A.M. Links: US Awaits UN Results on Syrian Chemical Weapons Inspection, NYPD Labels Mosques as Terrorist Organizations, Alec Baldwin Attacks


Credit: UK Government/wikimedia
  • Using predominantly Israeli military intelligence, U.N. chemical weapons experts began their second day of inspections in the eastern Ghouta suburb of Damascus today. Vice President Joe Biden has already concluded that there is "no doubt" the Assad Regime, not the Syrian rebels, is responsible for using the chemical weapons. Syria challenges the U.S. to prove it. If the Obama Administration gets its way, experts expect the U.S. will use tomahawk cruise missiles against Assad's forces. The U.K. will introduce a resolution at the U.N. Security Council today that would authorize action to protect Syrian civilians from chemical weapons. 
  • The New York Police Department secretly categorized entire mosques as terrorist organizations so that cops could use informants to spy on imams and record sermons, often regardless of evidence of criminal behavior.
  • Dallas police have adopted a "knock and talk" policy to get inside the houses of low-level drug dealers. Since May, the 46-member task force has already made over 500 arrests and seized over 130 guns and 400 pounds of drugs.
  • Girls Gone Wild creator, Joe Francis, was found guilty of choking a woman and repeatedly slamming her head into the ground. He was sentenced to 270 days in jail and three years probation.
  • Alec Baldwin confronted a photographer recently. Pictures show the actor pushing the paparazzo against the hood of a car. 
  • Several Florida high schools are cracking down on skimpy attire by banning their own cheerleading uniforms.
  • All 25,000 applicants to the University of Liberia, one of the nation's two universities, failed the entrance exam after the school raised its admission standards this year. 

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