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Obama and Cameron Threaten 'Serious Response' if Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria is Confirmed

Opposition activists claims hundreds were killed in recent chemical attack outside Damascus


The UK and the US have threatened a "serious response" if it emerges Syria used chemical weapons last week, Downing Street has said.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron and US President Barack Obama spoke on the phone for 40 minutes on Saturday.

Both were "gravely concerned" by "increasing signs that this was a significant chemical weapons attack carried out by the Syrian regime".

The Syrian regime and opposition have accused each other over the attacks.

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  1. So what do people think of the veracity of the alleged attack? I’m skeptical but I’m not willing to immediately take the rebels or Assad’s word for it.

    1. What does it matter? Both sides are horrible, anything either of them says is probably a lie, and we have no national interest there.

      One more war for our Nobel Peace Laureate to get us involved in.

      1. What does it matter?

        Well if it ends up being used as reason for the US and UK to intervene then I would think it matters.

        Also are you saying I can’t have any interest whatsoever in the foreign affairs of any country whatsoever since that makes me a warmonger?

        1. …the veracity of the alleged attack? I’m skeptical…

          …anything either of them says is probably a lie…

          OK, since we agree, what’s the issue? We have no way of knowing, probably won’t in the future. So, no, it just doesn’t matter. O-man will get us into a war regardless.

          1. Like OMWC says, there’s no boner like a War Boner.

    2. When the “red line” was drawn a great motive was created on the rebel side to “be gassed.” With absolute fools such as Obama and Cameron offering huge incentives to fake an attack, it’s impossible to know if it’s real or not.

      It’s not like Islamists are unwilling to “martyr” their own to achieve a goal.

  2. The poison gas attack was real and it can all properly be laid on the heads of both of the Presidents BOOOOOSH…

  3. The angry letters are on their way.

    “We condemn this chemical warfare in Syria. Condemn you, chemical weaponry in Syria, condemn you to hell!!!!”

  4. I have an final revision of the letter:

    Dear Brother Assad,

    I am going to feign that I offended by your gassing of my brothers. Of course you know I don’t give a rats ass. I’d write more but I’m tee-off at Augusta in 30 minutes and need to Get Into Da Choppa.

    Love and Regards,

    Ayatollah O

    1. PS, I can get you into the Club, so don’t worry if you’ve heard not-nice things about Augusta, your name is on Guest List.

  5. Obama – part time Messiah, full time war pig

    1. “OBAMA AND GENERALS in their masses
      Just like witches at black masses
      Evil minds that plot destruction
      Sorcerers of death’s construction
      In the fields the bodies burning
      As the war machine keeps turning
      Death and hatred to mankind
      Poisoning their brainwashed minds”

      “…..Making war just for fun….”

      Black Sabbath way ahead of their time.

      1. Brings back memories of sitting in my bedroom enjoying a little Sabbath, on the Sabbath, with my father yelling “DAMN IT, TURN IT DOWN!” from the living room.

        Years later he admitted to liking the music. Just not played over, and over. Crimson and Clover, over and over. And over.

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