Son of Muslim Brotherhood Leader Killed in Egypt's Protests

173 killed on Friday


A son of the leader of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood was killed during protests against the army-backed interim government, the Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party said Saturday as the death toll rose to 173.

Ammar Badie, son of Mohammed Badie, was shot dead in Cairo's Ramses Square on Friday, the party said on its website.

He died near the al-Fath mosque, which was turned into a makeshift field hospital for injured protesters.

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  1. The simplest approach involves the word “meh”. A pox on both of their houses, and a nice game of ‘lesser of two evils’. Considering the military wants things to quiet down, and the MB wants to take over the world, I’ll go with the Egyptian military on this one.

    As has been provided as ample preview time and again, if the MB and their ilk gain and hold power, the blood from the past couple of days will be a paper cut.

    Kill them all. Just kill them all. Or we’ll be stuck with a bunch that’ll make the Nazis look like they just wanted to play patty-cake.

    1. There is no lesser evil in this case.

      The military is tolerant and fairly liberal. People could largely do or dress however they want. Was the government corrupt? Sure, but it’s not different than say Chicago.

      The MB wants to basically enslave everyone under Sharia law, and kill non-Muslims. They’ve started attacking churchs.

      You can’t fight people willing to use violence with anything except violence.

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