crawls into bed with London man

    Leon Smith, 30, said he thought he felt his girlfriend, Sophie Merrell, nuzzling the back of his neck, so he rolled over for a cuddle, The Mirror reported Tuesday.

    Smith said he was shocked to discover Merrell had already left for work and the warm body next to his was actually a fox that had come in through the cat door.

    “I just couldn’t believe it. It was so calm, just staring at me,” Smith said.

    1. Note to Smith’s wife: shut your big yapper.

  21. Eugene Robinson: The U.S. must act against Assad

    There is an international consensus that chemical weapons, because of their potential for mass annihilation, are beyond the pale; any government that uses them will lose all legitimacy. If one tinhorn despot is allowed to get away with gassing his opponents, other thuggish strongmen ? a category of which there is no shortage ? will be emboldened to follow suit.

    This is a case in which somebody has to be the world’s policeman. Given Russia’s alliance with Assad’s regime and China’s long-standing policy of indifference, the U.N. Security Council is almost sure to do nothing. France and Britain may step forward, as happened in Libya, but the essential military firepower and coordination will again be provided by the United States.

    1. “Somebody has to be the world’s policeman.”

      Go for it, Gene. I’ll be happy to kick in $5 for your airfare.

    2. Good old Eugene. He always manages to lower the bar just that much more with each column.

  22. Parents and cheerleaders angry as school bans its OWN cheer uniforms from class after deciding they are too risque


    Countryside requires students to wear shirts with sleeves.

    As one of the comments points out, the First Wookie rarely wears sleeves.

  23. Man blows up house inflating air mattress

    The 41-year-old, who has not been named, had moved to the town of Diepholz in Lower Saxony and bought the self-inflatable air mattress as he had no furniture in his new home, Bild newspaper reported.

    But the mattress was leaky, so he used an industrial strength puncture repair spray to try and fix it. This reacted with the inbuilt electric pump, causing a violent explosion which threw him across the room, ripped doors off their hinges and smashed windows.

    damn Germans and their kinky toys.

    1. I can sympathize – I’ve caused some explosions on *my* mattress.

      1. Romance explosion!

    2. Personally, I want the Mythbusters to investigate this to see how much of each you need to use to get the maximum possible explosion.

  24. …experts expect the U.S. will use tomahawk cruise missiles against Assad’s forces.

    Why don’t we just name them Redskins missiles? That moniker is the greatest tragedy of all of this.

    1. You’ve put your finger on it.

    2. Let’s hope they are Browns Missiles so they can let us….Ohh never mind.

  25. NOAA says the dolphis are dying from a virus

    And here they ecophiles were telling me that it is climate change or pollution or something else we can blame on humans.

    1. Dolphin AIDS sent to punish their rapey behavior that God frowns on.

      1. Origin of AIDS

        I remember this bit from GTA IV.

    2. I was told it was due to the radiation from Fukushima.

    3. “…the cetacean morbillivirus, is similar to measles in humans”

      I blame Jenny McCarthy.

  26. “Knock and Talk”

    Just like “Stop and Frisk” but with more intrusion.

    I wonder how frequently those “tips” are nothing more than, “Hey, look. I bet that guy hasn’t mowed his lawn for two weeks; must be a stoner. We should roust him.”?

    1. Runner up friendly sounding rhymey police tactics:

      Meet and Beat
      Boot and shoot
      Rage and cage

      1. Yap and tap

        1. (double) tap

        2. Joke and Poke

      2. Haze and taze

    2. I suspect a lot are really drug dealers. Having many people stop by for 5 minutes at a time everyday can be pretty obvious and likely annoying.

      Not that that justifies locking people up.

    3. Here’s how “Knock and Talk” works:


      Start at 29:00 for a few minutes.

      If you have nothing to hide, you still have lots to be afraid of.

  27. Chinese PLA Officer Tells Troops ‘Pacific Rim’ Is Hollywood Propaganda

    Many in China see it as a U.S. effort to dominate the region, coming just as China tries to bolster its influence in Asia and match its growing economic power with diplomatic muscle. Seeing China’s rise as a challenge to their values and system, some Westerners have attempted to infiltrate the Chinese psyche, ideologically and culturally, with the help of Hollywood movies, Zhang wrote.

    “Soldiers should sharpen their eyes and enforce a ‘firewall’ to avoid ideological erosion when watching American movies,” he warned. “More importantly, they should strengthen their combat capability to safeguard national security and interests.”

    1. lol

      Kind of reminds me of the Maoist Movie reviews. Those things were hilarious. Sadly, I don’t think anyone writes them anymore.


    2. How long until the Big Character posters denouncing Running Dogs and Capitalists start going up….China is looking like they want to take a Giant Leap Backward.

  28. Translation: This horror movie you probably didn’t see is absolute proof of my moral superiority – give me power, peasant.

    2. ‘The Conjuring’ reminds us that the only way to stop Satanic baby-killers is to punish women

  29. ‘Do you feel lucky, punk?’: Famous movie quotes you always get wrong revealed


    1. Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.

    2. “We’re in a really shitty Star Wars movie”

      Well, that’s what I always remember Jar Jr Binks saying. Wishful thinking?

      1. Who? The badly animated guy from the fanfic “movies”?

      2. “We’sah in a reelly bad movie!”

    3. He’s dead, Jim. You get his tricorder, I’ll get his wallet.

    1. WTH?! Is this “Joe being Joe,” or is this coordinated to try & provide cover?

      1. Uploaded on Dec 18, 2007

        1. Ah; that will teach me to WTFL

  30. The real problem with the naked breastfeeding yoga mother is that she’s a racist


    1. That’s a great shot.

      Also, even by PC standards, how is “native” racist?

    2. You racist. How dare you appropriate Roman lettering and Arabic numerals? You can’t just steal someone else’s culture like that.

  31. The country could have been well served by a president who favored monetary looseness, a policy the Democratic Party has supported for about a century. Because of Obama’s indifference, we had no such luck.

    What the fuck?

    1. Just like we have always been at war with Oceana, we always have a policy of austerity and tight money. Austerity and tight money are always to blame for our problems.

  32. Pr0n for Warty.

    With her bulging muscles and intense fitness regime, Georgina McConnell isn’t your average teenager.

    The 19-year-old is a bodybuilder and has swapped mooning over One Direction for six meals a day, five workouts a week and an impressive 10st 3lb physique.

    Unfortunately, she’s British, so adjust expectations accordingly.

    1. 5 workouts a week, in and of itself, is not particularly impressive. Are these like 6 hour workouts or something?

      1. The impressive part of bodybuilding aren’t grueling workouts, it’s the mind numbingly boring, long term consistency in diet.

        1. ding ding ding…and the required obsessive attention to detail in every aspect of your day. When to eat, what to eat, how much to work out, DRINK MORE WATER, hurry protein window closing.

          I must say, since I became a paleo follower and life is much simpler.

    2. Gross.

    3. 10st 3lb. Isn’t that all of 143 pounds? Not a whole lot for a bodybuilder.

      I had a friend in college who was into bodybuilding and was something like 5’7″, 165 lbs.

    4. What she looks like when not competing isn’t bad. The arms are a bit mannish but otherwise she is way above average for a Brit. The competition photo is about as attractive as a short story by Sugarfree.

    5. Strange quads, it’s like she’s missing the medial heads or something.

    6. Test does bad things to women.

  33. If the Obama Administration gets its way, experts expect the U.S. will use tomahawk cruise missiles against Assad’s forces.

    Obama & team are really butthurt that people are killing other people and they don’t get to take part.

    1. There had jolly well better be some drone involvement after all this, too!

    1. Next year, Cosmotarian!

  34. I of course completely believe them that this is completely anonymous and all tips will be investigated fully*.

    *Note: Investigated fully may require no knock raids on homes in the middle of the night.

    1. I can’t ever see this one being abused.

  35. Spaniards show why their economy will stay in the toilet:

    ‘Textbooks should be like desks: always free’

    The mother of two has already managed to collect 196,000 signatures for a campaign she hopes will make the Spanish government drop textbook prices and introduce book banks.


    1. Hmm, textbook publishers versus parasites… can they both lose?

      1. In college, you can always blame professors for textbook stuff.

        Worked at the bookstore in various positions throughout college. We would ask for textbook orders to be submitted by 2.5 months before the beginning of the semester, so we could get orders in, and, if it’s an older version, we could go to one of the wholesale companies for used versions. Also, that allowed us to do buyback. Instead, we got like 20% of the orders in on time, we’d have to give wholesale prices for books (since we didn’t know they’d be used), and then have to make no money in buying those same used books back from the wholesale companies (college bookstores, at least when I worked, made a much better profit from selling used books (that we bought back) than new books).

        And that doesn’t talk about the times that the professors got kickbacks from the textbook companies for using the new version of a book that came out every year, even though nothing changed and we asked them to use the old versions.

        1. I know the bookstores don’t make any money, but fuck the publishers with a rusty chainsaw. It doesn’t cost nearly as much to retool for small runs as it did a generation ago.

          1. We made money, but only from the overpriced clothing.

        2. That’s really bullshit when it comes to intro texts to disciplines that haven’t changed in a long time. Chem, Physics, or even Econ 101 do not need new textbooks.

          1. It is such a scam. Did I miss it where basic chemistry and physics changes enough to warrant a new book every two years? And with digital publishing, books should be even cheaper.

            1. There was this one Chemistry book that came out with a new version every year. It was over $100. We knew that there were no substantive changes in the book, but every year, they’d order the new one.

              1. At this point, there is no reason why there aren’t text books in the public domain that cover most of the basic hard science and math courses.

                1. The first edition of Thomas’ Calculus was published in 1952. You would think that would be public domain by now, but he didnt die until 2006, so we have, what another 53 years or so before it becomes PD?

                  1. Under the copyright act of 1909, which was what it was published under, the first copyright would last for 28 years (until 1980) and one renewal of same length was allowed, with would have extended it to 2008.

                    So his first edition would be public domain now if the law hadnt changed and/or the law changes werent retroactive.

                    That is what I would like the courts to rule: That retroactive changes violate the “limited time” phrase of the constitution.

          2. You can buy Linus Pauling’s out of copyright text on Chemistry and get all the way through P-Chem with it for less than $20. Same with Gray’s anatomy. Either text will pretty much meet the needs of any undergraduate class. Sure Pauling’s periodic table probably stops at Pu, but so what?

            1. I am pretty sure Grey’s is still used in med schools.

            2. Ive compared my 1987 Thomas-Finney Calculus book to the current version of “Thomas’ Calculus by Finney”. There are some differences, but its more organizational than anything. My 6th edition would teach calculus just fine.

              1. They really have you on math textbooks. You need the problems and the model answers. All they have to do is change the problems and they make your old book worthless.

                1. They really have you on math textbooks. You need the problems and the model answers. All they have to do is change the problems and they make your old book worthless.

                  Although, if home work isnt collected, and mine never was in college, who cares if the problems are the same? It has answers to the odd problems in the back, which is the only ones I did anyway, as I liked to verify my results.

                2. They really have you on math textbooks.
                  My analysis prof chose a book that was free online, obviously very recently. There are plenty of these out there for basic/intro type courses and the technology level of students these days is high enough that it can be done regularly. Some people printed the book out while others just used tablets or notebook computers. Heck, even if they sold the books, or licensed them as they do, it should be a lot cheaper to get electronic versions of the texts, but when they offer them they aren’t usually discounted much, though ymmv.
                  I was also lucky that my prob and stats classes used a coursebook made by one of the profs and printed by the local bookstore that cost about $10 each. I just checked and they are now using textbooks that you can only buy new for about $180. Seems legit.

                  1. I had a physics prof at CC who did a shit-ton of research to find the best price point to teaching material and came in at about $45/semester for a two soft-bound volume set (one per semester). He was pretty forward-thinking about this stuff. If you get a PhD in NucEng and decide to teach physics at a community college, you’re probably more enthusiastic than most about pedagogery. I’d be surprised if he wasn’t posting links to relevant internet videos (although I don’t know if Kahn academy is up to college physics yet).

            3. Yeah, Dover has a lot of really cheap reprints of older texts. I have Paulings chemistry. Best $13 I ever spent.

        3. I was in college from 2002-2008. I mostly did my buying on ebay and buy.com. Saved hundreds doing that every year. Plus, I got most of my money back when I resold those books on those sites.

        4. Some things never change. I worked with a university bookstore in the 70s on the textbook ordering system, and it was pretty much the same.

          However, the profs were far less likely to change their textbooks. That has to be a scam. Do the pedagogical methods of, say, undergraduate physics or calculus instruction change every year such that a new edition of the text is required?

    2. book banks

      Say that fast three times.

    3. Desks are free?

  36. Cuff and Snuff

  37. http://www.thehollywoodgossip……like-puke/

    Quelle surprise; the school food regulations suck, kids don’t want them, and school districts are losing money because of them.

    (I’m not sure why, but I read the Fark comments on this one. They were just as idiotic as you’d expect from that site. I’m reasonably sure at this point that Youtube commenters have a higher collective IQ than Fark commenters)

    1. How many accusations of racism have there been for the students’ not liking Mme. Obama’s food choices for them?

      1. It’s been mostly jokes about dumb, fat, Kentucky Republicans not enjoying what their betters tell them they should enjoy.

    2. Harlan County, eh? What does Raylan Givens think?

      1. Even though it is very pro union and one sided, Harlan County USA is one of my favorite documentaries of all time. It is incredibly compelling.

    3. Kudzu for kindergarteners

  38. Hey, Vogue took down the article “Asma al-Assad: A Rose of the Desert”

    Asma al-Assad is glamorous, young, and very chic?the freshest and most magnetic of first ladies. Her style is not the couture-and-bling dazzle of Middle Eastern power but a deliberate lack of adornment. She’s a rare combination: a thin, long-limbed beauty with a trained analytic mind who dresses with cunning understatement. Paris Match calls her “the element of light in a country full of shadow zones.” She is the first lady of Syria.

    Syria is known as the safest country in the Middle East, possibly because, as the State Department’s Web site says, “the Syrian government conducts intense physical and electronic surveillance of both Syrian citizens and foreign visitors.” It’s a secular country where women earn as much as men and the Muslim veil is forbidden in universities, a place without bombings, unrest, or kidnappings, but its shadow zones are deep and dark.

    from: http://www.joshualandis.com/bl…..-in-vogue/

    1. Come on the desert flower had everything you need to be important to vogue, she was stylish and thin. So what if she is the husband of a mass murderer. It is not like she is fat or something.

      1. Way too skinny for you.

        1. Actually she is. I never thought she was very hot. Now, the queen of Jordan on the other hand was smoking.

      2. Or republican.

        1. Yeah. Last I looked Sarah Palin was very fit and not even a party to mass murder. I am guessing she won’t be in Vogue anytime soon.

  39. http://freebeacon.com/blog/sor…..jean-king/

    Bobby Riggs threw the match with King to pay off gambling debts to the mafia. There goes another feminist myth. A lot of idiot leftist sports writers who have always said Margaret Court choked and King didn’t will give Court an apology.

    1. That event marked the beginning of the ongoing Bullshit Era of Modern Feminism that replaced the Individualist Era of Modern Feminism which was capped by the ‘You’ve Come Along Way, Baby’ Virginia Slim ad campaign from ’68. Let’s hope that the peak retard of the 2012 Democratic political campaign War On The Wimins where self respect was entirely annihilated as a feminist goal in place of collectivism comes to an end and we see a swing back the other direction.

      1. The idea that any woman could compete with the elite male athletes is one of the more idiotic feminist myths. Riggs was a top player but not an all time great. He won three majors back in his day. And in his 60s he could still dominate the best women players. Same is true today. Give someone like Connors or Macenroe or Lendel a few months to get in shape and they would own someone Serena Williams. It wouldn’t even be close. But we have to pretend that the top women players are just as good as the top men players.

        1. Someone asked Navratilova if she thought she could compete with the big boys. She replied that her coach was ranked about 110 in the world, and he routinely ran down her best shots and sent them back at her.

        2. Serena Williams once lost 6-1 to the 204th ranked male player in the world after he’d already played a match that day and had drank two beers.

          1. “A fourth event dubbed a “Battle of the Sexes” took place during the 1998 Australian Open[20] between Karsten Braasch and the Williams sisters. Venus and Serena Williams, aged 17 and 16 respectively, had claimed that they could beat any male player ranked below 200, so Braasch, then ranked 203rd, challenged them both. The matches took place on court number 12 in Melbourne Park.[21] Braasch first took on Venus and beat her 6?2. He then played Serena and won 6?1.[22] Braasch said afterwards, “500 and above, no chance”. He added that he had played like someone ranked 600th in order to keep the game “fun.”

            From wikipedia. the other match was the other sister.

  40. All 25,000 applicants to the University of Liberia, one of the nation’s two universities, failed the entrance exam after the school raised its admission standards this year.

    “We were guaranteed FREE COLLEGE EDUCASHION!”

    1. Liberia is now further along the way towards enforcing standards and having a proper education system than we are.

      1. Oh, don’t worry. They caved to the FREE SHIT crowd and admitted 1500 or so students anyway.

    2. RACISTS

    1. “Reverend Alan Birss said most of the gargoyles were replaced during a refurbishment – but this one must have been remodelled by a mischievous stonemason.”

      I should have known the Masons were behind this.

    2. Poor Konrad. He pissed some mason off good.

  41. http://online.wsj.com/article/…..on_LEADTop

    Is John McWhorter a right wing guy and I have just forgotten it? He is making a mad amount of sense on the MLK anniversary. I thought he was a liberal for some reason.

    1. he calls himself “a cranky liberal Democrat” but writes for the Manhattan Institute and writes books with names like Doing Our Own Thing: The Degradation of Language and Music and Why You Should, Like, Care, and Losing the Race: Self-Sabotage in Black America. Make of that what you will

    2. Fredrick Douglass needs to get way more attention nowadays.

      1. The progs kicked him out of history and replaced him with that Marxist idiot DuBoise

      2. Progressives understand that Frederick Douglass was a teabagger Rethuglican and an oreo Uncle Tom.

        Only a libertarian would like Frederick Douglas.

    3. Wow, nailed it.

  42. I just read the Knock and Talk article, and I have to say I am pro- Knock and Talk.

    Basically the cops are getting tips, and then walking up to the door and knocking on it and asking to come in, while recording everything.

    Consider for a moment that what cops usually do with tips is beat down doors, jump in through windows, rappel down through skylights, throw stun grenades, shoot dogs and small children, and then discover they’re in the wrong house.

    A little “Knock and Talk” would help that problem a lot.

    And oh, BTW, if it’s safe to “Knock and Talk”, it’s obviously also safe to execute a warrant during the day time by knocking on the door, displaying the warrant for review, and then entering. All this crap about officer safety demanding no-knock SWAT raids is obviously bullshit and nonsense if they can safely “Knock and Talk”.

    1. No one wants to turn a drug conviction no matter how serious into a guaranteed life without parole or capital murder of a cop case. The idea that a drug dealer is going to shoot a cop enforcing a search warrant is complete crap. The only way they are in any danger is if the dealer or the innocent person mistakes them for someone there to rob him and kill him. They are making themselves less safe. They just want to terrorize people. They don’t care about safety.

    2. It’s happening in Dallas, where the DA is currently reviewing cases to look for the falsely imprisoned. I suspect these two things may be related.

  43. Punk who allegedly murdered Delbert Belton claims that Belton was selling him crack.

    Jesus fucking Christ, what a little animal. He probably thinks this is funny too.

    1. It is just sad all of the way around. Horrible tragedy. And how exactly are we managing to produce so many animals like that.

      1. If Obama had a illegitimate soon with a Kenyan woman if would look like Demetrious Glenn.

        1. If only Glenn had had some rich white grandparents in Hawaii to take him in and teach him right from wrong and send him to really good private schools, this might not have happened.

          1. He would have wound up a sociopath with access to drones instead.

      2. And how exactly are we managing to produce so many animals like that

        Generational welfare is a good start.

        1. Yes it was. And deciding that no behavior, no matter how self destructive could ever be condemned. It is funny. The left got people to direct their sense of shame at things like smoking and being fat while convincing them that really self destructive things like not learning to read and write proper English, getting pregnant out of wedlock, and such were just lifestyle choices that no one had any right to say were bad. The worst racist couldn’t have thought of a better way to harm blacks.

          1. FWIW, think that was the whole point of Great Society. Simply because of the Iron Law – foreseeable consequences are not unintended.

          2. Who are you judge a different culture as being inferior and unproductive?

            If we have learned anything from multiculturalism, it is that urban culture is just as valid as Scandinavian culture or any other culture.

  44. Son. Damn it

    1. They system worked. Procedures were followed. What is your bitch? Tea bagger!!

  45. Basically the cops are getting tips, and then walking up to the door and knocking on it and asking to come in, while recording everything.

    Consider for a moment that what cops usually do with tips is beat down doors, jump in through windows, rappel down through skylights, throw stun grenades, shoot dogs and small children, and then discover they’re in the wrong house.

    A little “Knock and Talk” would help that problem a lot.

    You’re right, except they are enforcing laws which should not even exist. Furthermore, when an armed goon of the state comes to your door and says, “Little pig, little pig, let me in,” there is a very real issue of implied coercion, just as when you are being held hostage on the side of the road by an armed thug who “just” wants a look in the trunk, and then you can be on your merry way.

    I am one hundred percent in favor of getting the cops out of their cars and into the community and engaged in human interaction, but that’s not what we get, and it’s unlikely we ever will.

    1. Refusal to let them in will become probable cause to search. They won’t say that. But anyone who refuses will have “acted suspiciously” or done something else that will give them a warrant. It is just a way to get around the need to have a warrant.

      But we let them pull of cars at road blocks. It is no surprise at all they have now moved on to searching houses at random.

      1. IANAL and I don’t remember the case, but I’ve read that the SC has held that asserting your rights cannot be used as reasonable suspicion or probable cause. You may know more than me on this.

        1. It can’t be. that is why they will make up something.

  46. http://swampland.time.com/2013…..-main-lead

    Read if you feel the need to want to vomit. The last paragraph is the kicker. It talks about how “maybe Obama should allow Congress to debate Syria”. And the fact that Bush went to Congress before Iraq doesn’t matter because Syria fighting a civil war is totally an immediately threat to the US. So immediate, that the President can just act.

    1. wouldn’t be a hoot if those weapons had a “made in Iraq” stamp on them.

      1. They might. And you know that China and Russia are not going to go along with doing this. So we are shortly about to hear how going to war with UNSC authorization is totally fine and totally different than that illegal war in Iraq.

        1. At least razor blade sales will spike when people realize they need to scrape those “End this war” stickers off their cars.

          1. You think they would have learned after scraping off the ‘Question authority’ stickers in 2009, but they never do.

  47. “Well, Your Honor, when the Defendant came to the door, he became agitated and nervous as soon as he saw us. We could smell a strong odor of marijuana both coming from the interior of the home and on the Defendant himself. When he refused to admit us, it was obvious there was a crime in progress, and based on the exigent circumstances, we forced our way into the residence and secured everyone inside. A search revealed the three seeds entered into evidence. Also, the copper tubing and small fittings which are commonly used to fashion marijuana pipes. Also, we discovered there were unlicensed dogs on the property.”

    1. “And those dogs were promptly terminated for officer safety”

    2. It is not hard. And it is not like they are not already well versed in lying to judges. At this point, no fair judge would believe anything a cop says.

    1. That dude looks creepy. These are the stories that lead to zero tolerance and then you get a guy who is 18 gets a selfie from his 17 year old GF and now he burns for child porn.

      1. Yeah. If that shit was prosecuted when I was in high school like it is today, I’d be fucked, and so would a lot of us really.

    2. I posted that on Monday. The two most appalling things are that the judge said she was already active, which is another way of saying she was a slut so no foul. And he said she was troubled anyway so you can’t blame the suicide on the asshole. The fact that she was screwed up makes the statutory rape that much worse. He preyed on a girl that was already pretty screwed up. I hope the girl’s parents blow his balls off.

      1. I hope the girl’s parents blow his balls off.

        If I was on the jury, I would find them “NOT GUILTY”. Obviously the justice system failed them and their daughter. And when that happens, you can either stew or mete out justice.

        1. And I would vote to acquit if they did the same thing to the judge.

          1. Not Guilty by reason of insanity… the judge acted insanely and had to be taken out!

          2. Because murdering someone is appropriate when a court case doesn’t go the way you like.

            Also, not knowing any further facts about the case than what you’ve pasted on H&R I’m not even immediately sure the judge made a bad decision.

            Maybe it had more to do with the legality and everyone finding out about it as a result?

          3. I guess I should ask, was she really raped, or was it “statutory rape”?

            That would determine to me whether the judge made the correct decision or not.

            When they say it wasn’t consensual I have no idea if it was or not because they can always mean it was “rape” under the law, and not actually non-consensual.

            1. Statutory rape is real. And she was 14 and he was in his 40s. This wasn’t a close call. And he was in a position of authority over her.

              1. So because the law says it’s real, it’s automatically real? Isn’t that question begging?

                Because he was in a “position of authority” over her necessarily means it was coercive?

                I’m not saying the guy was a good person or anything, but I just don’t buy into the statutory rape thing when you’re talking about teenagers who may be fully sexually developed.

                1. Sexually developed? Sure.

                  Mentally developed? No way in hell.

                  You sound like you have more than a few hangups.

                  1. So when you turn 18 the minute before you were too mentally undeveloped, but the minute after you are?

                    Sorry if I can’t see the logic here. If that means I have “more than a few hangups”. So be it.

                    1. I take it you’re a Free Kate idiot, too.

                    2. Not really, because had it been a man they would have never given him that plea bargain.

                    3. Also ad hominem. Not surprising though, as no one I’ve ever met has been able to defend AoC laws without making fallacious arguments.

                      All I ask is someone defend their position without begging the question. I don’t think that is too much to ask.

    3. “As a result of the sexual assault and its aftermath, (the teen) experienced severe emotional distress, humiliation and embarrassment and fell into irreversible depression that tragically led to her taking her own life on February 6, 2010,” Hanlon said in a complaint filed against Rambold.
      Hanlon told CNN the relationship was to blame for her daughter’s death.
      “Well it definitely had something to do with it,” she said. “A teenager’s whole life is about school and their friends, and he turned everyone against her.”

      Uh, just spitballing here, but how exactly did the whole school and I assume town come to know about it?

      As the case wound its way through the legal system, the girl committed suicide. She was a few weeks shy of her 17th birthday.

      Ah. So I’m not saying the teacher is a victim here, but I think the public humiliation the girl felt that spurred the suicide is more properly laid at the feet of the people who told the whole fucking world about her personal relationships.

      1. True. But that wouldn’t have happened had this guy had even a shred or decency. I would be sympathetic to that if she were a bit older and he were closer in age to her. But not here. He just found a mixed up kid and took advantage of her. He needs to rot in prison for a long time.

        1. So if a 50 year old has sex with a 20 year old it must be an old man automatically taking advantage of a young woman and he should rot in prison for having what would be consensual sex if it weren’t codified in law to be something else?

        2. Maybe if she was 21 then it would be OK?

          What about a 20 year old and a 15 year old? And what if they really love each other and get married and live out their lives happily?

          What about a 20 year old and a 15 year old were just hooking up for casual sex, is it different then?

        3. True. But that wouldn’t have happened had this guy had even a shred or decency.

          It also wouldn’t have happened if this hadn’t been a three year court case.

          I’m not arguing the statutory rape charge. I do think it’s a bullshit crime in many cases, although this one strains that window. What I’m saying is that you cannot blame him for her suicide, because it wasn’t sleeping with him that caused the suicide, it was the government and the media making it a public spectacle.

          See, if he seduced her, dumped her, and she killed herself leaving a note saying it was a broken heart that spurred her suicide, that would be one thing. But that’s not what happened.

          You can blame him for the statutory rape if you want, but there’s no way he should be charged with her death. That’s not his fault.

  48. “Syria challenges the U.S. to prove it.”

    That’s easy. On which side are the victims?

  49. Football pick em league news? Are we doing this?

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