Obamacare's Part-Time Work Incentives



There's been some debate about whether Obamacare is systematically pushing employers across the economy to cap hours for part time workers. (For the best case that it isn't, see Bloomberg's Evan Soltas.) But there's plenty of anecdotal evidence that it's cutting worker hours in specific industries.

Reporters from NBC News, for example, talked to just shy of 20 different businesses across the country, and reported that "almost all said that because of the new law they'd be cutting back hours for some employees." The administration responded that the evidence was anecdotal, and lacking in systematic proof.

But Joseph Hansen, the president of the 1.2 million member United Food and Commercial Workers union, which supported Obamacare, argued that it's definitely happening, even if the data has yet to catch up with the trend. "Wait a year," he told NBC News. "You'll see tremendous impact as workers have their hours reduced and their incomes reduced. The facts are already starting to show up. Their statistics, I think, are a little behind the time."

Jed Graham of Investor's Business Daily, who has been writing about the health law's effects on work hours for a while now, points to additional data from select industries. "Among retail bakeries," he writes, "home-improvement stores and providers of social assistance to the elderly and disabled, the workweek for nonmanagers has fallen to record-low levels — by far. At general merchandise stores, department stores and discounters, the rate at which the workweek has fallen since early 2012 is way off the charts relative to prior data going back to 1990." The shift, he notes, has occurred pretty much exactly in sync with the start of Obamacare's incentives toward limiting work hours.

Even if there's no sign of the shift within the data so far, it's clear that it's on many employers' minds—even employers in the public sector. Reuters reports that "school boards, already struggling to manage after years of state budget cuts, are trying to get ahead of the potential costs of Obamacare for the current academic year, education and labor officials say." If they can't find "creative solutions" to keep their budgets in check, school officials say they "risk cutting back staff hours further." 


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  1. their hours reduced and their incomes reduced.

    Nothing to do about that but raise taxes.

    1. I don’t think you’re thinking this through… the obvious answer is a government mandate that no-one is allowed to be employed for less than 40 hours a week at $25/hr. And any hours over 25 have to be overtime, because working more than 5 hrs a day violates civil rights!

  2. Well….Duh!

  3. Let’s wait until a bunch of people have less income and the economy takes another major blow before we find out what’s in this law.

  4. But Joseph Hansen, the president of the 1.2 million member United Food and Commercial Workers union, which supported Obamacare

    you get what you vote for.

    1. Elections have consequences, yo

  5. CAPTION!!

    “…so then you’re gonna bend over like this, and I’m gonna start fuckin’…”

    1. Caption: My farts really do smell like roses, amirite?

    2. “Michelle says the kids call this ‘twerping’ or something.”

  6. I think it’s pretty appropriate that the exclusion zone around President Obama is disrupting business in that little bakery. Everywhere he goes he’s screwing small businesses.

    1. Why even do these “I’m normal people, just like you peons!” photo-ops if you are going to be required to keep a royal distance from your subjects?

      In this case, I assume the motivation was the opportunity to moon them?

      1. In that picture he is loudly and messily shitting his pants, making sure everyone in the store knows about it, daring anyone to say anything. Daring them to even think it.

        1. I could definitely see him calling bathroom stall meetings ala LBJ.

          1. It’s more than that, BP. After six years of forcing people to carry out your will, ruining peoples’ lives for political advantage, and even murdering innocent people and still having the approval of not only the sycophants who are paid for their loyalty, but also an uncritical press and even successful celebrities and business leaders, the petty tyrannies of unchecked authority and murder grow tiresome.

            So Obama has to get creative. He has to find new and innovative ways to humiliate his subjects. He’ll soil his pants, excuse himself to the restroom to change, and fold up the used slacks, heavy with stinking presidential fecal matter, give them to the store owners, and tell them to display it in their bakery case. And they will. The Secret Service will see to it. And then they’ll disappear the baker’s youngest child just because they can.

            He never felt bad for them. But now he openly despises them, feels they deserve all he can dish out and worse. They chose him, after all.

            1. Hugh’s been thinking about this. A lot. Fantasizing, even.

            2. He was always only so-so at hiding his contempt for little people, so you may be on to something.

              1. I really think he hates his white supporters most of all. He has to. It is human nature. His whole career is built on telling stupid white people what they want to hear and letting them project their hopes and beliefs onto him. A lifetime of doing that must have bred an unimaginable amount of contempt for such people.

  7. “Don’t Hate On Al Gore for His $30 Million Apple Score”

    So Gore has just spent a little over $440,000 to acquire stock worth nearly $30 million as of Thursday’s close. And what did he do for all that money? Attended a board meeting a few times a year for the last decade. Had Steve Jobs’ back when it counted. That’s all. Not bad for someone who didn’t invent the Internet.


  8. “…school boards, already struggling to manage after years of state budget cuts…”

    Citation needed. Don’t the school boards get more and more each year? At least here in CA they sure as shit do.

    1. Well, yes, but they probably only get a 10% annual increase, whereas they request a 20% annual increase, so that means their spending has been cut by 50%!

      1. *Public School Approved Math

  9. George Will, usually one of the more restrained and cautious voices of the right, opens up and says what we all know is true: this administration outdoes even Nixon in contempt for the constitution and rule of law.

    1. The question is will people care and the Democratic Party pay a price for becoming the party of corruption and lawlessness or will they not. In places like Illinois the voters, or not enough of them, do and the place is completely falling apart. Fortunately America doesn’t look like Chicago. Black voters for whatever reason don’t give a fuck when their political leaders turn out to be crooks. They just keep re-electing them. Whites tend to be less forgiving. But the Dems are working hard to get them to be the same.

      1. Speaking of corrupt black leaders: do you think the Feds are gonna get to Vince Grey, or did he buffer himself with enough cronies?

        1. I bet they do eventually. And he will get out of jail and end up back on the city council or on the PG council if DC has gone totally white hipster by then.

          1. Is it bad that I knew he was corrupt just by his horn-rims and bow ties? Maybe it wasn’t his style so much as his just being a DC politician. FWIW, I think Jim Graham is way more corrupt.

            1. The DC government is horrible. It once functioned reasonably well for a big city government. But Berry destroyed it. He put in all of his cronies in positions where they couldn’t be fired.

      2. Black voters for whatever reason don’t give a fuck when their political leaders turn out to be crooks.

        Whitey always be tryin’ to hold a brotha down with laws n’ shit.

  10. End the tyranny of the 40 hour work week.
    Ten hours recreation, Eight hours rest, Six hours labor,

    1. It seems like there is a chance that an unintended consequence of this is that a four day work week becomes standard across the board.

      1. Vive la France!

  11. http://newyork.cbslocal.com/20…..n-chelsea/

    Hey gays, how is that mindless support of the Democratic Party and their insane gun laws working out for you? Those strict New York gun laws sure do make people safe.

    1. We are not all equal unless we can all be defenseless victims together.

    2. “We have our complete faith in the NYPD ? they are great guys; they’re amazing. They’re going to find the guys,” (one of the victims) Felenchak said.

      Yeah, good luck with that.

      1. No one deserves to be beat up. But I have a hard time having sympathy for someone who fine with the government making it impossible for them and anyone else to defend themselves.

        1. They honestly believe every time they get annoyed with someone they would kill them if they had a gun. All I can think is that they are cowards because if you don’t think you could keep from shooting why aren’t you throwing punches all the time. Because you want the ability to kill without risk. That is why they vote democrat. They can use violence against those they despise with no personal risk.

          1. That is my theory. But that seems to be a real fools errand for gays. I think it is a pretty bad idea to be so committed to the Left that being gay becomes synonymous with being a leftist. Some day being a leftist is not going to be so popular. And when that day comes, gay rights may go right out the window if gays have submersed themselves into the movement like this.

            1. Well there are the log cabin republicans, but I think the libertarian party makes the most sense for gays, since they have been a target of government persecution in the past.

              1. I don’t expect gays to be Republicans. But for them not to be Libertarian is really inexcusable and totally irrational.

          2. And of course the day it becomes politically expedient for the left to turn on gays, where are the gays going to go?

            1. I think much more likely is the left just not giving a shit about gays. The Dems already know that gays are going to vote for them regardless, so why bother going out of their way to help gays?

      2. Is this the same NYPD that several weeks ago beat and arrested a few gay men, one of whom they accused of urinating in public?

        Sounds solid, man. Like, wow.

    3. There are groups out there, like the Pink Pistols and gayswithguns, pushing the idea that armed gays don’t get bashed and that gun rights are civil rights. Makes sense to me.

      1. And good for them. The gays ought to be going ape shit over the Dems anti-gun views. If they don’t want to leave the Democratic Party, fine. But how the hell can they not be trying to change the party on those issues?

  12. The obvious solution is to mandate health coverage for everyone regardless of hours. That should effectively eliminate part time jobs entirely.

    1. and the obvious response to that is the 60 hour week for a salary of $26385 annually. 2 workers doing the work of 3 for 2 insurance premiums.

      1. Um…. Nah! Not gonna feed it.

        1. feed what? I’m just pointing out overtime with 2 insurance premiums is cheaper than no overtime with 3 insurance premiums. if they overrule the part time exemption this will happen.

          1. My mistake. I thought you were making an argument you weren’t. Apologies.

    2. The obvious solution is to mandate health coverage for everyone regardless of hours. That should effectively eliminate part time jobs small businesses entirely.

  13. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/08…..share&_r=0

    A gay man pretends homosexual rape doesn’t exist and explains how capitalism and masculinity is the root of all rape. The stupid is unbelievably strong in this. I fear for the country that this asshole is actually employed by DOD.

    1. And the idea that gays are somehow not masculine is going to come as a hell of a surprise to a whole group of gay men out thee.

  14. Impeachable Offenses: New Book by Aaron Klein and Brenda Elliott Lays Out Case for Impeaching Barack Obama

    In a lengthy indictment of President Barack Obama, two best-selling authors argue in a forthcoming book that the current occupant of the White House has committed numerous ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ that could justify his impeachment and removal from office.
    ‘Consider this book to be … a blueprint for drafting articles of impeachment,’ author Aaron Klein told MailOnline, which exclusively reviewed a copy of his ‘Impeachable Offenses,’ a book co-authored with Brenda Elliott and due out August 27.
    ‘It is up to the public and ultimately up to to their elected representatives,’ he said, ‘to decide what to do next.’
    Obama’s actions, the authors write, include sanctioning an alleged ‘arms-to-jihadist-rebels scheme’ in Benghazi, Libya that ‘aided an Islamist revolution and armed our most dangerous al-Qaeda enemies,’
    Those terror groups include al-Qaeda militants fighting alongside Syrian rebels trying to topple dictator Bashar al-Assad.
    The now-infamous ‘Operation Fast and Furious’ gun-walking program, as described in the book, was a stealth effort to generate new rationales for limiting U.S. citizens’ purchases of rifles and other long guns. And massive government purchases of handgun ammunition, the authors argue, was an attempt to limit the exercise of Second Amendment rights by ‘dry[ing] up the ammo supply.’

    1. All of this shit and worse will come out over the next few years. It will cause much thumb sucking and furrowed brows amongst the various morons who spent 8 years shilling for him. There will be many an op-ed about the confused legacy of Obama. They will comment ruefully about how if only they had known about this stuff (as if they are not responsible for people not knowing) and how no matter what happened supporting Obama was the only choice available since the Republicans are so evil. And then there will be some talk about how Obama meant well but was probably not qualified for the job and was surrounded by some people who really let him down.

      1. I want to believe otherwise, but I know deep down inside that what you said is what will happen. Cognitive dissonance to the extreme.

        1. I don’t think it will never be known or ignored. It will come out and it will be so bad they will have to say or do something. And what I describe will be what they do. My guess is that enough of it comes out that it kills the Dem nominee in 2016. After they lose and are out of power, there will be a lot of recriminations. The people who are going to be in the most trouble are going to be the members of the Obama administration. They will never blame Obama completely. He will always be a good person who tried hard but was the victim of the people around him.

      2. nonsense… consult your FDR playbook. Obama’s face will be on the nickel and schoolchildren will be taught that nobody would have medical treatment without him.

        1. No. FDR only gets that treatment because of World War II. Take away the war and he leaves office in 1940 as a failed President. His second term was a bigger disaster than Obama’s is proving to be.

          Unless Obama gets a world war to win, his legacy is in a lot of trouble.

      3. We should take bets on who will be the first Obama asskisser to step forward and say, “Well, he was obviously in over his head.”

        1. The government is simply too big for President Obama to keep track of all the wrongdoing taking place on his watch, his former senior adviser, David Axelrod, told MSNBC. “Part of being president is there’s so much beneath you that you can’t know because the government is so vast,” he explained.

          What did I win?!

  15. How is this not obvious to everyone? Just like shift work managers will bend over backwards to schedule you for 38.5 hours so they don’t have to pay 1.5x your hourly rate, the new target is 28.5 so they don’t have to add $X/year. Which, I found out was $10k/year/adjunct for SPC, the community college mentioned in the NBC news story. Even if the small business is $6000/employee/year, if your hiring/employment costs for the next employee of under 30 hours a week is less than that, it would be crazy not to keep everyone under 30 hours a week.

    My economics teachers would have failed me in HS and college if I couldn’t write an essay predicting exactly the behavior exhibited in response to the set of rules provided.

    1. Pfffttttt. Don’t you know that people never change behavior in response to a new law? That’s why raising tax rates is such an awesome idea, because every extra penny will be collected, and people will do absolutely nothing to avoid the new taxes. Man, it’s like you don’t read HuffPost or Krugman at all.

      1. true dat, I never read those.

  16. Pretty crazy stuff dude, I mean for liek real.


  17. Actually, I’m going to look on the bright side. If everything besides healthcare now has to be paid for on one (or two) 28.5 hour/week jobs, shit is going to become really affordable for those of us with 40 hour/week jobs and salaries.

    1. I wish I only worked 40 hours. I hate mandatory overtime.

      1. My job doesn’t care how many hours a week I work, but they’ve got me scheduled so I can’t stay afloat working less than 45 (at a pace that allows me plenty of reason visits). Which means that my employers are working me efficiently for a salaried employee, and I’m working myself efficiently for a mid-sized corporation’s expectations.

      2. I used to consider a 60 hour workweek a light load. Sold the business and now have a 25 to 29 hour workweek working for a company from out West. I call this “retirement.”

        1. Exactly. It is the same thing for lawyers, investment bankers, etc. People complain about them making $120,000/yr for a first year associate, but they work a lot – sometimes 100 hours/week. It really is all relative.

          It is unfortunate that people don’t spend more time worrying about themselves. Instead they politicians to make things “fair” when they don’t actually understand what they’re talking about.

          1. 120K Please. if you are doing less than 200 as a 1st year you should probably quit right now.

      3. Try being salaried, no overtime pay.

        1. No thank you. The one good thing about my job is I’m a hourly employee. I’m forced to work more but I make more.

  18. To paraphrase…

    “First of all, if you’ve got a job, you like your job, you can keep your job. Nobody is talking about taking that away from you.”

    1. Well, yes, but just doing some labor in exchange for money doesn’t count as a real job. A real job includes a pension, a union, and on-site childcare. So if we take away the labor you do in exchange for money, we aren’t taking away your job, since you never had one to begin with.

  19. “The administration responded that the evidence was anecdotal, and lacking in systematic proof.”

    You mean like the Trayvon shooting, the “stupidly” acting cop, gun control laws reducing gun crimes, global warming, etc, etc. derpity derp?

    1. Even closer to this issue: the number of anecdotes they used to try to run up support for ‘healthcare reform’.

      1. “We’ve heard reports that premiums in New York are down 50%!”

  20. Yes it’s happening. It was before obamacare, too. And the unions are all for it because they make 3x the dues money if a store loses the $20+ an hour full time guys and hires a bunch of part timers for $7.

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