Internet Upset With Choice of Ben Affleck to Play Batman

2015 Man of Steel sequel will feature Ben Affleck as Batman


After months of speculation and rumors about who would next play the Caped Crusader, it was announced late Thursday that Batman will be none other than Ben Affleck.

Warner Brothers said the Argo star will take on the role in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel from director Zack Snyder. Fans have known since this year's Comic-Con that the Steel follow-up will feature not only Henry Cavill as Superman but also his fellow DC Comics vigilante Batman. And based on the suggested source material (the comic The Dark Knight Returns), it's been thought that whoever would fill Bruce Wayne's bodysuit would have to go head-to-head with Cavill when the two classic heroes battle it out.

With all that anticipation (and coming off Christian Bale's acclaimed run as Batman) online reactions to the news that Affleck has the job have been unsurprisingly vocal, and largely negative.