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Photographer Alleges Being 'Handcuffed to a Bench' and Attorney Requests 'Ignored' in Complaint Against LAPD


Los Angeles photographer Shawn Nee says in a handwritten complaint filed August 16 against the Los Angeles Police Department that after he was detained for interferring with a police investigation, he was "handcuffed to a bench" by officers at the Hollywood Community Police Station and a detective "ignored" repeated requests by Nee to speak with his attorney.

Nee says that LAPD officers in Hollywood infringed on his first amendment right to take pictures from a public space on June 2, 2013. LAPD officers detained Nee while he took photos from a sidewalk 90 feet away, although Nee was never charged at the Hollywood station.

The complaint reads:

On June 2, 2013, Foster #2175, Palmer #2204, and Sergeant Rudy Vidal #23398, arrested me after photographing Foster and Palmer from a public sidewalk. Despite standing 90ft away, behind a cement-wall, two chain-link fences, a back yard, and a driveway, the officers claimed I interferred with their investigation. I was handcuffed, transported to the Hollywood Station, handcuffed to a bench and escorted to an interrogation room for questioning. Detective Mossi #34657 ignored my repeated requests to speak with my attorney. He also continued to question me despite invoking my right to remain silent multiple times. I was released without charge once Mossi learned my attorney's name. My detainment and arrest lasted approximately 1.5 hours.

The attorney Nee asked to speak with was Peter Bibring of the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California, who is representing Nee in a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department. That lawsuit alleges deputies have been detaining and searching photographers for taking photos.

Nee released an edited version of June 2nd's events which can be seen below. He told LA Weekly that he wants to wait to release the unedited version because he wants to catch the LAPD in their alleged lies:


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  1. Ironic that as all of us are being put under surveillance by the NSA, our right to watch the powers that be is under assault.

    They’re going after whistle blowers for telling the American people the truth, and they’re going after photographers for taking pictures of the police.

    Who will watch the watchers? I guess the watchers don’t want to be watched.

    1. I like giving out false info to confuse them.

    2. “Ironic that as all of us are being put under surveillance by the NSA, our right to watch the powers that be is under assault.”

      I think the word you’re looking for is “consistent”, not ironic. They can do whatever they want.

      1. Yeah, my use of the word “ironic”, there, was supposed to be ironic.

    3. I guess the watchers don’t want to be watched.

      Of course not.
      It’s risky to plant evidence when a pesky subject is photographing you.

    4. These people believe that the American people are the enemy. They have been raised to believe in multiculturalism and that the US is the root of most evils in the world. At the same time, they have been told that most Americans are racist and stupid and can’t be trusted. So it is no surprise they worry more about controlling Americans than anyone else.

      1. I think they’ve always wanted to go after us like this. It’s just that they didn’t have the technology before, and Americans weren’t all on the internet where we’re so easily trackable before.

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    1. And if you believe that, I’ve got the Brooklyn Bridge to sell you, for cheap.

      1. Great rejoinder.

      2. Isn’t that the name of a NYC dental practice?

  3. The LAPD thought his camera was Chris Dorner. They showed remarkable restraint.

  4. If he didn’t want to be handcuffed to a bench he should not have taken pictures of cops.

  5. Cameras steal souls. The fuzz were responding appropriately.

  6. Speaking of camera crimes, this seems appropriate:…..ty-photos/

    1. I can’t tell if the thing hugging Luke Perry is male or female. It’s like an anthropomorphic blob tried to assume human form but didn’t know the difference between the two sexes, and so ended up as a weird conglomeration of each.

      1. As usual, Bruce Campbell pulls it off with style. Of course, he doesn’t have to worry about being raped by the fans like Summer Glau or Morena Baccarin.

        But this is my favorite

        1. “Alright you Primitive Screwheads, listen up! You see this? This… is my boomstick! The twelve-gauge double-barreled Remington. S-Mart’s top of the line. You can find this in the sporting goods department. That’s right, this sweet baby was made in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Retails for about a hundred and nine, ninety five. It’s got a walnut stock, cobalt blue steel, and a hair trigger. That’s right. Shop smart. Shop S-Mart. You got that? “

          1. h that’s just what we call pillow talk, baby, that’s all.

    2. Parents should put a poster of her face on the ceiling of their baby cribs.

      She has the most pleasing face I could imagine.


    Yglesias proves once again that not all retarded people are sweet and nice. In fairness, Yglesias is so stupid and misinformed he probably has no idea that Jews are often libled over money.

    1. I’ll file that under really stupid tweet. But his article is even dumber:

      Obviously Greenspan fell down on the job as a bank regulator entirely. On the other hand, he did an excellent job of resisting calls for tighter money in the mid-1990s and brought us the only period of sustained working class wage growth in decades.

      Is the dotcom bust committed to the dustbin of history already?

      1. Dude, that was like, over a decade ago or something…

    2. Liked this reply:

      Fixed it, since not racist. @mattyglesias Turns out Blacks actually have a pretty bad record as Presidents. Stick with Whites

      1. Coleman Young, ‘I’m the MFIC, Motherfucker In Charge!’

      1. A lot of stuff the idiots write is just them lying for partisan purposes. But something like that, which doesn’t relate to a specific politician or pending policy is not a lie but something they actually think.

        That he would write that shows that he has absolutely no understanding of micro economics. There is nothing partisan about it. Anyone, right or left, you thinks that doesn’t understand even the basics of micro economics. And to think someone that profoundly ignorant is employed as an “economics blogger”.

        1. He’s economically illiterate and also a partisan hack.

          The context in which he made that statement is in the partisan hack category.

          He’s arguing that taxing small businesses at a higher rate than large corporations will not advantage large corporations over small businesses.

          To me, it’s breathtakingly idiotic and partisan.

          Fucking Obama fellating douchebag.

          1. It amazes me how poorly educated our supposed media elites are. Someone like him or Klein don’t know anything. They are amazingly poorly read. They are terrible writers. They show very poor reasoning skills. All they know how to do is repeat talking points. Sure, that is their job and why they are hired. But it is more than that. That is what they were trained to do in school. No one ever taught them anything. They spent their entire lives in the liberal hive being conditioned to believe nonsense and emote rather than think.

            1. Actually, his job for Slate is to generate page hits. Intelligent, fair-minded, well-reasoned arguments don’t do this.

            2. Those who can, do.

              Those who can’t, teach.

              Those who can’t teach, become journalists.

              The fact that the morons in the press, and they are almost universally morons, ever had any gravitas or credibility is actually stunning. They’ve really never had any expertise in anything other than pushing an agenda.

              My favorite quote on the subject is from Crichton:

              “Briefly stated, the Gell-Mann Amnesia effect is as follows. You open the newspaper to an article on some subject you know well. In Murray’s case, physics. In mine, show business. You read the article and see the journalist has absolutely no understanding of either the facts or the issues. Often, the article is so wrong it actually presents the story backward?reversing cause and effect. I call these the “wet streets cause rain” stories. Paper’s full of them.

              In any case, you read with exasperation or amusement the multiple errors in a story, and then turn the page to national or international affairs, and read as if the rest of the newspaper was somehow more accurate about Palestine than the baloney you just read. You turn the page, and forget what you know.”

              1. It has gotten much worse. Journalists used to just write the news badly. Now they mostly pontificate. Someone like Yglesias isn’t even a journalist. He wouldn’t last ten minutes in a traditional journalism job. Could imagine that little deviant out covering a crime beat or the local city council meeting?

                Old school journalists, got a lot wrong, but they at least had writing skills and some basic fact gathering skills. Now, they don’t even have that. I can’t think of a single skill that clown has. And I don’t count having no shame or integrity as being a skill.

                1. He is exactly the sort of moron who covers city council meetings and crime beats. He would die on the sports page, which is the only part of the newspaper that’s remotely accurate.

                  1. “We must get rid of our arrogant assumption that it is the masses who can be led by the nose. As far as I can make out, the shoe is on the other foot. The only people who are really the dupes of their favorite newspapers are the intelligentsia. It is they who read leading articles: the poor read the sporting news, which is mostly true.”
                    – C.S. Lewis

                2. John–One of the old greats just died:


                  I didn’t always agree with his opinions, but he certainly knew what the hell was going on.

                  1. Try this one.


                    Fuck the NYT paywall.

        2. The fact that he refused to acknowledge the fallacy of his remark after being corrected by many people would indicate “partisan hack”, not “idiot”. Even idiots recognize when they were wrong.

          1. “Even idiots recognize when they were wrong.”

            Like when you lied about leaving, and then came back, and everyone called you a liar and you never owned up?

    3. Why is money green?

      Because the Jews pick it before it is ripe! So don’t let them be Fed chairmen!

    4. I liked this comment

      John Ekdahl, Jr. @JohnEkdahl

      I’m sure this @mattyglesias tweet sounded better in the original German.
      11:34 AM – 16 Aug 2013

      1. His defense is that since he is a non practicing Jew it is totally okay for him to joke about really vile shit about Jews.

        Go down into the comments on the Twitchy article and look at the picture of him one of the commentators posted. Look at that picture and tell me he doesn’t have an extra chromosome.

        1. You may as well say that an apostate Catholic can’t be anti-Catholic.

        2. There were a lot of good ones. We just need to let them know his real name is “Sadbeard, the Kinda Pirate.”

          1. The picture of him in the bad suit is just sad. The tie not pulled up properly. It just screams “someone dressed me this morning”.

    5. Turns out Jews actually have a pretty bad record as Fed chairmen. Stick with Protestants

      I knew that he was a moron, but I hadn’t realize that he’s also a racist.

      1. Yeah, remind me of all the great things the Protestants did at the Fed.

    1. Helicopter mom in development

    2. Why not just let the diamond mine owners name her when she sells her into slavery? Don’t tell me she’s one of those people that goes to that breeds children and keeps them. How quaint.

    3. Well, she ends up acknowledges it as postpartum ‘cray cray’, which I’ve seen firsthand (my wife freaked out when we came home from the hospital because she thought the flat was too cold and his ‘nose was cold’, she even called her doctor).

      Not that she doesn’t sound like an obnoxious person in general.

    4. Best comment:

      Geoffrey ? 9 hours ago
      Okay, this has to be the Yahoo equivalent of being Rick Rolled on YouTube…

    5. I’m sure she saw my red eyes and thought I was in some postpartum freak-out

      Huh, why would she think that?

    6. Let me guess the mom was also too stupid to give her a middle name to fall back on.

  8. Why am I being detained? FYTW.


    The various beltway Republican establishment members are morose and sad. Those crazy tea party and libertarian nihilists are just screwing up all of their plans.

    This piece is really grade A concern trolling. They don’t care about winning or fixing anything. They are just pissed that they might not be able steal anymore or be able to sell out to the other side.

    1. ? The few Republicans who stood up and tried to move the party ahead were swatted into submission: Speaker John Boehner on fiscal matters and Sen. Marco Rubio on immigration are the poster boys for this.

      ? Republicans are all flirting with a fall that could see influential party voices threatening to default on the debt or shut down the government ? and therefore ending all hopes of proving they are not insane when it comes to governance.

      Haven’t seen this much disingenuous concern trolling since that Gillespie article on Palin.


    Rand Paul spends his summer doing free eye surgery for the poor. Serious question, how many prominent liberal politicians have a skill that could be used to help people like this and can anyone thing of them actually doing any such thing?

    Howard Dean, who is a doctor of some sort, is the only liberal politician I can think of who has a skill of any kind. But I can’t think of any of them ever doing anything like this.

    1. I totally respect people who do that. I have a colleague from college who’s a dentist. He and a group of dentists go to central/south America every year and provide free dental care for a couple weeks. Awesome…

      1. It is. I think it is the result of seeing the world as something besides politics. For liberals politics is the entire universe. So, they think that working in politics is the only way to help people.

    2. RAND PAUL!

    3. is the only liberal politician I can think of who has a skill of any kind.

      Yes, it’s true, most liberals are lawyers.

      1. Dude, they could do mad stuff for the poor. If you’re poor and need to sign any sort of contract you’re at the mercy of whomever puts it in front of you. An attourney could donate some time to a charity that goes over legal documents for working class people. Or even provide a good criminal defense for a poor person.

        1. whoever, you hypercorrecting weirdo

    4. An illustrative example. One girl I know just spent a year with the UN in Africa. She was distributing food, medicine, clothing, etc. Very liberal do gooder. And I’m sure that, while they were there, those people’s lives were improved. And as long as the aid keeps coming, they’ll stay that way.

      But my little brother went to a horrible, deplorably reactionary institution called the Virginia Military Institute. So when they went to Bolivia, they didn’t hand out free stuff. Mean bigots. No, they built an irrigation system. Which means the colorful natives will no longer be dependent on the rain, which means they will generate a surplus of crops which can be sold at market. So instead of nobly helping, all that these wicked engineering students did was contribute to the harsh and rapacious march of capitalism. They have ruined a traditional, carbon neutral lifestyle forever. All in the name of filthy profits.

  11. So intelligent white people who claim to not be racist but who reject liberal policies that always hurt the minorities they intend to help, do so because deep down they’re really racist like everyone else.

    “High-ability whites are less likely to report prejudiced attitudes and more likely to say they support racial integration in principle,” said Geoffrey Wodtke, a doctoral candidate in sociology. “But they are no more likely than lower-ability whites to support open housing laws and are less likely to support school busing and affirmative action programs.”…..005342.htm

    1. These policies may not help black people, but at least they make white people suffer. Isn’t that the main thing?

      Next you’ll say that the annual Whipping of the Honkies doesn’t contribute to black welfare, but simply provides an excuse to lash out (in this case literally).

    2. Could it be that they are the ones most directly affected by busing and AA programs? If white people don’t want to sacrifice their kids’ education and college chances to help blacks, it is just because they are racist.

      1. Not to mention the fact that they don’t work. If you’re a educated black male, you are a highly sought after individual by HR departments everywhere. All affirmative action does is to call in to question that you are actually qualified which has to suck. Busing probably has done more to inner cities than any other policy I can think of.

    3. “In some cases, more intelligent whites were actually less likely to support remedial policies for racial inequality. For example, about 27 percent of the least intelligent whites supported school busing programs, compared with 23 percent of the most intelligent whites.”

      Oh and school busing worked so well! You would have to be blind and stupid to still be talking about school busing as anything other than an abject failure.

      1. Here is a good example of someone raised in the liberal hive. The idea that busing and affirmative action are actually really horrible policies that hurt everyone would never occur to this guy. To him, they are unquestionable goods and the only reason someone could object to them is out of malice towards black people. Liberals are trained to believe not think.

      2. Failure? Didn’t it give employment to diversity specialists and attorneys? Who weeps for them?

        1. And would you deprive liberals of the innocent pleasure fapping to the thought of their own self-righteousness?

  12. I have to admire the restraint of the LAPD here. It’s obviously a crime to photograph the police, but the cops decided not to charge him. Now I bet he’s going to claim that this shows he didn’t commit a crime at all! Ingrate. He should be glad he wasn’t beaten within an inch of his life.

  13. Off Topic

    I was watching MadCow last night and she was in a lather over the prospect of Detroit being forced to liquidate their art museum as part of their bankruptcy. Going on and on about how outrageous and evil it was to even propose such a thing.

    I just don’t get it. Detroit has 600k residents, it’s basically revert back to a third rate town, so why should it be hoarding art that could be seen / enjoyed by more people in a larger city. Beyond that, what person ever gave a shit about the art that their city owns. I sure as a fuck don’t and I’d be pissed if the city that I lived in proposed buying a fraction of what Detroit has.

    1. “Off topic”

      How dare you!

    2. It just shows that liberals are about cultural snobbery. Art museums are things they like. Therefore, it is totally okay to sacrifice money for say police or whatever other city services to keep it. The government is supposed to more than anything cater to their personal tastes and values.

      1. Mention “art” to some of these folks and you’ll get a Pavlovian reaction. They can’t really help it. They’re for Art and their opponents are against it – Philistines who only care about pictures of dogs playing poker.

        Remember how Jesse Helms said the feds shouldn’t subsidize porno? Maddow and co. are still shaking in indignation at the very memory.

        1. Correction – for all I know, poker-playing dogs might be undergoing some kind of populist revival, so long as it isn’t dismissed as too representational.

    3. Because people in the suburbs who don’t pay city taxes want to be able to drive into the city and see art. They don’t want to actually do that. They just want to be able to if they feel like it. Those same people used to live in the city and pay city taxes but they had to move which is why cities are now broke. See school busing comments above.


    Journalist compares shale to Rearden metal. Comenters to the article proceed to prove him exactly right.

  15. From Egypt: School buses burned at Jesuit Cultural Centre in Minya, Upper Egypt. Photos from Jesuits in Cairo

    I doesn’t say who did the burning, so I suppose it *could* have been the Ethical Culture Liberation Front or something.

    1. The sad fact is that if the Copts burned a mosque, Obama would be all over it.

      1. Here’s a facebook page about the incident:

        It claims the burning was done by “rebels.” If this correct (and I don’t want to go out on a limb here), then these are the people on whose behalf so many people are threatening aid cut-offs to the Egyptian govt. I’m no fan of foreign aid, but such an ill-times cutoff would not be a good thing for the morale of the law-and-order forces.

        1. Oops, forgot the link:

        2. I’m no fan of foreign aid, but such an ill-times cutoff would not be a good thing for the morale of the law-and-order forces.

          Then take up a goddam collection for Egyptian law and order. Don’t take it from me by force.

        3. To paraphrase what I said to joe many years ago:

          If most people are willing to fund Egyptian law and order, using taxes to fund it is unnecessary.
          If most people are unwilling to fund Egyptian law and order, using taxes to fund it is undemocratic.

          1. I complained about the *timing* of the cut-off, which is not in any way, shape or form motivated by respect for the public fisc. I mean, for fuck’s sake, it’s *Europeans* making this demand.

            Are you utterly blind? This isn’t about protecting the taxpayers, it’s about embarrassing the Egyptian government just at the time that it faces an Islamist threat – there was no problem giving aid to Egypt under Mubarak or Morsi, but suddenly they discover that Egypt is “undemocratic.”

            1. Ask your allies for an assurance that they won’t restore aid if their MB brethren regain power.

              Of course, they won’t give any such guarantee.

              You’re a sucker.

  16. I don’t understand German (even thought I took two years in HS), but I do understand Dog.

  17. Sometimes man, you jsut have to roll with it. Wow.

    1. Hey, did you know that Facebook has actual bean footage?

      1. Youtube, sorry

  18. It is undeniable that photographing or recording cops amounts to interference with an investigation because it makes it more difficult for cops to include fabrications in their report and, as we all know, fabrications are an important part of police investigations.

  19. Hahahahaha! I bet all you people thought that the “Serve and Protect” motto was about citizens. It’s not. The only people cops serve and protect are other cops.

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