Los Angeles

Los Angeles Considering Free Citywide Wi-Fi

Starbucks can look forward to telling hundreds of aspiring screenwriters to go home already


Los Angelenos tired of shelling out pretty pennies for internet every month may soon have a little extra spending dough: The city of Los Angeles is considering offering free citywide access to wireless internet service. That's right, L.A. FREE WIFI.

Who you should address your thank you letters to—should this dream become a reality? Newly installed L.A. City Councilman Bob Blumenfield. As head of City Council's Innovation, Technology and General Services Committee, Blumenfield introduced a motion last week asking staffers with the city's Information Technology Agency for a report on setting up free citywide WiFi service, reports City News Service. The councilman says the program would benefit not only government officials, businesses and visitors, but also people who "cannot afford private high-speed services."