Barack Obama

Obama Begins Two-Day Education Reform Tour

Heading through New York and Pennsylvania


President Obama on Thursday hits the road in a two-day bus tour through New York and Pennsylvania, where he plans to stop at a series of colleges to push for reforms to make higher education more affordable.

The president plans to lay out proposals that go beyond what he said in his February State of the Union address, in which he called for a shift to more vocational training for high school students. In that speech, he also called on Congress to tie federal aid for colleges with affordability and value.


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  1. Well yeah, just about time! Why in the world he was not thinking about it in the end of May when the issue of increasing interest rates and education costs was brought up by the Congress? Why was he remain silent back then? Now when everything is ready to go he started to understand what terrible consequences may haunt this country?The best thing for him to do at this very point is to start providing with more decent jobs our college grads. By the way, does Obama know that so many students will work while they study which means missed classes and bad grades. Of course MyEssayService can compensate some of bad grades by being responsible for the written works?but how about other subjects students will most likely fail at?

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