Photographer Busted for "Interfering" With LAPD

That clicking shutter distracts the cops every time


Los Angeles photographer Shawn Nee says in a handwritten complaint filed August 16 against the Los Angeles Police Department that after he was detained for interferring with a police investigation, he was "handcuffed to a bench" by officers at the Hollywood Community Police Station and a detective "ignored" repeated requests by Nee to speak with his attorney.

Nee says that LAPD officers in Hollywood infringed on his first amendment right to take pictures from a public space on June 2, 2013. LAPD officers detained Nee while he took photos from a sidewalk 90 feet away, although Nee was never charged at the Hollywood station.

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  1. These “police officers” ride around in rolling recording studios: 360 degree audio and video….remote audio and video when the “officer” leaves the vehicle….4 corner speed detection….gps recording….and these assholes have the gall to get snippy when someone records them.

    If you’re involved in modern day “police” activity, you people have a real problem. You really need a friendly and firm boot put on your neck.

    I see a cop anymore, I puke only after delivering a firm middle finger.

  2. But it’s all For The Children! Because Government Almighty Loves us more than we love ourselves!!! Can’t you SEE?!?! Be REASONABLE (and agreeable) now! Else Ve Vill take you Avay (into the Nacht unt Nebel). Secret Court time now…

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